Ammo In Stock: Current 9mm Ammunition Buy Opportunities, But the Prices $uck

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9mm Pistol Bullet Ammo Ammunition Rounds
9mm Pistol Bullet Ammo Ammunition Rounds

USA – -( 9mm Ammunition? As you know at AmmoLand News we follow 9mm inventory availability every day. Currently, the options for low price or plinking 9mm ammo are nonexistent and it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

But there are options if you need some high-quality self-defense ammo. Here are some of the choices available and in-stock at the time of this post. But be warned even these will sell out.


Not 9mm But In-stock:

Barnes TAC-XPD Defense 45 Auto (ACP) +P 185gr TAC XP Handgun Ammo – 20 Rounds $28.99


Time to learn new skills:

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Nice to see Ammoland admit that these prices are awful. Wow, >$2/round for 9mm of any type is a bad deal.

Dave in Fairfax


I’m not sure where you’ve been, but we’ve been saying that for a long time. We’ve talked about how production is going and how the market works. The bottom line, which we’ve discussed for a while now, is that between the newbies trying to stock up, and everybody else being worried about the new administration, stocks are down and prices are up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

Me too. Virtually never shoot buckshot and I’ve got most of a 250 round box left (Rio 00) I’ll sell at $5/rd, minimum order 10. Think I’ve got ~200 available.


Sorry about that. My offer doesn’t kick in until you’ve sold out. Rio buck has issues. From my cylinder choked maverick, spread at 45 yards is a bit over 6 feet. Shooting targets at that distance, I hit more often with my pistol – as buck would bracket target without hitting it. Slugs on the other hand are awesome- even if they do offer a bit of recoil and interesting shoulder bruises. :). I’d always wondered why people say shotguns recoil – low recoil birdshot really doesn’t. Rio would be fine for indoor distances and/or from a barrel with a… Read more »


The guy in the video, Karl, may be a subject matter expert in something but loading ammunition isn’t one of them. I feel dumber for having watched that video.

Ansel Hazen

At least he has a Dillon. The sad thing is his negative attitude towards reloading in a grid down shtf climate. He doesn’t see that such a thing has a finite end. One in which we use some of what we have stockpiled to get the train back on the rails and then life in this country returns back to a more rational state.

Ej harbet

Id like to start a ammo plant named 9ball are us. First i need to win a powerball of couple hundred million. Id cut the gougers throats with my prices. Ah to. Dream!

Boris Badenov

You are a touch low on your dollar requirements. But I endorse the idea.


Depends on how big a plant he wants to build. Given his goal and size required for economies-of-scale in order to undercut existing manufacture — guess you are right.

Maybe start small. Build a factory for primers or cases or bullets or powder. Reloaded would love you for making one component available. Maybe you could find three others willing to produce the remaining components – you could get a fifth factory to assemble components. I believe that last is the easiest of the bunch.


I could see reloading 30 if someone let me use their gear. Just enough to get a taste of the process and decide whether I could stay focused enough to do a useful number.
I kept putting off upfront cost and effort of starting, and right now price for gear and components are prohibitive – particularly if I wouldn’t stick with it.


Anyone have experience with ? They have 9mm ARX for $20/25 and gecko “red zone” JHP for $20/50. Neither are top of the line defensive ammo but cheaper than lots of the FMJ available. Along same line – anyone know anything about ARX (fluted solid)? Could only find ad type reviews – no way I’m trusting my life to something that unknown. Started to order a test sample, but they wanted over $30 shipping. Also found They’ve got “helo” solid copper-expanding hollow points. Claim to be “better than HST”. At $43/50, these days they don’t have to be… Read more »


I have some knowledge about the ARX. When it shoots, it is really good. (shoots straight up to twenty yards with really low recoil) I have several 9mms that have problems with feeding however, even with polished feed ramps. I only load it in my mags as no. 1, so that if I get into a situation that needs deadly force I won’t have a problem getting off my second shot. It however, feeds well in my 40’s, both Glock and Beretta? Must be the flute.


TY Oldman My S&Ws haven’t balked at anything yet. Worst I’ve had was a stuck steel case once and occasional failure to feed (short stroking slide) with underpowered rounds. Last happened one day with rounds that had been cooked in the attic – and gun hadn’t been cleaned or lubed after sitting several months. Dry, dirty (several hundred rounds that day) and weak ammo – my fault, not the gun’s. Know anything about ARX terminal ballistics? If it feeds, if it shoots, if you a8m appropriately – does the round do it’s part? Can spinning flutes take the place of… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Finnky

All of the terminal ballistic tests I have seen on the ARX, show that because of it’s higher velocity (lighter bullet weight), it is comparable to HP because the spinning flutes actually cause it to corkscrew in flesh and it eventually ends up, usually, turning backwards. (nose pointing back to where it came from.) Sorry for all the commas. I know, I know, run on sentence. My main concern because it weighs so little and doesn’t expand, is what happens when it hits bone? The other problem is, in my mind, short stroking because of the lighter recoil, although I… Read more »