Home Defense Long Guns, Guidance on Which Guns are Best ~ VIDEO


USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Home defense is something every homeowner thinks about and at some point, the decision is made to purchase a firearm to protect their loved ones and property. Often, the homeowner is inexperienced with the types of home defense firearms available and will need guidance on which guns will best suit his needs. As a retailer in the firearms community, you have an opportunity to provide information, product, and education. In return, a new, loyal customer can be created.

Training and Education

The best home defense firearm for a home owner’s peace-of-mind is one that is handled safely and competently, so no matter what type of firearm they ultimately choose, education and training are first and foremost.

Offer classes on home defense and encourage the homeowner and other responsible parties in the household to attend. Discuss possible scenarios they might face and the best way to handle each one.

There is no single shooting solution that can meet the needs of every household or individual and the only way to evaluate what’s best for your customers is to spend time discussing their situation and their comfort level.

Home Defense Firearms Options

While handguns are the go-to method for personal protection, rifles and shotguns tend to be the more common firearms used in protecting the home.

Large caliber rifles will stop the threat, but they could be too powerful, increasing the gamble of over-penetration. They can also be cumbersome in a tight environment, such as a hallway where maneuvering quickly in a defensive situation is needed.

The smaller pistol caliber carbines make it easier to move through close quarters and the chance of over-penetration is lessened. Suggest hollow point rounds such as .38 Special, .9mm or .45 ACP. And don’t forget to add in a powerful light and optic sights which are a necessity when searching and moving through a home.

Among long guns, the shotgun might be the best choice for home defense. The main difference between shotguns used for hunting and target sports and those used for home defense is barrel length, which ranges between 18.5 to 20 inches in length.

A pump-action or semi-automatic shotgun is preferred over a break-open shotgun as the latter will hold only two shotshells, while the pump or semi-auto can hold 3 – 5 rounds. Explain the difference between the actions to see which one your customer feels more comfortable with and if possible take them out to the range.

A 12 or 20 gauge both have enough stopping power for home defense. Suggest birdshot for the ammunition to reduce the risk of over-penetration. Explain the difference between a shotshell filled with bb’s spreading a wide pattern and a single projectile from a rifle or handgun. In a close-range situation’s, birdshot is effective ammunition and the risk of over-penetration is minimal.

Beyond the Firearm

When selling a firearm for home defense, there are many aspects for the homeowner to consider. Help your customer create a home defense plan, such as designating a safe room for the family to gather in until the threat is neutralized. Make sure the room is equipped with a strong lock, a flashlight, and telephone to call the police.

Purchasing a gun for home defense is only the first step in firearm ownership and your customer is coming to you for help with that step.

For information on selling home defense long guns and much more, visit nssf.org/retailers.

National Shooting Sports FoundationAbout The National Shooting Sports Foundation

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 10,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. www.nssf.org

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Anyone who shoots someone to just wound when your life is in danger is a total moron and deserves the lawsuit that will follow. If I shoot someone they are dead and will not collect a single penny.


I built a 10.5 ar-pistol with SBA3 brace, Midwest industries rail, holosun 510c, Troy buis, cmc trigger, and folding stock adapter. Also has streamlight with switch and some sling my brother gave me. Sits next to mine bed


My home defense primary tool is a Mossberg “Nightstick” stuffed with “shorty” 12-gauge ammunition using an OpSol adapter. 100% reliable and a .73 caliber slug or #4 Buck shot at 1200 fps is nothing to laugh at. It has very mild recoil and 8 of them in the tube.


I’ve got to disagree with recommending birdshot for self defense: UNLESS you are using #4 or larger turkey loads. Anything smaller WILL NOT penetrate deep enough. BTDT


Even though this article is 10 months old. I can assure you if you shoot someone with a shotgun inside your home regardless of load it will change their mind about further aggression. The type of shot is less important than where it is targeted. While most people believe shooting center mass is the most effective. I recommend aiming below the waste, 1)Taking a perps legs out from under them will end any chance of continued attack. 2) While a perp may be wearing a heavy coat there’s less chance they’ll be wearing anything more than jeans/pants on their legs.3)… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Watch why using birdshot is straight forward stupid:


Charlie Foxtrot

Watch the statements made by the victim that was shot with birdshot:


Charlie Foxtrot

Shooting someone below the waist (not waste!) will hurt the attacker, but won’t incapacitate the attacker! Good luck with that approach!



Wait for it:
“use a pump gun – all you have to do is rack the slide and the sound will scare them away.”

