Democrats File the First of Many Anti-Rights Bills Aimed at Gun Owners

The Biden-Harris ticket could spell the end of the Second Amendment if elected. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A.– -( Democrat politicians said they wanted to disarm us. The Democrats didn’t wait long. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said President Biden would love to see action on gun control.

The President promised to act on day one on this issue. This is an issue he is personally committed to.

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee filed two gun control bills, House resolutions 125 and 127. This is exactly what we expected from Democrat politicians.

Lee’s bill HR 127 requires:

    • the registration of all firearms and ammunition held by civilians.
    • bans .50 caliber ammunition.
    • requires a mental health exam for you, your spouse and your family, or at least two additional friends who can attest to your mental state.
    • requires that the government license those mental health professionals who can perform mental health exams for firearm ownership.
    • bans all ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.
    • establishes a national ammunition registry so the government knows what you own.
    • establishes a national firearm registry so that the government knows what you own.
    • mandates that gun owners purchase civil liability insurance.
    • taxes gun owners $800 each year.

Of course, there are exceptions to all these requirements. They won’t apply if you’re a politician or paid by the government to carry a gun.

Representative Lee’s bill 125 calls for:

  • a 7 day waiting period before taking possession of a semi-automatic firearm, firearm muffler, ammunition, or magazine.. except if you are paid by the government.
  • outlaw person to person transfers, except if you are paid by the government.

That was just a warmup. Now it really gets crazy as Representative Lee lists her justification for this bill.

Representative Lee claims:

    • There is nearly one mass shooting per day in the United States—355 mass shootings in 2015. Since December 2012, there have been at least 1,518 mass shootings, with at least 1,715 people killed and 6,089 wounded. (To reach those numbers you have to call the nightly carnage in Chicago and Baltimore “Mass Shootings”)
    • Each day, 92 Americans are victims of gun violence, resulting in more than 33,000 deaths annually. (We’re supposed to ignore that most of these are suicides and victims of drug gangs in our Democrat-controlled cities.)
    • There have been zero mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the past 33 years.

This is a press release rather than a factual document. It is against the law for us to lie during sworn Congressional testimony. Evidently, it is allowed for congresswomen to present falsehoods as facts.

Let me refresh your memory. Remember that almost all of our mass murders were in “gun-free” zones where honest citizens were disarmed.  FBI’s own numbers showed that there were at least eight mass murders stopped by civilians. I’ve counted over a dozen.

Let me remind you of a few of these incidents. Think back to the armed citizen, Stephen Willeford, who lived next door to a church in Texas. He stopped mass murder with his AR-15 rifle. Remember Jack Wilson who was part of a church security team and stopped a murderer in his church. Remember the armed citizen who stopped a mass murder at a California synagogue.

We know that the number of people murdered when an armed civilian is present is fewer than 3. That number soars to about 15 when we wait for the police to arrive. Time is the enemy, not your honest neighbor next door who owns a gun. Exposing Representative Lee’s lies is as easy as researching our history.

Distracting ourselves with Lee’s outrageous lies misses a critical point. Honest US citizens defend themselves by the thousands every day. Our best estimate is that honest gun owners use a firearm to prevent a murder or violent crime over a million times each year. If it was you saving your family at night, then each event might save several lives. That estimate includes tens-of-thousands of sexual assaults that never became a rape. When we disarm the good guys and gals, then millions of our neighbors become victims of violent crime.

Honest US citizens defend themselves by the thousands every day.

Disarm her, and grandma doesn’t chase away a home invasion robber. Instead, the robber beats grandma. The co-eds don’t stop the sexual assault by an intruder in their home. Instead, they get raped and beaten. That is what Representative Lee wants. Democrats need violence to justify a police state.

This isn’t progressing towards greater human rights and freedoms. This is a return to feudal barbarism where the strong rule the weak and ordinary citizens are disarmed. Back then, only the rulers and their henchmen were allowed to own weapons and bear arms.. for their protection, not ours. That is what we see from politicians today.

Armed Security for Them

We don’t have government agents protecting us. We don’t hire teams of armed security. Until help arrives, it is up to us to protect the people we love.

The mainstream media will echo Lee’s lies. It is up to us to spread the truth.

