Here Is Who Runs Things If Perdue & Loeffler Lose the Race for U.S. Senate


Georgia US Senate Race iStock-Ivan Burchak 1272194764.jpg
Georgia US Senate Race iStock-Ivan Burchak

United States – -( Things should not have come to runoff elections in Georgia. But they have. The stakes are extremely high for Second Amendment supporters. Just how high? Look at who will be running things or who could be running things if anti-Second Amendment extremists Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock win the runoffs.

Here’s what we know for sure:

Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader

If Chuck Schumer is Senate Majority Leader, at a bare minimum we will be facing a potential nuke. That’s the elimination of the filibuster – a protection that in 2013 saved tens of millions of innocent, law-abiding Americans who would have seen their Second Amendment rights infringed over a horrific act they did not commit (the Sandy Hook shooting).

What is worse is that the nuke would unleash campaign finance “reform” that would, in essence, rig future campaigns and election against Second Amendment supporters. The first line of defense for the Second Amendment has always been the exercising of our First Amendment rights. Schumer will go after our First Amendment rights, then he will move to pack the courts so that the resulting stooges appointed will ratify the denial of our ability to even make the argument, then our Second Amendment rights become easy pickings.

Now, for the awful possibilities:

Attorney General

Should he take office on January 20, 2021 we know that whoever Joe Biden appoints will be hostile to our rights. The name doesn’t really matter. We’ll see no defense of unjust infringements on our rights. We’ll see a refusal to prosecute various crimes, often while the same big-city mayors blame states that respect the Second Amendment. Then, there is the chance this Attorney General may be tasked with various prosecutions, whether of Trump officials or if they will join with the tyrannical Cuomo-James regime in New York.

Secretary of the Treasury

BATF is not part of the Treasury Department any longer, but this position could still matter. Why? Because Treasury still has the Internal Revenue Service, and you can bet that one thing we will see is an army of Lois Lerner wannabes being unleashed against Second Amendment supporters.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman

Who would have thought that Dianne Feinstein would have been the least bad option for Second Amendment supporters?

Well, she is going to be stepping down as the top Dem. So, it’s good news in once sense. The problem is, who replaces her? Will it be Sheldon Whitehouse, who has not only spouted conspiracy theories about the Federalist Society, but who also sought to use RICO against opponents of his environmental policies? Or would it be Richard Durbin, the number two Democrat, who was one of five Senators who threatened the Supreme Court over the New York City gun case? How about Mazie Hirono, who thinks one’s political views are determinative of guilt?

Literally, it would be a case of picking your poison. These would be avowed enemies, and they would be willing to act on that animus, targeting you for your rights.

That does not have to be the case. To build a firewall to protect our rights, Second Amendment supporters need to back Loeffler and Perdue, then also support the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund and their Institute for Legislative Action, in order to be ready for 2022 and 2024.


About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post,, and other national websites.

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Mike Carbine

Tell me how the same people and places that did all the GA voter fraud, won’t do it again?
All these talking heads most of whom swore up and down that this was the most important general election in US history are now all like ” well, we will make a comeback in 4 years”?!? You damn fools, if the current farce stands you can kiss America goodbye forever.


I just saw that. There are going to be all kinds of “Whoopsies” in the next few day. Machines coming up missing, we cleaned this one before the ruling, I didn’t know we couldn’t do that, you name an excuse…

Elisa Delaurenti

Swany, isn’t it interesting how ALL of those “whoopsies” are ALWAYS in favor of the dims?


Always… the key word.


A Republican majority in both houses of the Georgia legislature allowed this to happen. Surrender Monkeys posing as public servants and defenders of the Constittution are the downfall of the Republican party and hence the downfall of our once Great Republic.


And how dare a lawmaker call a law enforcement officer to enforce the laws that the lawmaker wrote?

Last edited 2 years ago by USMC0351Grunt

Sure wish they would go ahead and pull the trigger then I’m getting tired of waiting for the AXE from the WHITE HOUSE to start swinging needs to be done ASAP. Let’s get this Boogaloo started and be done with it.


So true.


Looking at the problem from a nonpartisan, libertarian viewpoint one can see the real defect. If Republicans were conservatives, real Constitutional Conservatives we would not be having this discussion. But the Republican Party has been hostile to Constitutional Conservatives for decades and has remained a fundamentally progressive (Wilsonian) party hostile to originalists. Just think in terms of the Bush regimes and their court appointments and administrative law actions all of which were hostile to originalist thinking. John Roberts. Need I say more? Game, set, match. If the Republican party could get beyond the self serving corporatist and progressive hegemony currently… Read more »


Even if both Senate seats in GA stay red, there are at least 3 RINOS who vote with the dimms regularly. There is no more “majority” at this point. At least in the SCOTUS we have a 5-4 majority now. The lib media will tell you it’s 6-3 but we all know how Roberts sees things.


I Agree. Numerous Republican Senators will vote for more gun control. If Republicans maintain the majority though, there is a chance that McConnell will not hear the vote. He is not a reliable pro 2nd Amendment politician, but he has refused to hear a vote on HR8 – Universal Background Checks. It passed the House with eight Republicans voting for it. There is a fairly high probability that a majority of Senators would vote for it if McConnell heard the vote. Although McConnell is sitting on the Universal Background Check bill, he has indicated his support for other gun control,… Read more »


The problem the democrats have is they think they took a step up to become communists, the fact is, they had to fall face down to be on the same level as their books author, the serpent. The fallacy of democrats and republicans is the fact they are human beings first and the next fallacy is, who did they bow down to, to get where they are? World view makes or breaks everybody. Communism and its sister Islam, takes away from the world, liberty and freedom. The biggest enemy of those two entities is the Bible and those who believe… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

Should this come to pass, it will be 1776 all over again. IMO.

Country Boy

…and then some………


I completely understand why a discussion on this topic tends to lean toward Congress (actually to the majority of elected officials) as these are the folks who make the most noise on this topic and propose/pass legislation that may restrict our Constitutionally enumerated rights. They did, after all, swear an oath to support and defend the Constitution. The real issue with the topic at hand is that a government agency, one completely void of elected officials, is allowed to set policy that essentially becomes law, bypassing our elected representatives legislative and executive branches. This power is reserved soley for Congress,… Read more »


I agree with what you wrote. The Administrative State goes well beyond the BATFE and, just like the BATE, legislators are allowing those other agencies to have the authority to enact regulations that have the power of law. It makes it easier for the legislators to get done what they want without taking political heat. That being said, as Republicans, our expectations of Trump controlling an organization that reports to him (through Barr) are reasonable. Trump could have shut down the BATFE’s efforts at banning pistol braces. Unfortunately, when he ordered the BATFE to redefine bump stocks as machine guns,… Read more »


So, validate the November 3rd steal by voting and trusting in the same rigged system? Right that should work out well and make every Georgia voter complicit in the fraud in BOTH elections. Time to shut it down folks.

Green Mtn. Boy

Smucky Schumer,Marxist @zz wipe extraditar.


This could get worse, and a lot worse… In 2022, 34 Senate seats are up for re-election, and 22 of those are Republican. The importance of the 2020 Georgia elections can’t be overstated, but 2022 could solidify the path this country will take for decades. And if the Dems push for Puerto Rico and Washington DC Statehood, then this situation could become untenable. Pace yourself…


You think people will stay under house arrest until 2022? And even if they do, you think that election will be any less rigged by Dominion Inc. than this one was?
I don’t think so…