Trampling 2A at Core of Biden’s Empty Promise of ‘Unity’

Does this look like the face of a man interested in unity? Joe Biden can’t unify the nation when he’s vowing to crush the rights of 100 million gun owners. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.-( In a video message broadcast by CNN, Democrat Joe Biden put the lie to his widely-reported intent to preach unity during his inaugural address to what essentially will be a capital city occupied by some 22,000 National Guard troops by basically declaring war on about 100 million of his constituents.

“My first day in office,” he declares in the video, “I’m going to send a bill to Congress repealing the liability protection for gun manufacturers, closing the background check loopholes and waiting period that now let too many people slip through the cracks.”

The Guardian is reporting that Biden “ran as a rebuke to the divisiveness and cynicism of Trumpism, promising to ‘restore the soul of the nation’ and serve as a president for ‘all Americans.’” The story quotes former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang observing “that everything he does becomes the new reasonable.”

But just how “reasonable” is Biden’s widely-read plan to “end our gun violence epidemic” if it promises to pressure state governments to require licensing of private citizens before they can purchase a firearm?

Where does it say in the Constitution, and specifically in the Bill of Rights, that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…provided you get a license from the state to exercise that right?

Biden’s plan, as Ammoland has previously reported, calls for a ban on the sale of so-called “assault weapons” and standard capacity magazines. How does it unify a nation by essentially criminalizing the property of an estimated 17-20 million honest citizens who have harmed nobody?

How “reasonable” is it to make citizens endure a “waiting period” before they can take possession of a firearm? No other right protected by the Constitution mandates a waiting period.

How “reasonable” does it sound when the President-elect releases a statement in which he pledges “to defeat the NRA?” While the National Rifle Association appears to have serious troubles—announcing last week it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of a strategy to “dump New York” and reorganize as a non-profit in Texas—the organization is as American as they come, with members from all walks of life, all races, creeds and corners of the country. As the announcement noted, NRA wants to be “free from the toxic political environment of New York.” NRA was incorporated in New York in 1871.

In his message to NRA members, Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre noted the move to reincorporate in the Lone Star State is “subject to court approval.”

And it is true the NRA has its share of criticism within the firearms community. The Guardian reported one major donor to NRA may “challenge key aspects of the gun group’s bankruptcy filing, in an attempt to hold executives accountable for allegedly having defrauded their members of millions of dollars to support their own lavish lifestyles.”

There has been no small amount of discussion about the NRA’s announcement on social media, but Biden’s threat to “defeat” the 5-million-member association, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year as the nation’s oldest civil rights organization, is like throwing down a gauntlet to tens of millions of gun owners who may not be members, but still consider NRA as their voice in Congress and state legislatures.

And this week, the Second Amendment Foundation—a separate gun rights organization specializing in education and litigation—is running a blistering 60-second commercial on more than a dozen networks, critical of Biden’s gun control scheme. SAF’s message encourages grassroots rights activists to join in a project called “2nd Amendment First Responders.” NRA’s announcement was followed by a ramped-up interest in this effort.

SAF and NRA have worked together in the past on legal actions, and they are currently partners in a lawsuit challenging an effort by the City of Seattle to violate Washington’s 35-year-old gun law preemption statute.

The SAF advertisement is scheduled to air 79 times during inauguration week, split among these networks: DirecTV, Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, One America News Network, CNBC, HLN, Bloomberg, Dish TV, the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel.

“Biden wants to regulate and tax popular firearms and their magazines under the National Firearms Act, or mandate they be turned in through a so-called ‘gun buyback’ program that amounts to compensated confiscation,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “Our campaign is alerting the nation about the extremist Biden-Harris agenda.”

Recently, after Biden tweeted his intention to defeat NRA, Gottlieb declared in a swift rebuttal, “He may attack one group by name, but his goal is to crush the rights of every gun owner in our country.

“By attacking the Second Amendment Rights of 100 million Americans,” he said, “Biden is not bringing us together but dividing us further.”


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Bidden’s “unity” is of Ruling Class and leftists against anyone who disagrees with them.


Read the article. Thanks for sharing. Now that is a commie move.


And So it Begins.


It is not just guns that Pedo Joe is coming after.

Joe Biden’s DOD Pick Vows to Rid Military of ‘Racists and Extremists’ (

From the comments section:

“Austin said leaders need to be trained to be in touch with their troops to understand “who they are, what they are doing, what they are reading,” and be aware of signs that could indicate something is going in the wrong direction.
Stupid ghetto thug, what he means is political commissars, like in the old red army.”