About Rob Morse

Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob was an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

Rob Morse

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Dig Sig

MOLON LABE !! We are the last hold out in this world for freedom.Look at all the countries in which the citizens have lost their gun rights.When the government fears the people,there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny.Hopefully these bills will not come up for a hearing.Great men before have stood up to defend this great republic why do we think that we could have a free ride.


The real question is why have the PEOPLE of TEXAS kept her in office ? Well Texas? District of Houston, she’s been there since 95.

Last edited 2 years ago by SEMPAI

Most of her constituents are the criminals who don’t want to have their victims armed. Yeah, that neighborhood.


She needs a mental check up telling people to instigate civil unrest by challenging republicans when ever and where ever they see them. I would call the police on them not my client. She is a stupid ass loud mouth bitch.

Last edited 2 years ago by musicman44mag

Sheila Jackson Lee is a racist! (Imagine that, a racist Democrat! Reminds me of Sen. Byrd and the KKK’s Democrat origin.) I feel comfortable calling her a racist considering she has proposed a blatantly racist bill. Her bill will disproportionately affect minorities in poor areas where they are more apt to need a home defense firearm but will will be less able to afford the expenses. With no definition(s) of “possession” listed, you can be sure that if a person is holding, shooting or especially walking around while hunting with a firearm, they will be considered “in possession” of that… Read more »


The “transfer” provision of many of these bills, including Universal Background Checks is not being highlighted, explained, and criticized by Republican politicians who ran as “Pro 2nd Amendment.”


ANYONE elected to office who is bent on taking away law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms needs a mental health evaluation along with an in-depth education about the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights!


You forgot to mention the asswhupin they have coming.


Background check, mental testing for Sheila Jackson Lee and all of
her ilk. Look up the definition of “hoplophobia”.


Rob, your takeaway line is key: “Democrats need violence to justify a police state.” And…
They need to raise minimum wage to $15/hr to destabilize/destroy small businesses so people can’t make an independent living which creates dependency on government for all our needs and in turn requires more big government and tyranny. Taking guns and 2nd amendment rights away is the nuclear threshold in this country, and saying that makes me (all of us) terrorists. Will will be labeled terrorists in defending our rights going forward.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bob

This legislation coming from a women who knows absolutely nothing about firearms. She stated and I quote this clown ” a AR15 is heavier than ten boxes ” and another of her priceless statements, quote ” a AR15 shoots 50 caliber bullets ” . Due to her lack of knowledge and pure stupidity and her attempt to mislead the public her bills need to be dismissed for her ignorance on the topic at hand and her lack of credibility. Sheila Jackson Lee is a very deceptive person that should not introduce legislation on a subject that she is totally clueless… Read more »


For the Progressive New Left facts and reasoned debate are not necessary components of argument or policy. Only feelings and ideological conformity count. This is a prime example of that. It is so sad to realized that over half of our adult population actually believes this tripe.


That’s probably because they are bombarded with the same shit all day long on all they news media they watch and listen to and probably including their friends. The news media is the enemy.


Only the Good Law abiding citizens are criminalized by these Communists.


It’s important to know your enemy and their tactics. Jackson is quoting from a website called Mass Shooting Tracker, this is the same statistics that the lying MSM, anti-gun politicians and other antagonists use. As a trainer in the topic of mass shooting response I have had to research and study so much that I recognized her numbers immediately. I have had students use these statistics and have corrected them immediately and demonstrated why they are not correct. This website tracks any shooting where three or more are SHOT not killed. In fact here is what their website says:… Read more »


We are back to the days of Democrat politicians moving forward with their agenda and Republican politicians doing very little. Of course HR127 will not pass, but what a great opportunity for a “Pro 2nd Amendment” Republican to educate voters on the lies upon which gun control laws are based. It’s not difficult to explain why gun control laws are not the answer. A logical argument with cited facts can be made to effectively debate each gun control law being proposed. Republican voters continue to vote for politicians who run as “Pro 2nd Amendment.”    Lauren Boebert, who ran primarily on… Read more »


I’m afraid they are wasting their time on HR 127. This is insanity and no one person would comply to this law if passed. First this bill is illegal for it is a violation of federal law and the Constitution. Even many democrats are saying it is a nothing happening bill.

Elisa Delaurenti

This is precisely why our Montana HB 258 must pass. If you’re a Montana Citizen, PLEASE contact the House Judiciary Committee TODAY and ask that they support HB258 to protect Montanans from such serious violations of our RKBA. We MUST protect Montanans from such egregious violations of our Second Amendment human and civil rights.


