OLight Odin – Affordable Tactical Weapon Mounted Light with 2000 Lumens

OLIght Odin mounted on Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- OLight has a new tactical flashlight out called the Odin that throws an impressive 2000 Lumens as far as 300 meters. They sent us one to test and evaluate and we mounted it on a homebuilt AR. They are currently running a sale on it here.

The Rifle

This was a special kind of build. The lower receiver is a billet Battle Born lower made about 10 years ago by US Firearms Academy in Reno, Nevada, and is one of my favorite lowers to build a rifle on. The lower receiver parts kit was sourced from different manufacturers as LPKs were extremely difficult as I literally took possession of the lower on December 11, 2012; the day before the tragic events of Sandy Hook, and LPKs were gone from everywhere.

There is nothing like building a lower in the midst of a full-blown panic!

I started with leftover parts I had in my parts boxes from builds gone by. The hardest part was sourcing a trigger. I originally found one from Brownells as individual components but found a better one at Rise Armament. For a pistol grip, I added a Hogue version and the stock was a MAGPUL UBR. Originally the rifle sported a 5.56 upper receiver similar to my go-to AR that I used for carbine classes, etc. This was going to be my backup gun in case my primary rifle broke down or became inoperable during a class.

Eventually, the rifle took up space at the back of my safe and eventually the upper made its way to another build and the lonely lower sat.

After trying 458 SOCOM and writing a number of reviews, I decided I would eventually use this lower for a 458 SOCOM build and obtained an upper receiver from Radical Firearms. The rifle proved to be a winner and I decided I was going to have it Cerakoted. I reached out to my good friend Russ Bacon at Nevada Cerakote and told him that I wanted to do a Mandalorian type paint job. Russ likes Star Wars as much as I do, so I gave him those instructions and let his artistic creativity do the rest. I was not disappointed.

Beskar Build in 458 SOCOM

From the Beskar look on the receiver to actual Mandalorian script reading “Weapons are part of my religion” to Mandalorian crests and insignias on the EO Tech sight. Nevada Cerakote really set off this rifle to stand out in my collection.

This is the Way! For more info on the rifle itself, check out the build story here.

O-Light Odin Weapon Light

If there are two aftermarket accessories that every AR needs; they are a sling and a flashlight. For the light, I decided on the OLight Odin.


I had never used an OLight weapon light before but was familiar with their handheld lights. About a decade ago I actually rewrote the copy for their website when a new management team took over as the prose on the site was written via a very poor translation program. Ironically in all that time, the company never sent me a light to test; although I imagine the management team has changed over a few times.

The packaging this light is sent in resembles something more akin to an Apple product as opposed to a tactical one. It is nice and robust and will allow storage of the additional pieces that come with the OLight Odin.

While unboxing the light I was wondering if there were batteries included. It turns out that this is a rechargeable light via USB. The OLight Odin is powered by a single customized 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery.

OLIght Odin mounted on Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM

The OLight Odin comes in a dual locking mount that attaches to a Picatinny rail. The light is easily removed from this mount in order to charge it up or use it as a powerful handheld light. The tape switch comes with a rail mounting bracket or can be attached to the rifle by other means if necessary like with 3M double-sided tape.

OLIght Odin mounted on Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM

According to OLight the Odin is capable of 2,000 lumens for approximately 2 minutes. After 2 minutes it drops to 1,000 lumens, then to 760 lumens, and finally to 300 lumens. The battery has a 7-8 hour runtime and seems to hold a charge well without parasitic drag on the battery.

Part of the reason I chose to mount the OLight Odin on a 458 SOCOM was to see how the light would stand up to recoil. Being that ammunition is a bit hard to find and a bit spendy when you do find it; I thought 100 rounds of 458 SOCOM would be similar to 1000 rounds of 5.56. I fired 20 rounds with the light activated and the step-down from 2000 Lumens to 1000 on the light threw me for a second. I fired 10 with the light off and turned it on again with no issues. At the end of my 100 round test the light was functioning as it was out of the box.

OLIght Odin mounted on Radical Firearms 458 SOCOM

Final Thoughts

I found the OLight Odin to be a tremendous value. I was not too happy with the stepdown on the light performance of dropping its Lumens and wish there was a way to run it somewhere in the middle range for a longer period of time. Some people may be put off by the 300 Lumens it ultimately drops to, but I have successfully run lowlight courses using that level successfully in the past.

The tape switch can be attached to any flat surface with 3M double-sided tape if you don’t run MLOK or Picatinny

This is a well-made, low-cost tactical weapon light with some pretty cool features. An MLOK mount might be a nice factory addition instead of Picatinny, but in keeping the price point below $200, that might be a bit much.

Currently, OLight is running a sale on these for much less than the $200 MSRP. You can check it out here.

About Mike Searson:

Mike Searson’s career as a shooter began as a Marine Rifleman at age 17. He has worked in the firearms industry his entire adult life as a Gunsmith, Ballistician, Consultant, Salesman, Author and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1989.

Mike has written over 2000 articles for a number of magazines, websites, and newsletters including Blade, RECOIL, OFF-GRID, Tactical Officer, SWAT, Tactical World, Gun Digest, Examiner.com and the US Concealed Carry Association as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

Mike Searson

Mike Searson
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I have one Olight and really like it but the auto step-down with no option ruins it for me.


Initially I was a fan of Olight. I still appreciate their overall quality for cost ratio but I can’t in good conscience buy products from China when there are as good or better options made in America. China has become the largest single dangerous enemy of America and every time we give them business we hurt our nation. It’s foolish and unpatriotic to support the nation who’s single national goal is to financially and militarily destroy us. Save your money a little longer and support companies who manufacture their products in America. Don’t support our enemy and empower them to… Read more »

Pa John

Ships, submarines, bunkers, and any other environment where people / soldiers / sailors may need to step out into the night and still be able to SEE, all go to great lengths to preserve their night vision. Dim red interior and equipment lights, computer screens at minimum brightness, all lights out before exit doors or hatches are opened, you name it, everything possible to retain that precious night vision and avoid being seen. Imagine some low ranking newbie / private deciding to flash on an ultra bright 2000 lumen flashlight and immediately ruin the night vision of everyone near him… Read more »


OLight makes an OK light. There’s no way OLight would ever be the only light I have. Any rechargeable has a tendency to slowly, begin then get weaker in larger amnts. until they’re dead. I’d never rely on any rechargeable light. Power outage, no recharge.

Last edited 3 years ago by save2A

If I want my lumens stepped down, I can do it myself. I don’t like this feature on the one handheld OLight I own

Matt in Oklahoma

It wont be many lumens mounted too far forward like that. That carbon will build up quick