Leaked ATF Document Shows Americans Filed 512,315 NFA Applications

Leaked Document Overview of The ATF in 2020
Americans filed 512,315 NFA weapons applications and a massive backlog of firearms industry FATD reviews are still pending but ATF’s priority for 2021 is… more “Diversity”!?

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Guns Owners of America acquired a leaked document from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) highlighting their “accomplishments” in 2020 and their goals in 2021.

The document comically opens with a picture of a dog. The ongoing joke in the gun community is that the ATF likes to shoot people’s dogs. It does not appear if the image of the dog is used in jest. Dogs appear throughout the document including on the last page of pictures.

The ATF document starts with its main goal for 2021.

The ATF’s Primary Goal Is To Increase Diversity Within Its Ranks!?

The ATF has a quota for “diversity,” stating 25% of all special agents (SA) and Industry Operations Inspectors (IOI) must “represent diversity.” It appears that the ATF is making a massive push to hire minorities even though the document does not come out and say that there is a quota for minority ATF employees.

One of the good changes coming in 2021 is the new eForm 4. This new form should speed up the ATF’s NFA response time. Currently, purchasers of NFA items end up waiting up to a year for the ATF to issue their tax stamp.

Getting into the ATF’s 2020 highlights, the document starts with the “Office of Management.” This section gets into what the ATF did with their $1.4 billion allocated to the agency by Congress. The ATF purchased 4,000 pieces of equipment for a total cost of $496 million. This cost includes the agency’s purchase of 332 law enforcement vehicles for a total of $11.9 million. Additionally, the ATF leased 611 other cars for its IOIs costing it an additional $3.2 million. The Bureau also spent another $320 million on leased office space around the country.

The Office of Management also oversees asset forfeiture, including the controversial civil asset forfeiture. In a civil asset forfeiture, the agency seizes property and money from people without the ATF charging them with a crime. [for examples see ATF Makes Moves Against the Solvent Trap Industry] The office processed 107,372 items. The agency disposed of 93,835 items and served around 12,000 seizure notices.

The Firearms & Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) looked at 1,716 pieces of evidence in 637 criminal cases. FATD only conducted 379 evaluations for the industry. There is currently a massive backlog of firearms industry items for FATD to examine. Some companies have waited over two years for their products to receive an opinion letter from the division. FATD did respond to 2,623 contact requests from the industry, and 6,637 inquires from the public.

Americans Filed 512,315 NFA Weapons Applications in 2020

ATF NFA stats Report for Year 2020
ATF NFA stats Report for the Year 2020

The Firearms & Explosives Services Division processed an astonishing 129,792 applications for Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). That number is massive, but it doesn’t have the astounding numbers of the National Firearms Act (NFA) applications. The ATF processed 512,315 applications for NFA items. That number is mindblowing and shows the need for a new eForm 4.

Another surprising number is the number of people purchasing multiple handguns. Whenever a buyer buys multiple handguns in a week, the FFL must report the transaction to the ATF. In 2020, buyers purchased 1,253,422 handguns as part of multiple handgun sales. Americans are stocking up on firearms.

Field operations investigated 37,772 criminal cases. Out of these cases, 34,562 were firearms-related. The ATF referred 9,880 total cases for prosecution and arrested 14,700 suspects. Only 12 cases were tobacco-related. The document doesn’t go into the specific charges. IOIs conducted 35,482 inspections and revoked 49 licenses. An additional three FFLs surrendered their licenses to avoid the ATF revoking them.

During the 2020 civil unrest, the ATF responded to 936 arsons. Surprisingly the agency also responded to 83 explosive incidents. Most of these incidents did not make the mainstream news.

The leaked document is an interesting look into the ATF in 2020 and we are looking forward to the increased “Diversity” solving the enormous application and review processing delays at ATF.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at www.crumpy.com.

John Crump

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Show me the PROOF that the “ATF” is a LEGITIMATE OFFICE belonging in OUR GOVERNERNMENT!


You are wrong Laddyboy, any Democrat can make any rule or law they want for the time. Two standards.


Yet, WHERE is the massive public demand and outcry?


