SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero EDC Pistol – Review

SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero
SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero

U.S.A.-( I own many firearms and have a couple of favorites depending on the situation and my mood. I would however argue that the most important firearm that any of us own would probably be the one we carry every day, often referred to as our EDC (everyday carry.) An explanation here might not be necessary but just in case you’re wondering why I would say that. It is quite simply a matter of probability.

SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero

The weapon we are all the most likely to use is in a life or death situation is the one within the closest proximity to our person throughout the day. So, when we make the selection on what we are going to carry every day and trust our lives and those we love the most with it, there are more than a few things we might want to consider. Reliability, accuracy, capacity, and versatility are at the top of my list which is why I have chosen the P365 XL, Romeo Zero for this very important job. To date, this weapon system is the best, all-around combination of lethality and concealable size, I have seen.

As a new contributor here at Ammo Land it is important to recount that I am a veteran of the special operations community with multiple combat tours, so this isn’t a topic I take lightly. I have seen plenty of evil in the world and am fully aware of this evil I speak of knows no nationality, ethnicity, or border. The same evil that lurks on the streets of Baghdad lives right here in my neighborhood. That and having a family, I feel obligated to protect, makes the firearm I carry every day a very important decision.

Your EDC had better be comfortable. You might be surprised to hear me lead off with that. Anyone that carries a gun every day, especially if it is concealed knows exactly what I am talking about. If your EDC isn’t comfortable you will find reasons and excuses not to bring it with you as you go about your day and before long it will have a permanent residence in your safe. The P365 XL is listed as a micro-compact. That means you can fit it in many of your pockets if needed. It’s also only 6 and a half inches long. Many pros find its width of a mere 1.1 inches to be its most profound size advantage to other competitors. It weighs in at 20.7 oz which I’ve found makes it possible to conceal, even in some of my gym shorts.

SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero
SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero

I mentioned the importance of reliability earlier. Now, this seems overly obvious as to why the gun we carry every day would need to be reliable. What might not be as obvious to those of you out there who didn’t spend years in special forces or in a tactical law enforcement unit is the importance of redundancy. We had a saying in the SEAL teams, “one is none, two is one.” Put simply, anything that can fail will! Have a backup built into everything you possibly can from your mission planning to your gear. For instance, our weapons would always have every accessory from lights to lasers strapped to our weapon with two points of contact. One point of contact would be the screw mount that the laser came with, on top of that we would add “double integrity” with baling wire or a heavy zip tie, for when that screw busted after you fell off the fast rope, or took a digger patrolling down a mountain on night vision.

This leads me to one of my favorite features of this weapon. The Romeo Zero red dot sight, not only has a 3 MOA red dot, but it also has a front sight post as a backup. With an integrated rear sight fixture built into the rear end of the Romeo and a battery life touted at up to 20,000 hours of run time or 10 years, the need for a backup will most likely never be an issue. Before I move on I want to address an elephant in the room. Many of you have not yet made the conversion to an electro-optic or red dot yet. Some of you are like me years ago saying, “That’s right and I never will.” I get it trust me, I probably put hundreds of thousands of rounds through my P226 in the teams with iron sights. When I first saw these new fancy red dots on pistols I definitely didn’t trust them and I certainly didn’t want to go through the training process to learn them.

SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero
SIG SAUER P365 XL Romeo Zero

My stubbornness and unwillingness to adapt aren’t just isolated to pistol sights. I never learned to snowboard and stuck to skis for the same reasons. Learning something new can often be painful, especially when your happy and confident with what you’ve got.

Take it from a knuckle dragger like me. This is one step up worth your time. Remember, we aren’t talking about looking a little cooler cruising down the slopes on a snowboard, we are talking about life-saving gear. If you think your happy now with irons, wait until you increase your accuracy, speed and effective range. I am definitely a believer. I don’t consider myself a world-class shot by any stretch but man, oh man was I pleased to see how much further I was deadly with a quality, electro-optic on my secondary. My confidence has grown to where I trust my ability to take shots now at 30 to 40 yards away that I would have never considered reasonable with iron sights.

I use to carry another semi-auto pistol on the daily years ago that had a six-round magazine. It was about the same size as the regular P365, had no illuminated front sight post, and no tactical rail to mount a light or laser to. It was better than walking around with a slingshot but a far cry from what I am carrying now. One of the biggest reasons the whole line up of the P365 series has dominated the micro compact world for the last couple of years is because of its revolutionary magazine capacity.

The magazines are so special that they were designed before the guns were. If you would have told people in the “gun world” years ago that they were going to one day be able to carry micro-compact, semi-autos that came standard with a minimum of ten or twelve round mags. You would have probably got a lot of eye-rolling and disbelief. In addition to that, the P365 XL has a subtle, flared mag well that makes reloads faster than any compact I have ever used.

