Portman Retirement Presents Danger And Opportunity

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Portman Retirement Presents Danger And Opportunity, iStock-884221290

Ohio – -(AmmoLand.com)- The retirement announcement by Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) is a chance for Second Amendment supporters to make some big improvements. By the same token, though, it comes with some very real dangers.

Portman was a solid vote in defense of our Second Amendment rights, and he also voted to confirm a lot of judges who would uphold our Second Amendment rights to the federal courts. While he wasn’t always out in front in defending our rights like some other Senators and Representatives, he was a reliable vote.

So, there is a chance to make an upgrade from Portman without the drama of primarying a reasonably friendly incumbent. As discussed earlier, seniority often will determine who holds committee chairmanships, and the more senior members of the House and Senate gain influence of their own, which has benefits when it comes to preserving our Second Amendment rights, with one notable instance being the aftermath of the Columbine shooting.

Former Representative Jim Renacci, who challenged Sherrod Brown in 2018, would be one option.

Renacci was pro-Second Amendment in the House, and co-sponsored concealed carry reciprocity in the House. He would come with past experience from running a statewide campaign and garnered 46.6 percent against Brown – a very credible run against a two-term incumbent. But there may be others who seek a shot at higher office, as well.

That said, we can also be sure that anti-Second Amendment extremists won’t be idle as this Senate seat opens. Therein lies the danger. This is the third Senate seat that will be open that were held by solid pro-Second Amendment Senators (Pat Toomey and Richard Burr also announced their retirement). Plus, regaining the senate will require winning the full terms for two special election losses (Arizona and Georgia).

Second Amendment supporters will also be wanting to pick off anti-Second Amendment incumbents in Colorado (Michael Bennet), Illinois (Tammy Duckworth), New Hampshire (Maggie Hassan), and Nevada (Catherine Cortez Masto). That has now become harder with Portman’s retirement. That is nine seats that could very well decide the tenor of future debates on our Second Amendment rights.

The retirement of Senator Portman does create some undeniable risk, and not just in Ohio. The expansion of the map may mean we don’t take out an anti-Second Amendment Senator – and that will be something Second Amendment supporters will have to live with for six years. To build strength for the 2022 midterms, Second Amendment supporters should support the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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Again, you are working against the rights of firearm owners.

“We need to do more” Rob Portman:

He is not a reliable supporter of the rights protected by the 2nd Amendment. He actively promotes more gun control: red flag laws and universal background checks.


The NRA gave Portman an “A” rating.


AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! As you take the word of the NRA? What have they done for the #2A community lately? I’ll wait.





While I have several disagreements with JSNMGC on other things, his second comment in response to his first is contextual, and was being made in a sarcastic manner. Just because you do not understand satire doesn’t disqualify you from making sure you do not bear false witness.

I can verify that in this case JSNMGC is factually correct about Portman


Waiting for a Politician with integrity, but not holding my breath.
It’s really not that hard to be honest.

Some guy

I guess if you believe we will ever have another fair, free election…… But since they have seen that they can literally do whatever they want and you’re not going to do anything about it…,.


Can’t say I’m sorry to see him go.


Harold would support Stalin if the NRA told him to.


Not surprising at all to see Harold still about as brainless and “Shilly” as ever. I live in Ohio. I have had to deal with Rob Portman. He is about as flippant as it gets. If Harold didnt have his head wedged so far up his backside, maybe his brain would receive enough oxygen to compute that. Portman does what Portman feels will benefit himself or his family. Several years back he was a “Staunch Christian conservative who believes in the Biblical word without exception, and adheres to its principles!” Well, that was until his son came out as homosexual… Read more »


It still amazes me to no end the amount of Cowards who now seem to populate Ammoland, the ones who never have the balls to leave a comment and let anyone know who they are.. The ones who are just butt hurt enough to mash that downvote button in a fit of rage because someone put up some information they couldnt pass off. 🙂

Yes, I brewed my coffee with Snowflake tears this morning. Delicious….



No worries. I get a kick out of kicking them in the berries each time someone does it. It is cowardice, and they have no choice but to hide it.

There are a lot more trolls, anti’s, and “wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing” types here than there were back just a few short years ago. We had just a few well known ones then that had a habit of changing their names every few months, but that was it. Now its like a lice infestation.


Indeed. Although Dee hasnt been so eager to respond where I am concerned after what I did to “Her” last month. lol


I just consider those down votes to be “badges of honor.” And those few wackjobs that receive down votes from me without commentary are free to think the same about the down votes I give them.


They honestly make me laugh. That doesnt stop me from poking fun at people who do that though. 🙂 Half the fun is knowing when you write something so buttoned up or easily provable that there is no way they can respond and come out of it looking good. 🙂 Again, refer to “Dee” as a prime example.


Seniority helps but in truth the Chairmanship of, and even more a seat on, a committee is the reward for raising $$$ for the party. And Toomey a “solid pro-Second Amendment Senator”? Put your short pants back on and go read the Toomey-Manchin bill severely restricting transfers.