Killer Innovations Releases SIG P320C Velocity Slide

Killer Innovations P320
Killer Innovations offers a ton of awesome accessories for the P320 including comps and slides! IMG Killer Innovations

U.S.A. -( Killer Innovations is proud to announce the expansion of their signature Velocity line of firearm optimization upgrades with the Velocity SIG P320 Compact MOD1 Stripped Slide.

The new slide will be available this Friday, 11-27-2020, online at

Much as the Glock slides that preceded it, the new SIG slide is red-dot ready. It will arrive at its new forever-home prepared to carry the Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point Pro, and optics with the same footprint. The new slide expands their current lineup of SIG P320 offerings, which are already gaining popularity in the Fire Control Unit (FCU) builder market.

KI’s SIG slide will be available in their MDC grey and BLC black finishes.

Why upgrade your P320C? Why not? The slide features:

  • Front and back Enhanced Grip Feature (EDG) cuts for positive control during slide manipulation.
  • The ability to host s specific optic other than the SIG Romeo, if you prefer.
  • Quality of machining: KI’s tolerances achieve an improbable level of fitment.
  • Aesthetic and ergonomic superiority. Anything from KI makes you and your weapon look and feel better. KI accessories have already made swashbuckling heroes out of such previously pitiable individuals as Jim Pfaffenbach, young Ted Stroehmann, and Arnold Poindexter. Imagine what it could do for you.
Killer Innovations P320 Slide
The most recent release from Killer Innovations is their new P320 slide with an RMR cut. IMG Killer Innovations

Other Killer Innovations SIG enhancement options include:

About Killer Innovations:

Killer Innovations is more of a culture and a family than a regular business. We are a tight-knit team that strives every single day to engineer and produce products that change the way precision firearm parts are made and how they perform. We are always looking for the newest technology and tools to improve manufacturing processes and accuracy. If we can’t find the solutions we need, we engineer and build them ourselves! Our state of the art facility is ever-improving and evolving into a facility that exceeds all expectations. Every single product that Killer Innovations produces is 100% American made. We are committed to this standard and will never outsource work overseas to simply save a buck.

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CourageousLion (@wizardkiller)
11 months ago

Wow, only $477? I’ll take two…no wait, I think I’ll sell my P320s due to numerous recalls and issues with them. Especially the full size .357 sig one that blew up due to early extraction. SIG has been going down hill ever since they moved to the US.

Core (@core)
11 months ago

This looks super cool but I cannot help but think the cuts will just make it more prone to stoppage, fatigue, and contamination?