Broward Sheriff’s Office Stands By While Violent Home Break-In Drags On ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-( Wave of the Future!

Earlier this month in south FL (Broward County, which includes the Miami metro area), a disabled senior citizen (disabled from childhood by polio) frantically called the BCSO to report that a man was breaking into his home.

The suspect (unknown to the resident) was pounding on the resident’s locked door, eventually slamming his body into it, breaking the glass.

Eighteen BCSO deputies were dispatched and arrived at the scene within minutes, but did not approach the house where the felony was happening!

Minutes passed with no action on the part of deputies who remained some distance away, despite the fact that the disabled resident was in obvious grave danger and had informed the 911 Operator multiple times that he was scared to death, armed, and might have to shoot when the door gave way.

More minutes passed with no action on the part of deputies, who had long-since arrived!

Over the phone, the 911 operator could hear glass breaking. Still, no action on the part of deputies!

A neighbor stepped out of her house and saw what was happening, also called 911 and yelled at the suspect to go away.

The suspect walked over to the next house.

That neighbor and others were now flooding 911 lines reporting the attempted home invasion(s), joining with the affected resident’s desperate call.

Still, deputies were nowhere to be seen, much less do anything.

Eventually, the suspect walked over to several uniformed deputies he could see and was taken into custody without further incident.

He is already out of bail!

Not surprisingly, the SO has refused to answer all questions about this incident and has put-out the usual, tired boiler-plate:

“The Sheriff’s Office constantly reviews and assesses its responses to emergency calls in order to provide the highest level of service to the public… blah, blah, blah”

Welcome to our “New Era of Policing,” brought to you by liberal/Marxist politicians.

Individual police officers know and understand that they are the continual target of liberal prosecutors and judges, who want police defunded, and who just can’t wait to throw them in jail.

They know and understand that shooting a violent felon, even when completely justified, is an automatic career-ender.

They know and understand that confronting any violent suspect will not have a happy ending and that whatever physical action they take to protect themselves and innocent citizens will be denigrated, criticized, picked-apart, and will result in demotion, probably termination, plus criminal (and civil) charges against them. They’ll probably be unemployed and bankrupted, likely find themselves in prison.

They know and understand that liberal sheriffs, police chiefs, mayors, governors will not stand behind them, will not defend them, but will casually throw them to the wolves, while themselves cynically marching right along beside violent rioters!

Many LEOs are thus departing the profession in disgust, and fear!

In the interim, can you really blame the few who remain for indecisive “tactical loitering,” as my friend and esteemed colleague, Ron Borsch, fondly calls it?

Neighbors, some of whom are professing liberals, in the foregoing episode are shocked, indignant, disgusted, and fearful. Well they, and residents of other Democrat-controlled areas, had better get used to this “new normal!”

Liberals need to be careful what they wish for. In Broward County, their wish has been granted.

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.” ~ Arthur Miller


About John Farnam & Defense Training International, Inc

As a defensive weapons and tactics instructor John Farnam will urge you, based on your own beliefs, to make up your mind in advance as to what you would do when faced with an imminent lethal threat. You should, of course, also decide what preparations you should make in advance if any. Defense Training International wants to make sure that their students fully understand the physical, legal, psychological, and societal consequences of their actions or in-actions.

It is our duty to make you aware of certain unpleasant physical realities intrinsic to the Planet Earth. Mr. Farnam is happy to be your counselor and advisor. Visit:


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Dubi Loo

Being significantly disabled, this story is troubling. Just one reason I am always armed.


The saddest part is if he’d actually defended himself, and done what MOST of us would have done in that same situation, the deputies would have been in his face within seconds, followed by the state charging him with murder. Not only has the press become the enemey of the people, so has our own government.


Think about this. Back in the sixty’s they decided that they needed to run for and get political positions and infiltrate the schools as teachers and professors so they could start their brain washing agenda and it worked. Think about this. Now they are working on the same thing with law enforcement. Simply not support the officers, find against them whenever anything they do is argued by the public especially if the person is of color and you get good law enforcement officers leaving and who is going to fill the gap. The new police officers that are gang members… Read more »


Bill showed quite a bit of self-control. I hope he doesn’t get sued by the suspect’s family for his “threatening behavior”, causing “emotional distress” to the suspect and his family.


The Broward County Sheriff’s Department shall forever be labeled the “Broward Cowards.”


They have been since the Stoneman mass shooting

Justin Case

Too bad…you can’t count on the cops anymore.
If the disabled man had shot him, he would probably be in jail on murder charges, like the poor kid up North. Get your head out of your ass people and stop voting these communists into office.


I think it’s recently become painfully obvious that we are NOT voting these communists into office. They’re rigging the elections in order to take over our country. They aren’t being elected. They’re simply steeling their power. There’s only ONE WAY we can stop something like that from taking over the country, and I think everyone knows what that one way is.

Carl up North

The Cowards of Broward County strike again in public, one high school wasn’t enough for them.


As John Farnham explained, they are simply doing what they are paid to do. Given policies (stated and unstated) and consequences of action versus inaction on part of the deputies – we can expect no other outcome. Consider; who gets hired, who gets retained, and how their attitudes change over time under current working conditions. Deputies know that inaction results in continued pay, promotion, and retention of LEO rights, privileges and respect. Action results in career stagnation at best, possibly job loss, loss of credentials and maybe even legal prosecution. Individual officers feel helpless to change the system and observe… Read more »


Exactly correct Finnky, I remember reading years ago about Newton’s third ‘law of motion’ that says for every action there is a opposite and equal reaction, punish lawmen for doing their job and their reaction is to not do it….. Freud has something to say on this topic as well. These commies leaders and their followers are dangerous and must be stopped at every opportunity. Most of us on the right represent the America of the past 200+ years where righteous men because of Gods direction turned this country into the land of the free and the home of the… Read more »

The other Jim

Although Scott Peterson’s pension is $10,000 per month for standing by safely outside while a murderer killed 17; these cops are taking a chance doing the same as Peterson has been charged for his inaction which could cause him jail time of 97 years.


