A Wave of Gun Bills Introduced In Virginia

Why I Am Suing The Governor of Virginia, iStock-1055138108
A Wave of Gun Bills Introduced In Virginia, iStock-1055138108

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- VCDL’s lobby day has passed, and now the real work begins. It is time to send emails and make phone calls to our representatives to defeat bad gun bills.

There are a lot of bad bills in Richmond this session. One terrible bill that appears to be dead is the so-called “assault-firearms” ban that would see most semiautomatic banned as well as magazines holding more than twelve rounds. That is the silver lining to the slew of horrible legislation ranging from a ban on incomplete firearms to background checks on gun rentals.

There are a few long-shot pro-gun bills that we need to support to send a message to the state government. We sent them a clear message last year with lobby day and the 2A Sanctuary movement, and we need to send another now. Below I outline the gun bill that has been introduced in the Old Dominion.

Bad House Bills:

HB2295– Firearm or stun weapon; carrying within Capitol Square and the surrounding area, state-owned bldgs.

This bill would make any Commonwealth owned building a gun-free zone. Conceal handgun permit holders will not be exempt from this rule. As we know, gun-free zones do not make us safer. In fact, most mass shootings happen in gun-free zones. This bill makes us less safe.

HB1992 – Firearms; purchase, etc., following conviction for assault and battery of a family member.

On the surface, this bill doesn’t seem bad. Who wouldn’t want a domestic abuser stripped of their firearms, right? The issue that arises with this bill is any assault and battery of a family member is treated the same. If two brothers get into a fistfight, both brothers can lose their ability to own a gun. The proposed laws don’t treat two brothers getting into a fight any different from a violent serial wife abuser.

HB2231 – Group Violence Intervention Board and Division of Group Violence Intervention; established, report.

A few months ago, AmmoLand obtained emails from an open record request that shows the anti-gun group Gifford’s championed this bill. In the proposed law is a Project Ceasefire Grant Fund. This slush fund is a pile of money that goes directly to anti-gun groups to push their anti-gun agenda across the state. The Commonwealth will give these groups millions of your dollars to infringe on your rights.

HB2276 – Plastic firearms and unfinished frames, etc.; manufacture, import, sale, transfer, etc., penalty.

This bill would ban so-called “ghost guns.” If the law passes, Virginia will make unfinished frames and lower receivers illegal. There is a long tradition of Americans making their own firearms, but anything without a serial number would have to be turned over to the government. This law is a firearms confiscation act. The lawmakers didn’t include a grandfather clause, so you have to destroy or turn in anything that you own now. The owners are not allowed to transfer the firearms to anyone but the government.

HB2081 – Polling places; prohibited activities, unlawful possession of a firearm, penalty.

The proposed law would make it illegal to have a firearm at a polling place. The gun owner will have to choose between exercising their right to vote or to practice their right to bear arms. There has not been a rash of shootings at polling places. The purpose of the bill is to disenfranchise gun owners from participating in the democratic process.

HB2128 – Firearms; criminal history record information check delay increased to five days.

Right now, the Virginia State Police can delay an answer to a background check for three days before the dealer can legally transfer the firearm to the buyer. This proposed law would increase the maximum allowed time to five days. This new proposed wait period is a shifting of the goal post.

Good House Gun Bills:

HB1839 – Special hunting and fishing licenses for disabled veterans; 50 percent disabled.

This bill is something everyone can get behind. Simply put, it allows any disabled veteran is a rating of 50% or higher to get a free fishing and hunting license for life. These are the men and women who put their lives on the line for your freedom. This gesture is the least we can do.

HB1773 – Carrying a concealed handgun; permit not required.

This proposal is a constitutional carry bill. Anyone who can own a gun would be allowed to carry it concealed without seeking the state’s permission. These bills have popped up in many different parts of the country and have passed. It will be a long shot for the bill to make it through the Virginia Legislature, but we must push for it.

HB1757 – Firearm-free zones designated by the Commonwealth or a locality; waiver of sovereign immunity.

I love this bill. It states that if the state or a locality designates a gun-free zone, and someone is attacked in that area, the injured person or their family can sue the state or locality. Under the current law, both the state and localities have sovereign immunity, which means they cannot be sued.

HB1793 – Concealed handgun permit; local control of firearms.

This bill also deals with local gun-free zones. It makes any citizen with a concealed handgun permit exempt from local gun-free ordinances. Anyone who holds a CHP has already passed a background check and is a law-abiding citizen. Also, guns are more likely to be used in self-defense. This bill puts pressure on the localities to reconsider their anti-gun ordinances.

HB1799 – Sunday hunting; allowed on public lands.

In Virginia, hunters can’t hunt on public lands on Sundays. Most people work Monday through Friday, so by only allowing hunting six days a week, the law makes hunters burn leave or practice their passion on Saturdays. Democrats have pushed back on this bill by stating that game wardens need a day off. Most can see right through this ploy.

