Ambassador Academy Announces 2021 Dates

U.S.A.-( Professional shooters and renowned brand ambassadors, Ryan and Dianna Muller today announced that the 2021 Ambassador Academy will take place February 13-17, at W.O.F.T., near Orlando, FL. The annual event gathers subject matter experts who teach brand ambassadors to be the most successful representatives for their partners, as well as more effective industry influencers.

“As an ammunition manufacturer and range owner who looks to promote our brands and the shooting sports, I found that the Ambassdor Academy training far exceeded my expectations,” said David McGirt, owner of Lake Martin Machine Gun and LMMG Munitions. After he attended in 2020 McGirt said, “The Academy is required training for any shooter we partner with in the future.”

Five days of instruction during the Ambassador Academy include sessions on social media strategy and analytics, filming and editing, on-camera interviews, hostile Second Amendment communications strategies, and professional photography sessions for headshots, action shots, and product shots. Students’ competitive knowledge will be expanded with a personal defense/situational awareness block of training unique to the W.O.F.T. facility. UTM ammo, guns, and gear are provided.

Hosted at one of the top 5 ranges in the country, the West Orlando Firearms Training, known as W.O.F.T., is more like a resort than a shooting venue. The facility specializes in scenario-based training programs that feature everything from empty hand, to flashlight, to force-on-force, plus it offers a great educational experience for the Ambassador Academy students.

“Now more than ever, it’s up to our community to effectively communicate why the 2A is fundamental to self-defense and American freedom,” says Dianna Muller. “Gun owners believe that education, not legislation, results in greater firearms safety, but if our side — our ambassadors — don’t know how to effectively communicate our position, then it’s up to us to equip them with the tools and the knowledge they need to be successful.”

The Ambassador Academy Class of 2021 is limited to 16 students. Companies may request a modified program that can be combined with specific product training for its own ambassadors, executives, or employees.

Ambassador Academy Announces 2021 Dates
Ambassador Academy Announces 2021 Dates

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