SABER DOWN, Available Now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble Bookstores

SABER DOWN, a military thriller by author, Harrison Kone

Atlanta, Ga. ( – Harrison Kone, military thriller author’s debut novel, “SABER DOWN” is now available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

“The protagonist in SABER DOWN, Captain David Shaw, was birthed from the question, what does a philosopher warrior look like?” Harrison explained.  “My grandfather, who served in the Marines during WWII, fit this bill. At 100, his mind is as sharp as ever. In his play, he wrote his personal philosophy on life and death, war and peace that was heavily influenced by his time on Guadalcanal and Bougainville. My protagonist, in many ways, is the modern incarnation of my grandfather: inquisitive, philosophical, and dedicated to duty.  What would happen if this warrior faced corruption, greed, and personal loss? How would he react? What would this philosopher warrior do?  Read SABER DOWN to find out.”

SABER DOWN takes readers from the sands of Afghanistan to Marine bases in the US; from battle-torn Yemen to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean on a roller-coaster ride of collusion, intrigue, and the heroic actions of the MARSOC Marine Raiders. Inspired by real-world events and his grandfather’s stories as a Marine Corps machine gunner during WWII in some of the toughest conflicts faced by our Marines, Kone pays tribute to the men and women who head toward the sound of gunfire to protect our Country’s way of life and liberty.

Kone, writer, 2nd Amendment advocate, theologian, and family man, is available for speaking engagements and interviews. Please contact Laura Burgess at [email protected] for more information on how to engage with the author of this new globe-trotting thriller.

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About Harrison Kone:

Author of the debut thriller, “Saber Down,” Harrison’s characters, including the charismatic Captain David Shaw, were inspired by his grandfather, a Marine gunner with the 1st and 3rd Marine Divisions in WWII’s Guadalcanal and Bougainville campaigns, and the many others who have answered the call to military services in defense of our liberty. Harrison’s writing has been featured on the front lines of combating Antisemitism. As an ardent patriot and 2nd Amendment advocate, Harrison enjoys time spent pursuing his passions including outdoor adventures, shooting sports, theology, and most importantly, his family.