A couple of other features I find to be useful are the extended beavertail which accommodates a better grip and recoil management. I also love the tac rail that comes standard on all of the P365’s. SIG makes a visible laser accessory called the Lima365 that easily mounts to the rail in front of the trigger guard. I also appreciate that SIG continues to put forward serrations on the slides of most of their pistols including this one. Which makes press checks and slide manipulation easier.

As I stated before, there is a lot of evil in this world and I don’t want my family or myself to have to count on the police being around the corner when it strikes. I don’t always enjoy carrying a firearm with me. It’s a lot of responsibility if we take it as seriously as we should and you probably get that if your reading firearm articles. For those of us willing to shoulder the responsibility of carrying every day we might as well carry something as capable as possible. Until something more capable is innovated I’m going to stick with this weapon at the appendix carry with thirteen rounds of V-crown hollow point, hoping that I never have to use it.

About Eli Crane

Eli Crane is a man of faith, a husband, a father, a veteran, and an entrepreneur.

Eli joined the Navy the week after 9/11. He spent 9 years as a Navy SEAL. After 5 deployments in the Navy, three of them to Iraq he decided to turn the page. You might have seen him and his wife Jen on ABCs hit show Shark Tank where they successfully landed a deal with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary.

Eli is also a brand ambassador for Sig Sauer firearms and a member of the ACVBA (advisory committee veteran business affairs) in Washington DC.

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Jeremy B.

Okay look, this gun is already basically a unicorn to find in the wild without you reposting ad articles for it! Stop doing that so I can get one already.


I have the 365XL w/a Holosun red dot and a Baldr mini light w/a green laser. This weapon is my EDC. It’s great. Everything you said about size and weight affecting your willingness to carry is spot on.


I own a couple and luv them. This is my wife and I EDC. I have the romeo0 on my XL and she has the light/laser combo.


Compact size, 13 capacity (NY law enforcement) and the absolute perfect size. Sig accurately named it for its ability to be worn comfortably concealed 365 days of the year (leap year too!!)
When people see the gun they often think it it a 380 with a 6-7 capacity; boy are they shocked!! This handgun fits into my middle size gun progression perfectly ( Ruger LCP2, S&W chief special, P365, Glock 26, P226 40 caliber)
Sig Quality, reasonable price, proven to be reliable, 9mm common available round, ability to add sights, etc. , a true winner!!


The P365 is truly a GEM


Wish I could afford One ! — And the Ammo! LOL.. really – Can SIG make Pistols Like this 365XL under 400? Us retired Old Farts – On fixed Incomes – It takes Months (sometimes years ) to save up for Quality Items – And this 365 XL is Quality – but a very wise man said ” Never Carry your Favorite Expensive Pistol ” – Cause if you have to Use It – LEO will confiscate it! For the Evidence in a hearing or Trial- And chances of getting it BACK is very slim! And there goes $649- Down… Read more »


Ronnie, if $650 pistol is an insurmountable issue for you, you failed life and are reaping what you failed to sow.


Sounds like we have heard from the Dali Lama himself. Unfortunately, he may not have taken into account that all too often unplanned life altering incidents can bring about unanticipated and unplanned circumstances in a heart beat. Just part of life that we adapt to and roll on.

J Gibbons

Just purchased a P365 XL in December. My first Sig. So far, I absolutely love it. I already have hundreds of rounds downrange and have switched to it for my EDC. The large high-contrast front dot is very helpful for my aging eyes. My next add-on will be a red dot, either the Romeo Zero with the steel shroud or a Holosun k series.


Another unneeded, awkward pistol with a large price tag.
The bragging rights alone!


Large price tag? Same price if not cheaper than the Glock 43 or 48 with more rounds and Night Sights you should try one.
They (hate to say it) Changed everything with this gun.
That’s why anti 2A Springfield Armory built the Hellcat to compete.Both are Concealed Carry best sellers just ask Glock or anyone who works at your LGS can’t keep em in stock.

Last edited 1 year ago by SEMPAI
J Gibbons

Not awkward at all. Easy for any hand size to hold and manipulate. Only costs a bit more than an 43. About the same as a 43x/48. Replaced my well-loved 26 as my EDC.


Have and prefer the Gen 1 swapped out the trigger to the XL trigger flat face took my trigger pull from 6lbs to 3.8 on wheeler rig verrrry nice
No way in Florida I’m getting away with an XL and a Romeo attached for concealing wayyyy to much going on. Love my 365 one of my favorites to carry along with my Glock 29..

J Gibbons

The flat trigger is a game-changer.

Gregory Peter DuPont

I actually like the 365 XL quite a bit more than the standard 365. That minor increase in barrel length and sight radius probably doesn’t seem like much, but in iron sight trim I found I was much better with it vs the standard;and had no issues concealing it .
If funds permit, I need to get one;and I may (finally)get into the newer sighting options.

J Gibbons

At 3.7″, the barrel is considerably longer than my previous EDC the Glock 26. Definitely helps with accuracy.