US Attorney General Cuomo? Biden Team Floats Notion

By Larry Keane

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Three-term Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is being considered for US Attorney General under a Biden-Harris Whitehouse. IMG iStock-884181314

U.S.A. -( Three-term Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plate is full. He’s on tour promoting his celebratory coronavirus “success” book, ignoring pandemic help offered by lawful firearm businesses, bucking responsibility and blaming New York City’s Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio for the violence and crime in the state’s largest city and shuttering firearm businesses, which employ 5,500 New Yorkers. Book sales we hear are less than brisk.

Now he’s being considered for a new role – United States Attorney General in a possible Biden administration. That prospect is alarming for Second Amendment supporters, from individual gun owners to the entire firearm industry. His long abysmal track record shows why.

Second Amendment Animus

The Democratic presidential ticket of Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is the most antigun ticket in modern history. They aren’t just against the Second Amendment, they want to dismantle the entire firearm industry. It wouldn’t surprise Americans that cabinet appointees in a potential Biden administration would be hostile toward the Second Amendment, especially if that includes Gov. Cuomo as the top law enforcement official in the country.

Gov. Cuomo already spent time in a presidential cabinet, serving as former President Bill Clinton’s Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the 1990s. That stint included Gov. Cuomo using more than 3,200 public housing authorities as a bludgeon to threaten the firearm industry for the crimes committed by criminals within those housing units.

In the early 2000s, Gov. Cuomo violated antitrust laws by conspiring with other big-city mayors to politicize law enforcement purchasing if firearm manufacturers didn’t go along with antigun “code of conduct” schemes. NSSF, along with several manufacturers, sued the governor and his coconspirators. The lawsuit quickly put an end to this unlawful antitrust conspiracy and gross overreach that threatened the safety of law enforcement officers.

Empirical Antigun Ambition

Gov. Cuomo announced his intentions to run for a fourth term as the Empire State’s chief executive, but there were plenty of antigun hostilities in his first three terms to go around. Most notable is Gov. Cuomo’s 2013 midnight push to jam through the New York SAFE Act. The antigun problems with that legislation faced immediate legal challenges. The bill included key sections that were deemed too restrictive and struck down once by a federal judge in New York and again two years later by the U.S. Court of Appeals in the Second District. His SAFE Act didn’t make New Yorkers safer, as the recent criminal violence so clearly demonstrates.

So-called “ghost guns” became a shiny new distraction for the governor to attack in 2019, even though crime data shows they aren’t as common as he’d lead others to believe, and the burdensome restrictions only harm law-abiding gunsmiths and firearm hobbyists. Criminals, by definition, ignore the law.

Now Gov. Cuomo has further attacked the firearm industry during the coronavirus pandemic, piling on his open disdain for the industry and Second Amendment supporters. He shuttered New York firearm retailers as “non-essential” businesses, closing them at a time when firearm arm sales soared nationally. Most gun buyers, including more than 6.2 million first-time purchasers, bought a gun because they are concerned about their personal and home safety. That left New Yorkers in a lurch. Even when New York-based firearm industry leaders offered to help their neighbors by manufacturing critical personal protective equipment and needed medical supplies, he refused to acknowledge the offered assistance. 

Comfortable Cabinet Job

With less than two weeks before the presidential election, the outcome is still to be decided. While another term for President Donald Trump would mean a strong Second Amendment ally remaining in the Oval Office, the Biden-Harris ticket has already declared their contempt for gun owners and the industry. If that happens, an Attorney General Cuomo would reignite his past hostilities toward the Second Amendment and would be a devastating obstacle for America’s gun owners.

At this point, Gov. Cuomo has said, “I don’t want to go to Washington.” In political speech though, that doesn’t mean much at all.