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

Pedo Joe’s definition of “unity” is: he oppresses everyone equally! No matter what color, age or race you are, he’ll steal from and grope you all!


If it is like it was in the USMC in 1976 I can understand why they say that. It’s because our own government promotes racisms within it’s own ranks. That is what I observed and I told my commander I was tired of being subjected too and there would be no way that we would unite and be one team being segregated like they kept us. His response was, that would all change on the battle field. Oh, great. Of course I didn’t say that.


That was not my experience at Basic, AIT, or PDS at Miesau, Germany. We only had one guy at Miesau, Black guy, who was a problem and he was told what would happen to him if he got too crazy. He was “informed” by several Blacks in our Unit who let him know that that shit didn’t play at Miesau from anyone to anyone. In fact one night when I was still living in the barracks he and I got into a discussion about one in the morning about his eight track playing on and on at a loud volume.… Read more »


You may Not like Guns, That is Your Right.
You may Not believe in God, That is Your Choice.
But is someone breaks into Your Home
the First Two things You are going to do.
1) Call someone with a Gun.
2) Pray They get there in Time.

Dave in Fairfax

I am SO stealing that, thanks.


I logged on initially just to say how much I love your little saying.


No, the first thing I am going to do is arm myself with a firearm. And then I’ll sort everything out. I’ll call the police afterwards so that they can remove the trash.


I don’t dial 911. I own a shovel and live next to 1000 acres of farmland.


That looks like the face of an idiot to me! Thanks Dave.

Last edited 1 year ago by ras52
The other Jim

Looks like the picture of a man who would have played well as a trustee by the side of head nurse  Mildred Ratched in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


You got that right!

uncle dudley

This guy doesn’t know where he is half the time so I don’t see how he expects to unify anyone, soundbites are all he can handle and even those are misspoken half the time.
Who will be the real person in charge is what everyone should worry about.


You mean kamalatoe?


I will tell you how unifying demonrats are. The commie that lives across the street from me that didn’t fly his flag on fourth of July, presidents day or veterans day has his flag up today. Ya he shows how his party supports Amerika today. Bastard.


Yea, but isn’t this his flag?


The Right of The People To BEAR ARMS.
WHEN ALL THE Guns Have Been Banned
WHEN ALL THE Words Have Been Censored
WHEN ALL THE History Has Been Erased
WHEN ALL THE Freedom Has Been Taken
ONLY THEN Will You Discover Why Our
“RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS” Was So High On The List.


Even after everything has been banned, censored, erased, or made illegal… MY right to KEEP and to BEAR arms will still exist, and I will indeed continue to exercise that right. Anyone who objects may feel free to “discuss” it with me… very goddamned carefully. I will be pushed no more. My minister tried to remind me that God wants us to love our enemies. I agreed that we are certainly biblicaly enjoined to love our personal enemies. But when I asked him why there is NO biblical mention of how we are to treat God’s enemies, he was unable… Read more »


Amen brother. You did the right thing and next time tell him you do love your anti gun enemies, when they all change their anti gun position or they are all dead which is just only way they would love you.


Loving them and letting them walk all over you are different things. I love my children, but they certainly don’t dictate anything to me.


This JUST IN! Biden has started “the purge”! He has had arrested 56 people right off the bat and charged them with sedition, insurrection and treason. Here are their names. Some of them are people that many of us recognize…Welcome to the USSA…    1. Josiah Bartlett    2. William Whipple    3. George Walton    4. Matthew Thornton    5. Robert Treat Paine    6. Elbridge Gerry    7. Stephen Hopkins    8. William Ellery    9. Roger Sherman    10. Samuel Huntington    11. William Williams    12. Oliver Wolcott    13. William Floyd    14. Philip Livingston    15. Francis Lewis    16. Lewis Morris    17. Richard Stockton    18. John Witherspoon    19. Francis… Read more »


You do need to be concerned. I understand that they ask the newbies if they would be willing to shoot their own people in case of a insurrection, if the answer is yes you are in. The problem is, now that republicans are referred to as the terrorists, demonrats would say that we are the insurrectionists and I am concerned that with all the programming and brainwashing they received since they were young children in school, they would sucker in or buy it..


The enforcers of any of this crap is who will be taken out first. Once that takes place the politickshuns will be impotent. So the enforcers will have a choice…JOIN THE PEOPLE or END UP IN A GRAVE. We out number them about 10,000 to one. Not good odds. has the right idea. Get the ENFORCERS on our side and become PEACE OFFICERS again. It will be their choice.


