One Week Left in the Gundies Voting, 2A Content Creator Awards

One Week Left in the Gundies Voting, 2A Content Creator Awards
One Week Left in the Gundies Voting, 2A Content Creator Awards

U.S.A.-( There is only one week for you to vote for your favorite creator in the second annual Gundies. The Gundies is an award show for creators and influencers that runs from December 1st to New Year’s Eve.

For full disclosure, I have been nominated for “Most Influential Male of The Year” and “Crossover Creator” of the year.

I waited until the last week of the year to write about the contest to not influence any outcomes unfairly. The contest is for fun and I am enjoying campaigning for the awards.

The Gundies is not like other award ceremonies. It is the brainchild of Ben Stacy and Will Renke of Forge Relations. The duo got the name from the hit TV show, “the Office.” In the show, Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, holds an award ceremony where he presents awards to various office members. Stacy is a massive fan of the office and wanted to do something special for the gun community members.

Stacy sees the Gundies as a way to get around censorship from big tech. Guns is a bad word to a lot of Silicon Valley companies. It is only a matter of time before we are kicked off of the platforms.

“As a community we need to support each other, no matter which content creator you love or love to hate we’re all fighting for a common goal to protect our second amendment and the freedoms of all Americans,” Stacy told AmmoLand “We created the Gundies to be common ground and a place where no matter who you were, you could participate in some friendly competition, a tool to bring the community together.”

“As we’ve moved into this year and social platforms begin to shut down firearms content creators and silence the little guy, the Gundies, inadvertently became a platform where creators big and small were presented on an even playing field without any limitations from outside social platforms. Our goal with the Gundies has always been to strengthen our community in the fight to preserve our second amendment.”

Voters get a chance to win one of a plethora of prizes for voting and could win the grand prize of a trip to watch the Gundies live at Drive Tanks in Texas. The winner will get to meet their favorite creators and spend a day driving tanks before watching the ceremony. Will and Ben will stream the Gundies to the world in a live broadcast.

The Gundies consist of 15 categories from “YouTuber of The Year” to “Influencer of The Year.” Users can vote in each category once a day. The top four winners in each category will win an all-expense-paid trip to the ultimate range day at Drive Tanks, where they will fire some of the biggest guns on the planet.

I was always told if you aren’t paying for something, then you are the product. I was concerned about being spammed, so I researched the company and approached the founders to ask about the selling of email addresses. The company will not sell any email address but will send out two emails per year on behalf of the sponsors. According to them, they will maintain the list and it will not be available to the sponsors or anyone else. It equals 30 extra emails a year.

The Gundies isn’t a serious contest, but it is a fun way to celebrate the gun world.

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