Galco’s Modernized Miami Classic II Shoulder Holster System

Galco Miami II
Galco now offers their Miami II shoulder holster in an even wider variety of configurations. IMG Galco

U.S.A. -( Refined and modernized for the 21st century, Galco’s Miami Classic II shoulder holster system carries a handgun in a horizontal position for a very fast draw. It also orients its double spare ammo carrier in a horizontal position, allowing a faster and more natural grasp when reloading.

A key component of the Miami Classic II is its spider harness. All four points of the harness pivot independently and are connected by our unique clover-shaped Flexalon swivel backplate, which is a Galco trademark. This results in a perfect fit and lasting comfort for all sizes and shapes. The Miami Classic II’s harness straps are 1 1/2″ at their widest point, distributing weight while also remaining concealable.

This Miami Classic II is constructed of premium steerhide and includes a holster, harness, ammo carrier, and a set of harness fasteners. Fully modular, optional accessories and components may be purchased separately.

The Miami Classic II is now available for over 150 different semiautos and double-action revolvers.

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About Galco

Galco International, LTD is the designer and manufacturer of the Galco holster brand, the premier American-made line of superb-quality holsters, belts, and accessories. Encompassing law enforcement, military, defensive, and sporting use, the Galco brand utilizes leather, nylon, injection-molded plastic, and Kydex to meet the demands of today’s consumers. The award-winning Matrix line of holsters and accessories, women’s holster handbags, tactical slings, and hunting accessories round out the line. All Galco products are proudly made in the USA since 1969.

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I enjoyed the comments from StLPro2A, Beobear, and I want to know the answer to RoyD’s question. I respect everyone’s opinion even if I think it is due to nothing more than a poor understanding of the truth about guns or carry options, etc. As Jordon Peterson stated, the other person in the debate may have something to say that you don’t know. More over, I think the majority of us love to discuss, and teach, and help to train and educate others that are not as experienced or knowledgeable as we are – or at least think we are.… Read more »


I refuse to be around someone wearing a horizontal holster such as reviewed……..always sweeping other people with muzzle. Go play be dangerous elsewhere…not on my property. Never point a gun at something you aren’t willing to destroy. Piss poor design concept. Ass hat in gun shop in Franklin, TN wore 1911 in holster like that. Kept sweeping me as I attempted to check out and probably buy a $5500+ firearm. After calling him on it the third time, I put the firearm down and walked out of their shop. Let them keep the firearm.


A holstered weapon is incapable of sweeping anyone. You have to make a common sense distinction. If your reasoning made sense almost everyone who carries a handgun is sweeping their feet, legs and with appendix carry, their junk and shouldn’t be using a holster. Not to mention if you are carrying a holstered handgun you’re not probably not willing to destroy every single thing that goes in front of your gun muzzle so that’s a rule violation. That’s just with belt carry. The popular chest carry rigs worn by folks in the outdoors are angled so that anyone walking beside… Read more »


You want to know how I know that you don’t know everything you think you know?

Ansel Hazen

A vertical version also please.


Check the web page – they have one!