Bad Senate Bills:

SB1250 – Firearm rentals; criminal history record information check required, penalty.

Democrats want ranges to run background checks on everyone renting guns. A record number of firearms is being sold, meaning that the chances of a delayed background check are high. A lot of people’s first experience with a gun is through a firearm rental. By making them complete a background check before renting a firearm adds a barrier to entry. Democrats in the Commonwealth claim the new law will prevent suicide, but it is just a thinly veiled excuse to prevent people from taking up shooting.

With the anti-gun government in Virginia and now at the federal level, gun owners are in a fight for our rights. The only way to win is if every gun owner makes their voices heard in Washington and Richmond.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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WI Patriot

“A Wave of Gun Bills Introduced In Virginia”
A wave of nausea has been induced in Virginia…


I need a dose of dramamine.

WI Patriot

You’re going to need it, it’s going to be a bumpy ride for the next 4yrs…


You may or may not need a dose but one thing is for sure. Every one of us must, I repeat MUST ! GET on the phone to our congressmen/women and shout if you have to to get the point across to them that we will absolutely VOTE them OUT OF OFFICE if they even think of Voting for a bad bill. It is OUR DUTY to let them know how we their constituents feel about any bill that they pass and have their phone numbers by our phones and call them any time they are about to vote on… Read more »


Did the first 38 administrations, “Wait to vote them out of office?”


You’re gonna need bourbon and valium… (If they still make that stuff?)

uncle dudley

It sure seems that the state legislature has only one thing on the members minds with the constant filing of bills concerning firearms and how to limit the use of them by honest citizens, it’s a shame they don’t spend as much energy on making and enforcing laws against the criminals who are breaking the laws.
The tourism mantra was “Virginia is for lovers” now it should be.
“Virginia wants to limit your rights”
How sad.


Yes I agree with you but we have a mayor in Richmond Va. that wants to de-fund the police and a so called governor that is not only pushing these bills but didn’t do a thing, Nothing to prevent the defacing and destruction of our monuments. Nor did he do a damn thing to stop antifa and BLM from destroying and burning businesses in our city. A CITY and STATE RUN BY DimocRats. It seems that the only thing that they are good for is destruction of The Peoples Property and Rights. I do hope there are some gun rights… Read more »


WAAAH! My pussy hurts! What did YOU “DO” to begin the removal of that jackass mayor of yours? APPLY YOUR BACKBONE and REMOVE THAT DUMBASS!


No, it should be, “VIRGINIA is for LOSERS!” GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND FIGHT! Once you start, more will follow!


only 1,379 days until we can vote for a new president to try and bring back America and make it great again after biden destroys it and he is already doing a good job. Canda is mad, union workers are mad the people are pissed.


1,379 long days. We all know what kind of mischief the far left can do in that time. We have seen how fraudulent they are with voting. How can we know that in 1,379 days they won’t do all that fraud over again?


I gave you a thumbs up. I didn’t say they wouldn’t cheat, I just said we can vote to make America great again. I hope and pray that we can get laws and rules passed where this doesn’t happen again, if we don’t you will never see another republican president just like Oregone has not seen a republican governor for years and it is mail in ballot only. We set the example of what the United States shouldn’t do.


No, the movie, “The Candidate” set the pace for all of this taking over the various states, cities, counties and on up to the Whitehouse. “The Distinguished Gentleman” set the pace for the Democrats getting Obama in.


Perhaps with “dominion” suing Rudy G., We can now have access to “DISCOVERY” and direct access to the “glitchy machines” which was DENIED before. I support Rudy and his DEFENCE!!!


YOU INVESTIGATE, COLLECT EVIDENCE to transform into PROOF in front of a PEOPLE’s GRAND JURY, then you let the Grand Jury investigate further, start passing out the indictments, charges, and court!


Mexico and Latin America are happy! Sending thousands of representatives! Must vote Democratic if they wish to stay!


There is a Lot of Voting to be done between now and then so pay attention and VOTE every time there is a vote to be made and don’t forget to call your congressmen/women and local reps to voice your opinion. LOUDLY. Get your point across. If they don’t hear from you, all they hear is the other side.


Yeah, “Let’s wait and vote them out of office!” Do you sit on your ass and watch when a pedophile rapes a child, then “Wait until he rapes 5 more, THEN we will have enough evidence against him!” These elected and appointed officials are COMMITTING HIGH CRIMES AGAINST THEIOR OATH OF OFFICE! Grand Jury Indictment and conviction can fine, incarcerate and even remove them from office…. NOW! USE YOUR BACKBONE and the remedies provided you by the founding documents!


Biden will never last a full term. Harris already has plans to deem him “Unfit For Duty” as the Commander In Chief, as he already cannot complete a whole sentence without the aid of his handlers…


The Virginia state legislature seems to have a one track mind. Do they ever do anything besides pass anti gun laws? What they are doing is so egregious that I joined the VCDL……And I am a life long Texan.