Thinking back to the Black NCOs I rubbed shoulders with in the Army from ’73 to ’76 I know that all of them are spinning in their graves with the actions of some Blacks of low and high rank in the Army these past couple of decades.

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

Funny, when you stopped, I started. I did not like the games they pulled. Three story barracks. Blacks on the bottom, Mexicans in the middle and whites on top, totally segregated. I was so disappointed because when I was younger I was subjected to racial riots in school and hoped that when I joined the military that it would all be gone because we were all on the same team. Not with the way my military base was ran.


I’m….SHOCKED! No wait, maybe I’m not.


I am still here here, and my son made a career out of it, told me about a paper that was given out about willing to turn guns on American citizens, he sort of questioned that paper with no direct answer, made me wonder what that was for????


Yeah, everyone in my Company that were E-5 or above had done at least one tour in Nam. I graduated HS at 17&1/2 and having went “delayed entry” in January I was at Ft. Ord for basic ten days after finishing HS. June 10,1973. For those who were willing to tell their stories from ‘Nam I had ready ears. From grunts out trading bullets to my section NCOIC who helped run the NCO/EM club in Saigon. SSG Leroy Brice who was Black and could type 65 words a minute with no mistakes. He was a bit of an alcoholic but… Read more »


The leftists’ definition of “coming together” is, forcing those who disagree with their policies to either come over to their way of thinking or simply shut up. I will do neither.


The photo that was captured at that moment in time, is just one of the “Things” a person sees out of the corner of their eye….


Resist. Resist effectively. Do so via your state affiliate. California Rifle and Pistol Association and the likes are effective barriers. In states where you have a Citizens Defense League those are the most effective of all. Virgina and Arizona lead in that category. Support local and state elected officials who do the heavy lifting. Here is a clear example of what you need to look for: I hear a lot of talk, a lot of sturm und drang about fighting civil wars. I am speaking as a Small Wars warrior steeped in Neo-Marxist political theory and practical experience in… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by nrringlee

The left always talks of compromise, this means for the right to do what they say whe left is in power. When asked the same they resist exerytime.

Ryben Flynn

Not thinking ahead, as usual. If the U.S. gun makers go out of business, where is the Military going to buy their weapons? Except for certain select groups, the regular forces don’t use foreign made firearms.

Dave in Fairfax

Ya know, you could just not use an at sign.

Dave in Fairfax

We’ve been fighting with this for a LONG time. It’s some sort of a coding problem in the commenting software. That isn’t something that AmmoLand can fix. Remember that the software is COTS, it isn’t designed in-house.


Only an ignorant DemocRat could even think that punishing half of this country’s adult population qualifies (in any sane way, shape, or form) as “unifying.” That mentally-retarded professional-politician who currently but illegally occupies the presidency (affectionately known as Obiden – and for you low-IQ Leftists who read this, that was sarcasm, by the way) should NOT be allowed out in public without a Keeper!! Obiden can strut and posture (and make all the hate-filled promises) that he wishes to… but his advisers should tell him, in whatever way will actually get through to his fogbound excuse for a mind, that… Read more »


There is no reason to make excuses for anything negative you might wish to say about that POS Pedo Joe. He deserves no quarter.


It’s starting to look like they WANT a civil war so that they can get the sheep to scream for them to disarm the 3% that will fight it. Because sheep will get in the crossfire. Think about it. The “president” of China make a public announcment about how Americans being armed is a “problem”. FOR WHO? Well how about THEM if they try to take over totally! Why would NONE of the COURTS look at the evidence? Why were all that were involved in this crap allowed to just walk away? PENCE, called in the NG to Washington, and… Read more »

The other Jim

CNN, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, One America News Network, CNBC, HLN, Bloomberg, Dish TV, might pull a “Katie Couric” and manipulate the film to show it as if SAF is anti-second amendment or make the SAF Officials in the advertisement appear foolish/dumbfounded by the basics, etc. SAF beware the old “Katie Couric” play.


Might manipulate? manipulation and lying is their middle name.


It is going to be a long, hard, four years.

WI Patriot

That it will…


I’m glad they’re doing it but I just don’t like that commercial.


Pedo Joe and the Democrats want you to be easy victims like these people were:

GRAPHIC: Cartel Gunmen Torch 19 Bodies in Mexico near Texas Border (


It would’ve been a whole lot tougher for the predators if those 19 had all had AR-15s wouldn’t it? Or even 10/22s….


Half will obey bidens orders, half will support We The People. Same with cops.


That’s a relief. I was looking for meaning in your odd acronym. Thought for a while you might have meant WWJD – but really didn’t seem to fit the context coming from you.