Blackfire USA Joins Forces with Chevalier Advertising

BlackFire Multi-Tool
BlackFire has hired Chevalier Advertising to handle its public relations for them. IMG BlackFire

U.S.A. -( Mansfield, TX (December 2020) – Blackfire has announced Chevalier Advertising & Public Relations as its official agency of record. This new partnership will combine Chevalier Advertising’s over a half-century of experience in marketing, advertising, and public relations in the outdoor industry with Blackfire’s innovative team that engineers products specifically for the outdoor enthusiast.

In its new role as Blackfire’s agency of record, Chevalier Advertising will lead an ongoing public relations campaign in the camping, hunting, overlanding, and general outdoor markets. This will include coordinating media samples, writing and distributing press releases as well as providing some future product development services.

“We are excited and eager to kick off this relationship with Chevalier Advertising as our agency of record,” said Leah Klein Fox, Vice President of Business Development of Klein Tools and Brand Manager for Blackfire. “Chevalier Advertising is a family-owned team similar to ours and has an outstanding track record of building brand recognition for nationally recognized brands in our industry.”

“As a team of outdoorsmen and women, we at Chevalier Advertising couldn’t be more excited to join the Blackfire family in order to aid in their continual growth and development,” said Chevalier Senior Account Executive Aaron Lisech. “Blackfire is a passion-filled brand offshoot of Klein Tools that brings over 163 years of product development expertise to the outdoor industry.”

About Blackfire:
Blackfire is an outdoor gear brand consisting of products created by a group of product development wizards at Klein Tools. This specialized team has spent as much time in the great outdoors as they do on the job site to develop the addiction for outdoor-related products and tools. Concerned with the lack of quality with current outdoor products on the market, our team looked toward the strengths of their own job sites accessories and brought them along for the journey.
We quickly realized the advantages of our durable and reliable gear, as we are very tough when it comes to using them in the outdoor elements. We knew the products could withstand the rigors of the job site, but recognized that they needed to be adapted to the needs of the outdoorsmen vs the tradesmen. Thus, one dark night, while sitting around the campfire, the idea behind the brand was created. That idea was the essence of the Blackfire product line!

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