West Virginian Arrested For Allegedly Selling 3D Printer Drop In Auto Sears

RANSON, WV-(Ammoland.com)- Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) assisted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service arrested a West Virginia man for selling what they claim were machine gun parts.

Timothy John Watson, 30-years old, established the website “portablewallhangers.com” in early 2020. The company sold 3D printed “wall hangers” through Instagram, Boogaloo Bois Facebook groups, and through the company’s website for $15. According to court documents, the wall hangers were drop-in auto sears that allowed the buyer to convert their semi-automatic AR-15s into a machine gun.

Watson did not design the wall hangers sold on his website. The 3D files the man used are found through multiple sources on the internet. Posters list the print files as a drop-in auto sear. Watson donated 10% of all sales to Justice for Duncan Lemp Go Fund Me campaign.

The Montgomery County Police Department SWAT team shot and Killed Duncan Lemp during a no-knock raid. The MCPD served a search warrant on the Lemp residence because of an anonymous tip that Lemp owned “illegal” firearms. The Police claim that Lemp confronted them, while the Lemp family and eyewitness accounts say that Lemp was in bed when shot. Lemp has become a symbol of the oppressive police state to many of those in the “Boogaloo” movement.

The FBI tracked down Watson with the help of a cooperating defendant who had one of the wall hangers. He told the FBI he found the company through a Boogaloo Boi Facebook group. The FBI also found that the man that shot members of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office purchased a wall hanger from the site.

Under the guise of being members of the Islamic terrorist group, Hamas, the FBI in Minneapolis met with the cooperating defendant and paid him money to order the wall hangers. The man purchased the device using PayPal, and Watson shipped him the wall hanger from his Stamps.com account. Watson registered both the Stamps.com account and PayPal account to his real name and address.

Federal agents were also able to tie Watson to portablewallhangers.com because the man registered the business with the West Virginia government and used his real information when he purchased the domain.

West Virginian Arrested For Allegedly Selling 3D Printer Drop In Auto Sears
West Virginian Arrested For Allegedly Selling 3D Printer Drop In Auto Sears

The federal agents were also able to get access to some of Watson’s email exchanges. They claim that Watson and users spoke in code about using the wall hangers as auto sears.

One user wrote: “No matter what I’ve tried, I cannot get my key hook to mount correctly, it keeps blocking my door from opening when I pull it open.”

Watson replied: “In this case it sounds like you may want to consider mounting your Portable Wall Hanger products farther away from your door. We will send out another duplicate Order for you free of charge. If you did in fact receive a factory defective order we want to be sure you ‘re happy with your purchase! If it turns out that mounting your Portable Wall Hanger products in a different location in your house solves the issue, you’ll have some extra Portable Wall Hanger goodies to gift to some friends. We will personally send you your tracking # as soon as your order ships out so it doesn ‘t [sic] get lost in the dot come sauce again. Thank you for your business and patience, we really apologize for the inconvenience.”

“Best regards,
T @ Portable Wall Hanger”

Facebook provided the FBI with the IP associated with the company’s Instagram. It was a Comcast IP that the cable company assigned to the account of Watson’s live-in girlfriend, Emily Cross. The address on file with the cable company was Watson’s home.

The FBI also used other email interactions to show buyers knew that the wall hangers were auto sears.

One Instagram user wrote: “Do you guys keep records of the hangers you sell and information on the customers you sell them to? I’m worried about my paypal info being stolen or something bad happening to my dog, if your business is compromised.”

Internet memes show ATF agents killing dogs. The FBI alleges the user was referring to the risk of being arrested because of buying the device. Watson replied incorrectly that by using PayPal that the user’s identity was safe.

Watson replied: “All records are private information and are never sold or shared. All payment transactions are handled through paypal so your billing address never goes in our system (unless it’s synonymous with your shipping address, in which case it still would remain private)”

In October, an FBI confidential informant purchased a wall hanger and sent money to Watson via PayPal. The FBI, at the same time, had Watson under surveillance. They were able to photograph Watson and Cross dropping off packages at the post office to be mailed to the confidential informant.

