Georgia: A Call For Republican Lawyers

Trump Stop the Steal Facebook
Trump Stop the Steal Facebook

Georgia – -( Election Day has passed but the fight is far from over. There are ballots left to be counted and we must protect the integrity of Georgia elections.

Right now, the Georgia Republican Party is assembling a team of highly-qualified lawyers to ensure that the process is fair and transparent. These attorneys will be dispatched to the following counties in Georgia:

  • Clayton County
  • Dougherty County
  • Henry County
  • Columbia County
  • Fayette County
  • Muscogee County
  • Rockdale County
  • Athens-Clarke County

If you or someone you know can participate, please contact Courtney Kramer, 770.715.2646.

Thank you for your continued support and quick response to this pressing request.

-Team Kemp

Brian Kemp for Governor
Brian Kemp, Governor of Georgia
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I moved to Georgi from Connecticut to get away from the corrupt Democrats. I surly thought the state of Georgia was going to remain Red for dome time. It seems the Marxist cancer has spread here also. Regan said if we lose our freedom herein America, there’s no where else in the world to go!

uncle dudley

I have a hard time believing that Biden could carry Georgia over Trump.


He couldn’t even carry water over President Trump.

Green Mtn. Boy

By any means necessary,by hook or crook.


The dems KNEW that since they were planning on cheating this was likely to happen. THAT is why they already had arranged for 400 lawyers ahead of time.


Impeach joe kameltoe he is not my legally elected official and my dog is at least smart enough to know where his food bowl is unlike joe.

Happy Everafter

Like all the other states with big cities populated with folks who believe the socialist media that relying on the government for providing everything is a good thing – you get personal LEO protection from say, muggers (gun? Who needs a gun?); public protection from, say, elevator maintenance approval, taxi service approval, buses certified, housing spacing and appearance monitored, welfare for food and rent and schooling, open immigration for all those poor criminals who can’t fix their own country, drugs available almost any time, guaranteed sex with whatever you want, kill a baby just because, and on and on. Heck,… Read more »


With all the pre-election warnings about mailing in ballots and the problems they WILL cause with voter fraud and the only people arguing for this kind of voting was the Democraps and the MSM parrots; and come election day and thereafter this proves TRUE. What criminals the Democraps and MSM parrots along with the gullible libertard judges that bought their minutia hook line and sinker. The following MUST be done to correct this crooked system: 1. Fire the gullible judges that bought this garbage; if they don’t have any more common sense than that they shouldn’t be on the bench;… Read more »


None of this will happen, especially if Biden manages to keep the White House. But thanks for playing.


Uhhh, where is Fulton County?


They haven’t asked for Fulton County…. Read the list above….