You know it’s only a matter of time before that gem comes out just like “use birdshot because . . . ”

There’s a lot of 1960’s gun shop wisdom around here.


OK Rambo… You pick the time and place. I’ll bring the shotgun and ammo. We’ll see who walks away and who crawls around screaming for his Mommy.


You’re a real bad man, aren’t you?


Yes he is. He so bad he hurts himself, that’s how bad he is. And with that my bed is calling. Good night.


OH MY! A challenge has been issued. Will it be answered? Can a solution be found that doesn’t entail spilling of BLOOD? Tune in tomorrow to the same “GUN Channel” for the exciting answer!


and as he is screaming for his mommy he will be dialing his lawyer and starting the lawsuit against you for disabling him,,,birdshot is not a defensive option in 2020, although a bad guy is in your house and you have the right to defend yourself , unless you use a commercially available defense round you open yourself to litigation in court


also birdshot can penetrate drywall, plenty of videos on you tube demonstrating this,,,,why don’t you just use rock salt,,,make it easy for him to win his lawsuit


That sounds like the movies. I laugh my butt off all the time when there is a situation where the bad guy is after them or they are after the bad guy and they know there is going to be trouble but first they have to rack my gun two or three times just to make sure it is loaded before they have to shoot it. Lol. Mine sits loaded and a the ready. I don’t want to rack it and let them know I am there so they can shoot at the sound they just heard, me. I want… Read more »


Damage shooting below the waist would depend on how far below. Fracturing the pelvis and severing blood vessels running through the area would tend to be a fight stopper. On the other hand shooting at a slight upward angle toward head and throat could reduce risk of collateral damage as pellets missing the target would be likely to go over the heads of anyone further back. As a rule one should not take a shot without being certain of where every pellet will go and that family is far from the line of fire – but errors occur and extra… Read more »


Shooting to wound is is most cases illegal. Shoot to end the threat! Your intentions may be questioned in civil and legal proceedings.


100% correct,,if there was a threat to your life why would you use birdshot


“Inside the home” I like Inceptor 223 Frangible

Charlie Foxtrot

Good video, but pretty much any ammo that passes the FBI test, passes also this one! Another thing to consider, why having specific home defense ammo? If there is a threat outside are you going to swap magazines, because you need to swap ammo? For pistols, any good JHP round that RELIABLY passes the FBI test will do it. I prefer Federal HST LE ammo, but that’s just me. For shotguns, stop with the birdshot BS promoted the article! Anything from 00 to #4 buckshot is good to go. NO copper coated buckshot! I prefer Remington #4 buckshot, but that’s… Read more »


Exactly. Birdshot. . . . . . sounds like BETO trying to set things up in order to survive his next burglary attempt.


Or the law suit that is going to be imposed by the perp.


also remember that any ammo that passes the FBI penetration standards will also pass through walls,,also remember that anything over 22 feet isn’t necessarily considered a threat unless the person is armed or makes retreat not an option

Deplorable Bill

Tactics If your home is invaded, you have the advantage normally. Usually it’s dark and the bad guy(s) don’t know the lay out of your home. Even if it’s day time, usually the bad guys don’t know the lay out of your home so you still have the advantage. Get armed, get your family, hide and call the cavalry in that order. BE QUIET!!! Do not give the bad guy(s) any idea of where you are or that you are there at all. That alone can save your lives. Let the bad guy(s) come to you, do not go looking… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

Watch this video about how ineffective birdshot can be. The victim was not incapacitated, actually walks away to safety and was released from the hospital a week after the incident:



Article says to have a “safe room” with a strong lock. Simply putting a reasonable lock on most interior doors does nothing. Pretty much anyone can almost walk through common hollow core interior doors. With normal construction, walls are simply drywall on 2×4 studs – if the door is tough, just knock a hole in the wall. A safe room requires considerably more than a “strong lock!”


This sounds like a “harold” article. Do this, do that, you must..


it DOES, doesn’t it? Just “opinion”, eh? But no name, eh? Yeah. Harold. Again. Harder to exterminate than a cockroach.

Charlie Foxtrot

The article is just a verbatim transcript of the NSSF video. See http://www.nssf.org/video-home-defense-long-guns/


The NSSF is not a pro 2nd Amendment organization and has a history of supporting BATFE and anti-gun legislation. They are a FUDD organization who only exist to ensure that their members (hunting equipment manufacturers and retailers) make a profit. Anything they say or propose, based upon their history and the facts of their support of anti-gun groups and legislation speaks for itself and I wouldn’t trust them or their butt-buddies the BATFE.