The FBI opened and photographed the contents of the packages before sending it to the ATF for testing. The ATF installed the device into a Colt AR-15 and fired a five-round burst without the AR-15 malfunctioning. They confirmed that Watson did not have a license to manufacture firearms.

The FBI served an arrest warrant and took Watson into custody without incident. The prosecutor charged Watson with conspiring to commit an offense against the United States, possession of a machinegun, engaging in business as a manufacturer or importer of, or dealer in, and firearms without having paid the special occupational tax.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump


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Well woop-t-doo! I’ll sleep better tonight knowing the FBI and BATF are on the job catching “real criminals”, while those pesky ol’ child molesters, rapists, murderers and terrorists go about their daily activities unmolested by the Feds.


not to mention the rioters, building burners, cop assaulters, etc, doing their nightly bidniss in places like Portland……


Meanwhile, over the decades FedGov has dropped off crates of M-16’s to people around the globe to fuel their local disputes, and NONE of those people were “vetted” by the BATFE or had to register their Class 3 weapons with Uncle Sam. Yet FedGov freaks out with their hair on fire at the thought of The People having the same weapons THEY GIVE AWAY to turd-world vagrants.

Big PP

I own multiple robe hangers ( not these kind) that if placed on certain areas of the door, the door will not close, sounds like that guy may have been using them as an actual hanger! Lol. Wow, to prison for a piece of plastic…. I feel so safe now……. Shall NOT be infringed.


The FBI is a joke.

Country Boy

and a dirty joke at that. and has been since 1994


I as amused by reading that exchange about the door won’t open, or was it close, and how do I fix that. and then the one about is my data secure and what about when they come to get my dog, or whetever it was. Their attorneys will have some fun figuring how to convince the jury that those statements are “evidence” that portray beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused and the purchaser were dealing in contraband. When someone makes up a story about a green elephant hiding in the hall closet, everything that follows supports that story. But… Read more »

Big PP

I agree, wanted to add, I have A door coat/ robe hanger ( Non tactical version) and if it is on a certain area of the door it hangs over, my door will not close! I have no clue what this guy was doing and want no part of it. Hope he gets someone like me on the jury! Wish my coat hanger was a multi tool! Lol


This is where I call BS.

“The ATF installed the device into a Colt AR-15 and fired a five-round burst without the AR-15 malfunctioning.”

This is impossible unless a full auto hammer, disconnect and selector are installed along with the auto sear. Sn auto sear will not work with semi auto trigger groups. Unless the atf agents bump fired the gun!


Duh! No kidding. Anyone buying the device would also install the M16 parts. It goes with the breaking of the law.


I beg to differ. It is possible and, it was done a long time ago. Behold, the “Lightning Link”. It was made back in the early 80’s when you could legally own the M16 lower parts and the DIAS (drop in auto sear). You could legally own all but one part to convert an AR15 to a select fire weapon. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/06/03/full-auto-on-the-cheap-how-a-lightning-connector-works/

Deplorable Bill

Laws that go against the constitution are null and void. Madison vs Mulberry. The 2A IS THE LAW OF THE LAND. The 2A calls each American citizen the militia thus inferring the use of military grade weapons. Further, we are directed by the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to be armed with military grade weapons. Luke 22:34-36. Nobody outranks the LORD. Anyone who would deny an American citizen’s right to keep and bear arms is criminal under the constitution and is evil according to SCRIPTURE. ONLY TYRANTS WRITE, JUDGE AND ENFORCE LAW THAT CONTRIDICTS THE CONSTITUTION AND/OR SCRIPTURE. The atfe should be… Read more »