The other Jim

How about what has been purchased by multi-billionaire Bloomberg and Beto O. in Texas: House Bill 52 & House Bill 245 BANNING private firearms sales at gun shows. House Bill 118 BANNING private firearms transfers between certain family members and friends, requiring FFLs to process these transactions that would include federal paperwork for government approval at an undetermined fee. House Bill 127 BANNING long gun open carry with limited exceptions. House Bill 164 & House Bill 395 red flag GUN CONFISCATION legislation requiring firearms surrender without due process. House Bill 172 & House Bill 241 BANNING the sale or transfer and possession of commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms. House Bill 178 & House Bill 234 BANNING the sale or transfer and possession of standard capacity magazines that hold more… Read more »


You have to realize two things. 1) Bloomberg isn’t a Texan and 2) BETO hasn’t accomplished a damn thing his whole time in office, he sure as hell isn’t going to get anywhere now. Texas Democrats were banking on a “blue wave” this past election cycle and they got their butts handed to them. Texas also started leading out in Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions. I know, not a big deal, however, it speaks volumes when it is time to rally the troops and head to the Capitol. With all of the Pro Gun groups rising up in Texas as well… Read more »


What the democrats are doing in Texas is just throwing everything against the wall to see what will stick. And of course, this is all Bloomberg funding. Fortunately, Governor Abbot has vowed to veto any anti gun legislation that comes across his desk. I hope he keeps his word.

Last edited 1 year ago by Bozz
The other Jim

@USMC and Bozz, good to here. I was concerned all those Democrat Californians that are leaving California because they voted Democrat and destroyed California, who I here are now flooding Texas would without any thought with respect to their voting habits, continue voting Communist Democrat. Yes, I like the Texas governor and attorney general, they appear to be true fighters for the people.


The Texas attorney general supports a further shift towards socialism.

The other Jim

When I hear of him on TV/News always appears good for Texas/Country like the recent suit he won on the Biden attempt to stop Illegal Alien Deportation; suit against Google; suit to overturn election results in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan; etc. What is he up to in his attempts at Socialism?


Texans are tough people – they don’t need the government to protect them from themselves:


This is beyond nanny state laws – it is government imposed price controls, which are a response to one of the precursors to totalitarianism: entitlement-based grievances.

Cheaper-than-Dirt has always priced high during panics. They have product when others don’t – those people who really want ammo can buy it there.

I’ve never purchased anything from CTD, but I support their right to charge whatever they want to and I support consumers’ rights not to buy from them.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Seems it is time for an amendment to our state constitution. We need to make it a crime to introduce anti-civil rights bills and give it teeth. Next bill Robby O’Rourke or Shiela Jackson Lee introduce should result in substantial imprisonment, steep fines, and of course removal from any office and a lifetime ban from governmental employment (including elected). Such ban should include refusal to recognize individuals authority if they are subsequently employed at federal level.


Gun free zones do not work.  The passage of the No Gun Zone law in 1990, which banned guns in certain public places notably public schools facilitated school shootings. This law “enables and guarantees a successful mass shooting every time” by making everyone in the public school system defenseless and easy targets. This law also guaranteed the shooters’ safety by making sure they alone had weapons during the carnage. Please notice that all these shooting occur at public schools, this law does not cover private schools which have their own armed security. There have been no mass shootings at private… Read more »


That’s what is so stupid about Pelosi installing metal detectors on the Congress floor. They were just attacked by protestors, some violent. Now she thinks it would be a good idea to make it a gun free zone.


HB2231 Placing your hand in a friendly gesture on a person’s shoulder is now considered “Simple Assault”. HB2231 DevilsAdvocateArmory.com is seeking the creation of such a grant funding mechanism to protect and defend Second Amendment Rights and those that fall under this umbrella. HB2276 Unconstitutional and void on it’s face. THIS is a true “abortion” HB2276 Don’t get me started on this mess? Monkeys smoking crack are laughing at the ignorance and the stupidity of this tripe, but they are also laughing at the Second Amendment arena in Virginia that isn’t collectively all over this and demanding the immediate indictment… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt

“The anti-gun group Gifford’s championed this bill. In the proposed law is a Project Ceasefire Grant Fund. This slush fund is a pile of money that goes directly to anti-gun groups to push their anti-gun agenda across the state.” DevilsAdvocateArmory.com is seeking the creation of a Second Amendment Grant Funding system that will defend and protect Gun Show Promoters / Producers, Vendors, Gun Shop owners, Gun and Ammo Manufacturers and other Defendants of Second suits on the federal level as well as support Second Amendment law firms that are battling to defend and protect our Second Amendment. It’s time WE,… Read more »


Wonder how the bill trying to ban plastic or polymer guns will work for Glock owners. if you read it, it gives a certain amount of metal but most Glocks and polymers meet this but the shape of both the Glock and the polymers may not show its shape as required to pass the test. Looks as though they are trying to sneek this in to also ban not only 80% but a lot of other polymer based guns even if they are legally made.