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Deplorable Bill

It gets worse. If biden wins, pelozi has him taken out of office for legitimate reasons, comrad harris becomes president and pelozi becomes v.p., emperor como (the mass murderer) becomes a.g., butyjudge becomes pivit man at the round table, hell yeah nutcase becomes firearms tzar and the American citizen gets nuked. Even if they lose there is ample reason for civil war, we have been in a defacto state of civil war for the last 7 months. There’s no lack of tyranical governors, judges, lawyers, enforcers and legislators. If they do make it into office, I don’t see anything that… Read more »

Green Mtn. Boy

He deserves to be behind bars for the deaths he is directly responsible for, worthless POS.




Shame it will never happen. There is about as much as of a chance of that as the clinton or liden mafia going to prison.


Cuomo is a mass murderer. He killed over 5,000 senior citizens, forcing nursing homes to accept covid infected patients. He belongs in prison or the electric chair.




YES! On a national reality TV show so everyone that wants can tune in to see him shit himself.


If Biden wins the election, or Steals the election… Or Even if President Trump Wins (Pray to God) They, the DemonRats Aren’t just going to sit idly by and Except the Outcome… They’ve been Destroying Our Country for Months!!!! Ever since the Plandemic was Unleashed Upon Us, They’ve doing Everything They Can to Riot, Loot, Murder Police Officer’s and Generally Cause as Much Discourse as Possible!!!! And Whoever Wins the Election… Do We Believe that Antifa and the BLM are just going to Throw Their Hands Up… And Say, Well Let’s All Go Home???? I Sure as Hell Don’t, If… Read more »


Please don’t worry. I think that President Trump will send out the national guard and clean up the mess all with the premise that he is doing so to stop a civil war. He will probably declare martial law at night. None of it is a pretty sight or what any of us would want but something will be done and I really believe that our government knows that the people are getting wrestles and tired of watching our country being destroyed and in the words of Twisted Sister, who I never liked, were not going to take it anymore… Read more »


So Il Duce de Nuova York can murder more old people.


Exactly, This asshole should at the very least be sued in a class action suit for the wrongful deaths of over 6500 deaths of seniors !!


No, he should be tried and HUNG on a national reality TV show.


This one gets my vote, in time square. Bring your lunch.


The liberals will do anything to keep biden family members out of prison.


When you elect Commie Rat Bastards, you will have a communist administration.
I realize Joe is not the only one to sell his office, but he’s the only one in my lifetime that doesn’t seem to care who knows it.
Ukraine told him the Pres is the only one who could rescind the billion dollars, and Joe told them to make the call, well SOB, tells me that “lop eared dumbo looking Mao, Mao” sold his office as well!


We are fast approaching the Romania remedy for our problems.


Cuomo, Cuomo, come On, with Cameltoe & Sleazy Joe! Sounds like a song, but with a lousy melody.


Your right, a song to the tune of James Taylor. Hey baby, I’m your handy man. It sounds like this. cuomo, cumo cumo cameltoe, yah, you and sleazy joe.

LOL. I love music. I remember when I was a kid they would have a fake news man ask a question of the president or someone else and then use a song for the answer. It was hilarious. I miss that about those days.

Trump 2020


Mail in ballots are bullshit. I used the USPS to mail a package and filled out the little green card that they were supposed to send to me when it was delivered. I got the card one year later. My wife said one of her people she watches on youtube that crochets said that she received a package the other day that was a Christmas gift from 2019. I get other peoples mail and have had my mail given to others. I worked for state government, I wouldn’t trust government for anything as important as an election. On the other… Read more »


Coumo would be a far better pick for the new cabinet level position in the Biden regime: Secretary of Eugenics. He can blend Planned Parenthood with Covid infected blankets for nursing homes and write a book about his own pending benediction. Satin Andrew of the Coat Hangers. But if the progressives are successful in launching that new Department they will have to realign trolls over from the US Department of Education. Aborted children don’t need a lot of school room space. His brother Chris can come in from CNN and take a new Department as well. The Department of Newspeak.… Read more »