I’m confused as to what his endgame was. Either he knew this was going to end up with the ATF arresting him or he was really, really, really stupid and thought he would get away with it. Since he doesn’t seem anywhere near that stupid I assume he knew it would happen. Why? I don’t see it having any basis for legal challenge resulting in changes to the law. Why did this young man knowingly do something that would almost certainly put him in federal prison for a long time? I’m not arguing the 2A aspect of it, just the… Read more »


@Beobear On one hand, I have to agree, but maybe Watson doesn’t have an “end game”. His decision to test limits was “righteous” in his mind; even if the only motivation was to earn money (perhaps the story would be different if he had his “government export permit” and had contributed to the “right” political campaigns). Then again, the group that ended their “declaration” with “… we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” were “… really, really, really stupid and thought (they) would get away with it.” (No “permits”; no money; no army; no… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Well said Sir. It’s not just about some guy making parts or widgets, it’s about the TYRANNY of government overreach that in itself is illegal, unconstitutional and BIBLICALLY evil. Our founding fathers risked their all in the fight against tyranny. Are we less than they? I define right or wrong, good or evil through SCRIPTURE. HE doesn’t change with the times or moods. HE is always the same. Truth doesn’t change with who is in office or in charge.

Arm up and carry on


Let’s face it he is stupid. So are the people that bought the device.


The headline should have read Government Thugs Commit Armed Robbery, Aggravated Kidnapping, & Violation Of Rights.

The treasonous snitch needs to be dealt with, as well.

Ansel Hazen

“Wall hangers”. That’s cute.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ansel Hazen

Probably could have sold more if he’d called them “Election Fraud Hangers”.

Country Boy

Sounds like a bullshit scam to me.


In the video, the youtuber suggests strongly that this is a sting operation by the Feds in order to catch Boog boys or whoever. This would be illegal for the feds and I believe could easily allow you to fight a criminal conviction in court. If you can’t drop a criminal conviction, they at the very least wouldn’t be able to use any evidence that they gained from the portable wallhangers sales to convict you. Worst case scenario, they use the sales to flush people out that they should investigate thoroughly for crimes against the ATF.


JPM: You forgot to list “DEMORATS”, across the board!


As a subscriber to Reno may found out about this last week the interesting part of the video (you should watch) is where this is being made at the 8 min mark it gets good and let’s you know that the FBI building in my hometown Jacksonville Fl is where the (Wall Hanger) Is being made on their property….hmmmmm jus great
Nothing like a Set Up

Ryben Flynn

Gosh, just learn to bump fire. 99 rounds in 6 seconds.
www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=g62m7yOhgRY


“Federal agents were also able to tie Watson to portablewallhangers.com because the man registered the business with the West Virginia government and used his real information when he purchased the domain.” Sharp as a tack, that guy.


The suspect knew he was pushing the limits. To openly sell machine gun conversion parts just stupid. People that buy these devices are stupid. Why screw with a fully capable and functioning AR15 just to get full-auto? We should be allowed to own machine guns. WE should not need NFA registration. But we have the law in place, so obey it.


Dubi Have you properly prepared your firearms, ammunition and knives for collection ? If not get to it. (Interesting “ Don” (no space) translates to Dubi)

Last edited 1 year ago by Sisu

Don, I have something to say to you: “May your chains set lightly……”


AND: “may posterity forget that you were our countryman”!


The suspect knew better. Screw him.


so you advocate simply cowering beneath the boots of the tyrants enforcing whatever unconstitutional laws they decide will rule us?

Nice to know…….. WHAT will yiou do when Sleepy Joe and his Ho come round to collect YOUR Ruger 10/.22? Some states classify that tool as an “assault weapon”.


The law has been in place since ’34. If you don’t like it, get it changed.


It was 1986. You do realize it’s all about the money right ? Funny the wealthy can own these guns. The average citizen doesn’t have that luxury. So why should the average citizen be denied that right ? https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/atf-reveals-the-number-of-registered-machine-guns/