I thought of my oldest sister who is 73 and has had to deal with the effects of contracting polio when she was a little girl her whole life. She has been an example to me of what can be done if people want to do something my whole life. This is just another example of Govt employees being risk adverse. I actually enjoyed the first half of my 22&1/2 years as a Fed. You got to do what needed to be done when it needed to be done. And then came Bush and Obama. What a shit show it… Read more »


Broward cowardice aside here is the quote of the article: “They know and understand that shooting a violent felon, even when completely justified, is an automatic career-ender.”

Liberals have taken all courage from police.


No, they haven’t.

A certain percentage of LEOs have capitulated and have demonstrated they are more afraid of losing their job than they are committed to doing the job properly.

All the LEOs who don’t arrest bad people and/or do arrest good people had the choice of:

  • Following orders and being hated by good people
  • Disobeying orders and be hated by bad people (and maybe lose their job)
  • Quitting and taking a LEO job in a jurisdiction that valued good LEOs
  • Quitting and getting a different type of job

Nobody took their courage.

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

“can you really blame the few who remain for indecisive “tactical loitering,”

Yes, you can. These are the bad cops and should be fired.
Go drive a school bus you dopes.


I agree.


I wouldn’t let the drive my dog around let alone my children.


Blue pencil minute: apparently they do not teach spelling at Marjory Stoneham High School or anywhere else in COWARD County Florida. The site of the Parkland shooting is a public policy cess pool. This is further evidence of that. Blue Utopias are self destructive. Case in point.

Get Out

Sure doesn’t instill any confidence in the Sheriff’s Office does it?


Once again the cowards from Broward prove their worth.
I don’t know if all are cowards, but from what is proven the majority certainty seem to be!


Wow! More “Cowards From Broward”. I guess they saw how that pansy SRO fared after he let a school shooter run loose without challenging him and figured that is the way it is fone.


My post is awaiting approval for what reason?


Broward Cowards once again don’t strike.


Cowards from Boward already enacting Biden policy? I can just see the media activist calling for this mans head had the coon been eliminated for his assault in progress. If the police in this area aren’t going to do the job, then they might as well join the homeless community.


Nah not enacting Biden’s policy, they evidently have never revoked the policy that was in place during the Stoneman mass shooting.




At least the Cowards of Broward are consistent……. still covering their own backsides while making a poor show of “on duty”.
I’m certain if the gent being attacked HAD fired and hit the lout, they’d have swooped right in and arrested him on some lame charge.


Lets be honest about this. Someone has to say it. If the police were forced to subdue or eliminate this man as a threat, they would be labeled as racists.
Their personal lives and those of their families would be ruined.
Mr Farnam is correct in this comments.
Our society has forced protection on to the individual.
Police have become referees, not protectors of individuals.


Yeah, except the problem is if you defend yourself, then you’ll be the first one arrested and tried for murder. THERE lies the problem. Not that we are left to defend ourselves. THAT we can do. It’s that if we DO defend our own lives and our property, somehow our completely warped system of demtard justice now makes US the criminals. 30 years ago the cops would have showed up, called the coroner to come get the body off of your porch, and asked you if there was anything they could do for you and your family. Now they show… Read more »


Ultimately, history tells us that people will have only theor rights and property for which they are willing to kill and die. The killing will have to start with the crooks and the politicians (but I repeat myself as the terms are redundant).


Some are worse – they protect bad people.

Commiefornia Sucks

Ida thumped that fucker in the chest as soon as he came through the door and I PID’d him as nonfriendly. 00 buck out of the new Tavor TS12. Uh huh, that’s right motherfucker!

WI Patriot

Coward county sheriff is in the news again…


Coward from Broward. Hopefully it’s not systemic..


do you not remember parkland high school a few years ago. yes it is systemic, broward county is controlled by leftists.
the scotus has ruled that the police have no duty to protect individual citizens, therefore, it is the RIGHT of every citizen to protect themselves and families, “f” all leftists that want to restrict my God given right.


That was the decision of the 2nd circuit court in Warren vs DC Metro Police in 1981. We are on our own.
As an aside. In Florida injuring an disabled Senior or terrorizing same is punishable by 30 years in prison. How much you want to bet dis gud boy walks!

The other Jim

The problem is that the large number of organized Left (which includes 90% of the media) is just waiting with there hooks to get you, arrest you and destroy you for lawfully defending yourself and property from felons, drug attics, thieves, mobs, etc. (as in the McCloskey’s of Missouri).


The only time I will dial 911 is for a fire or an ambulance to take me or a loved one to the hospital emergency room.

I will not call for a break in by a thug.


Fort Lauderdale is a Democratic stronghold.
Of course the cops are hesitate to take action against black man.
The rest of Florida is basically Republican.
If you’re in Palm Beach County you can bet the cops would’ve shown up. And if you had indeed shot the criminal in the meanwhile, you would not be prosecuted.

Bill N

Just look at these comments! Within this article it is explained, “damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. With no backup from your boss (Sherriff)or his boss, town council or county council Mayor or Governor. Would YOU risk prosecution for doing your job? Not if you had any common sense. Too quick to criticize before you read the facts. Look around people, Cops have been chastised for doing their jobs and prosecuted for that very same “offence”. Now they all have a target on their backs thanks to democratic leaders. Read, and comprehend what you read before before… Read more »


What is more amazing is the people who can’t understand why people, who have always supported LEOs, have had enough. Is there any order a large percentage of LEOs won’t follow in order to keep there job?

Pa John

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