Oh, only 1,368 days until I can vote President Trump back into office.
I want to bring something up about the media and brain washing and subliminal images. Did anyone else notice when they were showing still pictures and images of biden speaking that they always used an angle that made it look like he had a halo around his head? I think it was the outside circle on the seal of the United States behind him.

Trump 2024 for now..


If a politician with a history of understanding firearm rights and defending them challenged Trump in the 2024 primary, would you vote for the Pro 2nd Amendment candidate, or would you vote for Trump?


I would vote for the constitutionalist.


I doubt we will have that as an option, but I will wait and see who comes the closest.


Why do you think that we will ever have any President other than a democrat win in any future elections? They cheated this election and no one did anything.


18 days in office and Liden has already done our Republic worse than the four previous Dems. Our Capital looks like one in a Banana Republic; a self imposed siege to keep Puglosi and Shitmer safe?
Gonna be there until mid March? What happens in March, I ask? Beware the Ides of March! Poor Obiden. Me thinks that’s when Kameltoe takes over. They will say it was ‘natural causes’, but we will all know better.
Anybody seen the presentation by MIke Lindel?

Last edited 2 years ago by Oldman

You know, they keep pushing my button and I am going to break down and buy four or five of those 80 percent glocks. I was never interested in them and didn’t really care about them and my only big beef has been the push to end the AR and standard capacity magazines but if they are going to get this stupid, maybe it is time to get some.


go for it! They work great and nobody knows about it…..we hope….whoops…..


When was the last time someone actually used .50 cal in a crime? Why are they always so eager to outlaw it


Maybe they looked at Brazil at the peak of their restrictions. Gangs there love to use 50 bmg when hitting an armored truck.
Marginal extra cost or risk – why not go big.


How about they are worried that someone can reach out and touch their ass at one mile. It’s kinda hard to hide from that. They don’t realize that there are other guns out there that can do the same thing but it doesn’t matter because in the long run it is all guns they want not just those black scary looking ones.


They should fear the unemployed fossil fuel worker who owns a 338 Lapua more than a 50 BMG . LOL


It says 50 Cal ammunition would be banned , well that would include 50 AE ,500 S&W Magnum , 50 Beowulf , 500 Auto Max , 500 nitro express , 500 Jeffrey , 50 BMG and muzzle loaders in 50 cal.. There are more I’m sure I didn’t mention but you get the idea. All band if this passes until it can be challenged as un constitutional.


HA HA HA…..I can just see all the criminals and gang bangers trying to inventory their weapons so they get all the registration stuff right…..


Too funny.


Rich, the democommies will have built in exemptions of course. Antif-ck, BLiesM, OTM’s crossing the border, Illegals with criminal records, MS13, and other anti-american extremists, won’t have to inventory. The only ones required to inventory will be us bitter clingers (God, guns and moral values) other wise known as true patriots. The buy back program program will be the supply chain back to these above mentioned upstanding groups. Oh forgot, enhanced sales to the cartels. Thank you mr holder.

Last edited 2 years ago by macdog

I can see it coming, Civil War and it is not going to be pretty.

Country Boy

not civil war…the 2nd American Revolution is on the horizon.

Ryben Flynn

Even the Left website Mother Jones knows the true numbers of mass shooting, although rather than the 4 the FBI considers, they use 3 people killed not including the shooter. Only ONE mass shooting in 2020.
US Mass Shootings, 1982-2020: Data From Mother Jones’ InvestigationSearch that for the link.


Here is a GREAT BIG PROBLEM: These SO-CALLED “representatives” CAN LIE while CONgress is in session.
These LIARS such as Schitf and 0bama have PROVEN this FACT to be ABSOLUTELY TRUE!
HONESTY, LOYALTY, UPRIGHTNESS and TRUSTWORTHYNESS has EVAPORATED from these COMMUNISTIC CONs who, claim to be American “representatives, occupy seats in the current CONgress. I am referring to DemoKKKrats AND RepubliCANTS!!!
Congressional Representatives of American Citizens are REQUIRED to be HONEST and TRUSTWORTHY !!!


“Xiden / Ho” ticket?? Do you not mean the “Ho / Xiden” DemoKKKratic cabal regime?


At least she didn’t try to ban the “shoulder thing that goes up”; that’d REALLY rustle my jimmies.