Ammo Supply Update: Jason Hornady, Vice President of Hornady Manufacturing ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Jason Hornady, vice president of Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing has a message for ammunition buyers about the shortage of ammunition on retail shelves.

“In March, we were up 86 percent and that did it—the inventory was gone. We literally emptied our building. Since then, the sales increase is back to 15 percent a month because that’s all we can manage. Literally, we make it one day and ship it the next.”

“We understand there is an over demand right now on ammo availability. We are shipping and doing everything we can to get product out the door. We appreciate you as a customer and we appreciate your patience.”

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About Hornady Manufacturing Company

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Company is a family-owned business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly manufacturing products that are “Made in the USA”, by over 300 employees, Hornady Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture.

For further information regarding Hornady products visit the Hornady website.


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So much “information” out there on “why?” I have always found that, “history can be a good indicator of the future”. With that said, I think we can all agree, that we’ve seen this scenario far too many times and now seems to be a pattern, for whatever reason. It’s not because I’m smart, but love to shoot, take my friends/family shooting and more important introduce new people (and sometimes change attitudes) to the “shooting sport” that I’ve done the following. For at least the past 15 years, I’ve bought, stock piled, hoarded (call it what you want) ammunition and… Read more »


Was in Cabela’s and there is NOT ONE PIECE OF LOADED BRASS on the shelf, but lots of shot gun shells, three isles full. Someone has to be holding back, maybe to raise the prices again. One can hold prices high if it is trickled out. On our gun range not much is being used as most don’t have much to spare. Those that have large quantities most likely had large quantities long before the shortage. Something is fishy, and I think we all know it!



I don’t know it.

Who do you think is holding back?

Do you think one large manufacturer (producer of several popular brands) is selling all they can possibly produce and the other brands are “holding back?”

Dogma Factor

Just remember who’s gouging you at the retail and distribution levels!

Also remember the Remington ammo plant is still off line due to the bankruptcy proceedings which leave a big hole in the supply chain.


At least he’s not whining.

Ryben Flynn

This was uploaded on YouTube 5 days ago.
Just check the Hornady Manufacturing Channel.


Here is a good video of some of the actual operations in an ammunition plant.

Modern Ammunition Manufacturing Process – Inside Bullets Factory – YouTube


Sounds like a likely excuse! When u have to deny something…THAT SAYS ALOT! A few extra loading machines don’t take up much space!

I can buy a 40×60 or 50×100 steel barn put up same day…its not that hard!

Maybe u should make some extra ammo to keep on hand & rotate it out every so often….i have lots of ideas how to do this & i am just a regular peep!

U guys are suppose to pros! Get a refund on those useless degrees & get a Git ‘Er Done education!

Last edited 1 year ago by ALL GUN LAWS ARE INFRINGEMENTS

And yet here you are acting like a retard instead of “cranking out ammo at your ammo factory.” Something about a beam and a mote.

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

I have never said I was perfect but I am a passable substitute most of the time.


The price on ammo has risen significantly and they immediately sell it. Do you really think that a manufacturer isn’t cranking out ammo as fast as possible? There are a lot of other constraints other than the quantity of machines and the running of those machines.

If you need ammo then why don’t you manufacture or reload your own? Having trouble finding primers? Why don’t you make your own primers too?