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U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Teddy Daniels was hanging out with Stephen Willeford at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival. I was talking to Stephen and asked if he’d come Riding Shotgun. He said only if Teddy had the time. Then he suggested that I should get Teddy in the car because he was the “real G.I. Joe!”  When I asked Teddy if he had the time replied with an “Absolutely, Brother!!” that sounded like Hulk Hogan!

Teddy is a big burly man. He was headed towards a football career, but an injury changed his plans. He spent 15 years as a police officer. Then decided it was time to enlist as an infantryman. He was 35 years old. After being “grandpa” at boot camp, he was sent to Afghanistan. He thought he would be hauling machine guns up the mountains, but he ended up scouting and working with an interpreter. On a mission, his unit decided to take a different way back to the outpost, he ended up getting into a gun battle with some locals.

I’m not going to blow it, but he’s got an AMAZING story about what happened on a mountain behind a rock. There’s no way that you won’t be moved by it. And why he and his family celebrate every April 25.

After being discharged Teddy spent some time as an entrepreneur. He eventually decided to turn to politics to keep fighting for what’s right. He ran for office in PA as a Congressman. The election had something that we don’t have in Massachusetts: more than one republican running for the same office. He went to bed as the winner! Two days later after the mail-in ballots were counted, he was no longer the Congressman-elect. The success of being number 2 but only after a few days, shows us that the public wants real people in office.  He takes his passion for life, for what he does, and fighting evil and that’s why he believes God saved him.

Teddy also shares that a childhood friend who is on the opposite side of him politically donated to his campaign so he can see him in DC and say he supported that guy. He also tells us about an incident that happened on a podcast he was on recently.  Someone was a keyboard commando and Teddy called him out and invited him to have breakfast to talk things over in person. The man didn’t take him up on it.

We also spend some time talking about motorcycles. Teddy has been across the country on a bike several times. He said that he was a Harley Davidson guy until he rode an Indian. After he rode the Indian, he put money down and got a cashier’s check to buy the bike that day.

Teddy’s story is absolutely incredible. I’m honored that he took the time to share it with us. I’m sure you’ll want to listen to it a couple of times and share it with your friends and family.

Favorite Quotes:
“I was the guy that stuck up for the kids that got bullied.’
“I followed my own path and did the things I wanted to do.”
“God, I get it. Today’s the day you’re going to call me home.”
“The most peaceful, tranquil feelings I’ve ever had in my life came completely over me.’
“That realization set in that this could be gone at any time.”
“We need to realize what we have, cherish what we have, enjoy what we have. And be thankful for what we have.”

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