XINSURANCE – Concealed Carry Liability Coverage for Gun Owners with “A” Rated Insurer

XINSURANCE Concealed Carry Liability Coverage for Gun Owners Full Ad
XINSURANCE Concealed Carry Liability Coverage for Gun Owners

Salt Lake City, Utah – -( XINSURANCE, dba Evolution Insurance Brokers, LLC, provides owners of firearms with custom Firearm Liability coverage, underwritten by Prime Insurance Company, an “A” rated insurer with more than 40 years of experience delivering superior products.

This is great news for gun owners looking to protect their assets in the event of an incident involving self-defense.

“Unlike other programs available on the market for gun owners through “membership plans,” the CCW policy with XINSURANCE is written with an experienced, top-tier AM Best rated insurance company with the capital and surplus to continue to provide coverage year after year and deliver in the event of a covered claim,” explains Rick J. Lindsey, Chairman, and CEO, Prime Insurance Company. “In addition, as a policyholder with XINSURANCE, you will receive robust claims support with our in-house claims team, adjusters, and a staff of attorneys, providing legal advice and vigorous defense against frivolous claims that today’s defendants face as a result of an aggressive plaintiff bar and unfair settlement requests and massive verdicts,” continues Lindsey.

In fact, most “insurance policies” on the market are not actually insurance policies, even though that is the marketing term being used. These policies offer legal protection and assistance only and do not provide any Liability coverage.

As a gun owner, you want to protect yourself and your family from potentially life-threatening situations, whether these threats take place in your home, your place of business, or while going about your daily activities. With this fundamental need to protect your loved ones, unfortunately, also comes liability risks should an incident occur where you find yourself threatened and forced to use your firearm in self-defense, or your firearm ends up stolen or misused. Even with all the training and the safety precautions, you may take, potential liability risks still exist.

Just as you have taken the steps to protect your family with your firearm purchase, XINSURANCE is here to protect you with Concealed Carry Weapon insurance, also known as CCW or Firearm Liability insurance, in the event of an incident that results in an unforeseen accident or death that lands you in court defending your actions.

Award-winning nationally syndicated talk host of Armed American Radio, Mark Walters, said, “I use a top-notch, “A” rated insurance company (USAA) for my home and my auto policies. My boat is covered by top-rated GEICO Marine and my life is protected by the best of the best.”

“Why on Earth would I do any less for my firearm and CCW needs? My policy was custom written directly by XINSURANCE for my specific needs and I know if I have to file a claim, they’ll be there for me. I no longer run the risk of a third party membership benefit or unrated carrier deciding they won’t support me in the worst moment of my life. I’m simply not willing to take that chance, no matter what. I sleep well knowing my needs are in the hands of an actual insurance company that is going to fight like hell on my behalf. I’m not sure why anyone would do any less for themselves.”

The CCW insurance program from XINSURANCE provides individual gun owners with coverage that includes: the expense of posting bail bonds to stay out of prison as a case unfolds (as long as you purchase Legal Liability coverage); confiscation of weapons until the situation is resolved (assuming the outcome is in the defendant’s favor); the fees for legal defense services; and civil damages as a result of an unfavorable judgment – up to the policy’s limit.

Policy limits are available up to $10 million and coverage customization is available for gun owners. This is not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter membership benefit ‘policy’, and, depending on your needs, XINSURANCE can tailor the coverage to fit your specific risk profile. For example, a business owner may have a concealed weapon at his or her operation to protect against potential robbers and vandals, and thus is in need of specialized coverage. A security guard requires specialized coverage, too. In addition, gun owners with strong training may also receive customized pricing to reflect their additional firearms experience.

The low-cost CCW policy in most cases is similar to buying homeowners insurance to protect against liability risks.

For more information about XINSURANCE’s Firearm Liability insurance program and to obtain a no-obligation quick price quote, please visit

It’s important to note that the policy may not be available in every state depending on applicable state and local laws.

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This is actually an insurance product. Be advised that the New York State insurance commissioner has declared this illegal in N Y state. Other states are considering similar bans. All the other concealed carry “insurance “ are actually pre paid legal legal services agreements. These are not under the authority of any insurance commissioner. They do say they offer liability insurance for guns, that might be a good idea. Please note that for legal services to defend against a charge of brandishing (with no shots fired) which is a felony good for 10 years in prison, you will need a… Read more »


And do Veterans get customized pricing ? After all don’t they get some of the best training available ?


Why not query the insurer who knows best what they offer – rather than all the rest of us keyboard warriors? Yes it might make sense for them to do so – but within legal limits insurance pricing is based on data with marketing input. I doubt anyone has much data differential between vets and the rest of us. Figuring out the difference would be an interesting project would be an interesting, but I suspect gender differences would be far bigger. After all, who wants to convict a little helpless woman who feared being raped? Only the other hand her… Read more »