Ammo In Stock: Current 223/5.56 Ammunition Buy Opportunities, But the Prices $uck

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Ammo In Stock: Current 223/5.56 Ammunition Buy Opportunities, But the Prices $uck

USA – -( 223 Rem / 5.56 Ammunition. As you know at AmmoLand News we follow ammunition inventory availability every day. Currently, the options for low price or plinking 223 or 5.56 ammo are almost nonexistent and it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.

But there are options if you need some high-quality self-defense ammo. Here are some of the choices available and in-stock at the time of this post. But be warned even these will sell out.

Also Pre Order Options:

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Supply and Demand guys .
We enjoy ( for the time being ) a Capitalist economic system.
Those of us that read the tea leaves anticipated what was coming and acted accordingly.
Got enough toilet paper ?


They are demanding Socialism and don’t even know it.


Supply and demand theory went out the window in the late 70’s with the so called “sugar & coffee shortages.” Now it’s what ever the market will bear.


It’s not a theory and it didn’t go out the window.

“What the market will bear” is a basic tenet of supply and demand.


I hate to break it to you, buy if you don’t purchase ammo on a consistent basis — especially when gun control threats are low — all of this is your fault. The supply to manufacture and the labor to create ammo was blind-sided during the Trump administration. This is because lazy gun owners thought “Now that Trump is ‘king’ I no longer have to care!” It’s what people in the gun industry call the “Trump slump.” Gun sales slowed down and ammo sales even slower, which is typical when Republicans get majority control in Washington. Federal actually laid off… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


You’ll need to get a lot of gun safes. DAMHIKT


Pretty much spot on. During Trump’s time in office I bought two Glocks and a single shot rifle (44mag) and a bolt action rifle(375 Ruger) and was gifted an AR15 (thank you Ammoland). While I load all my centerfire rounds I bought several thousand .22 LR rounds because they were slightly less than four cents a round and were some of the “good” stuff. I also broke down and bought $1032.00 worth of center fire rifle (223 and 7.62X54) ammo and pistol ammo in 40, 45, and 44mag when Walmart was giving it away in Dec 2019. Too good to… Read more »


Look at the math. At least ***7 million*** new gun owners. ***2*** boxes of ammo per gun. 20-100 rounds per box (lets call it ***50*** at average) makes for. That makes 700,000,000 rounds of ammunition. lets spell that out. ***Seven hundred million rounds***. Demand outstrips supply. The manufacturers can’t keep up. On top of that is the firearm enthusiast that buys cases, and sometimes palates of ammo for personal use, and resale, and shooting clubs, etc. Add on government contracts (usually placed 3-5 years in advance), which have priority. And then historically, every presidential election, regardless of who’s running or… Read more »

Fnu Lnu

It has been reported there were 8 million first time gun purchases in 2020. It stands to reason that some quantity of ammo was also purchased for those guns. Do you really think gun and ammo manufactures’ inventory could take a hit like that to their inventory and NOT feel the effects?

Have you ever priced gold, diamonds? If it’s rare, it’s expensive. No matter what IT is, the more rare IT is, the more IT will cost you to acquire IT.


Fnu Lnu,

The level of entitlement associated with ammo is like no other product on earth. The same people who rage about socialists in one thread will absolutely demand that the government intervene and establish “fair” prices in another thread. They have no idea how that might be done, or the effect it will have on availability, or how it will create a massive secondary market. They just want “somebody to do something.”


Markets fluctuate from all kinds of dynamics. Plan ahead, buy low, sell high. A MOST basic rule of economics.


I agree.


Stop buying ammo online and these price gouging knuckleheads will get the message. I saw somewhere online a box of 50 rounds of .357 SIG for $80.


I don’t mind paying a little more for defense ammo, but paying what they’re asking for blowing holes in paper is insane. These businesses say they are pro 2A, but I don’t see it.


They are only, Pro Dollar!


Military pensions are price gouging.


Are you really as stupid as you seem to want people to believe you are?


If you bitch about what other people earn, don’t be offended when people bitch about what you earn.


What are you talking about? He’s is talking about price gouging, not what anyone earns. You really are stupid.


The difference between what they are charging and what he thinks they should charge is part of the earnings of the people who own the business. How can you not possibly understand that?


How can you not understand what he is saying? Price gouging is the issue. That their excess profits due to gouging are what you call “earnings” is not what he is saying. Everyone is entitled to earn a living, but price gouging is a very bad and very unfair business practice. In other words, they are taking unfair advantage of a tough situation, and you can be sure it will come back to bite them when things return to “normal.”


Those are earnings – just like pension payments.

I was being facetious about RetUSAF’s pension to make a point.

Who are you to decide how much anyone should earn?

Is the local electrician “price gouging?”


You think that is price gouging?
Wait til you have to get it off the Black Market!




Did you read the rest of the comments? I was making a point – why do so many people feel entitled to ammo at a lower price? If you criticize what someone else makes, be prepared for someone to criticize what you make.


I quit blowing holes in paper when I saw the handwriting on the wall. The only time I use Ammo now is to check zero before hunting season and to blow holes in the local deer population. The return on my Ammo investment was a freezer full of venison- good trade !


If there is ammo available, but no one, or very few, can afford it, how is that “available” to the public? Lawyer speak saying, “It’s still technically available” doesn’t make it true for most Americans. Tax hell out of ammo or raise the retail price to unaffordable levels has the same result of drastically reducing or limiting available ammo. If the retailers are profiteering from any crisis, then they are no better than the anti-gun people or the scumbags in the Congress and Senate and now the White house.


If the price was significantly lower, the ammo would not be available.

What do you want – lower prices or availability?

What is your proposal?


With some of these comments it is easier to understand how a Communist puppet was placed in the White House.

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

The gateway drug to totalitarianism is: promises by a politician to fix people’s problems The number of posters screaming about We the People in one sentence and then demanding totalitarianism in the next is mind-boggling. They will post that something should be done, but as soon as questions are asked of what they want, they run off. Then they return the next time an ammo offer is posted. Some of them don’t have any idea of how supply/demand works, what the definition of inflation is, what constitutes earnings, or what causes a secondary market to appear. It’s clear many just… Read more »


That is it in a nutshell.


I’m not purchasing at those prices. Period.


A short note: Yesterday my youngest son said he had recently drove past an Academy sporting goods store just before it opened and saw a line from the front door down to the corner of the building and extending to nearly the next corner of the building. And those are large buildings. This was because they had “some ammo” on that day. Crazy times.

Dogma Factor

And the gouging continues……..