This type of slow walk is nothing new to government. As a matter of fact it is SOP. It has only become more evident to people with the advent of the Interweb and the ability to disseminate and transfer information faster. Slow Walking of this type is nothing more than Denial of Services and Denial of Rights as a weapon against things those in Positions of Control do not agree with or accept as Lawful. It occurs at all levels of Government as a standard practice regardless of Political Ideology. It is a much easier way to do things than… Read more »


And how does your opinion relate to the content of the article? I’m waiting…


“FATD only conducted 379 evaluations for the industry. There is currently a massive backlog of firearms industry items for FATD to examine. Some companies have waited over two years for their products to receive an opinion letter from the division.”

These determinations are critical to the industry in order to advance technology available to consumers. Slow walking determinations denies access to new products. It is a classical Jim Crow technique. Deny a right by bureaucratic road block.


“ He has created a multitude of offices and sent Officers to harass us and eat out our existence.” Thomas Jefferson The Declaration of Independence.
“ Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss!” Pete Townsend


He calls that a biden I mean a bargain, the best you ever had.


I’m guessing the slow walking of approvals ~ I’ve been waiting fourteen months


thumbs down for the ATF not you.


Have you actually tried to call them and ask for Processing to find out WHERE your paperwork is at in the grand scheme of things?


Ok, i worked for state government. Here is there response. I’m sorry but we get so much mail on a daily basis that we would spend so much time trying to track documents that we wouldn’t get the documents processed and that is why we don’t track it. Your mail comes in to a central room where documents are separated based on what the request is. Then it is put in bundles of 50 and date stamped with the date and time. Then it is sent to the appropriated area and they work on all documents based on the date… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

The reason I posed that question is because I actually called-in on a transfer I was waiting on because I was making a lengthy knee operation and needed to know the expected delivery time to my Class III


I finally, “GET IT!” Intelligence is YOUR Kryptonite!


too funny.


Now if someone would just take a close look at the US Constitution and find where the ATF fits in. And since it DOESN’T, get rid of that bureaucracy! They are nothing but overpaid glorified welfare recipients that have a mental problem of being psychopathic control freaks.


All federal employees, by law, take an oath at the start of employment that among other things, includes “…to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” However, the firearms, and arguably, the explosives parts of BATFE exist solely to violate the Second Amendment rights of all Americans. How this oath, and the job description for working there can fit into the same brain is beyond me. I’m no psychiatrist, but maybe this mental problem is some form of dissociative identity disorder, commonly known as “split personality.” Violators of the Constitution are, by definition, enemies of the… Read more »

uncle dudley

Affirmative action is a Biden administration directive and it is unamerican, no more hiring based on experience or education, now it’s a litmus test to satisfy the liberals who are killing our country.
Past time for this useless department to be shut down.


Agreed…If you want to know how all of this has not worked, ever, try reading Candace Owen’s book Blackout. They (Democommies) have been keeping Minorities on the Plantation ever since LBJ in ’64.


The Government should stick to what it knows best, nothing.


Well, they have been hiring from the bottom of the barrel for as long as I can remember so this comes as no surprise to me.


Messed up my life and didn’t give me the opportunity’s that others I went to school with that I know didn’t get as good of grades as me because we shared report cards. They got the job because they were mexican and black, not me.


Or they got the job because they would do what they were told like good little mindless robot slaves?

Ryben Flynn

Notice to Article Spammers. I report all of you to Ammoland.

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Keep the tips coming and we will keep vaporizing their profiles.

Dave in Fairfax


I check the comments every time I log on as well as the trash bin to see who got caught by mistake. Thanks for the heads-up.


Bureaucrats run created agencies were a payback in exchange helping get politicians elected. The idea of small government was supposed to be a model to prevent what has been going on since the advent of career lifetime politicians. Government continues bloating with no end in sight.


Has this document been confirmed to be drawn up by the ATF? With the dogs included in the documents? I can appreciate dark humor but if this was drawn up and the dog images inserted from someone within the ATF then that’s all the information I need regarding no knock raids and my dogs…time to start equipping the pooches with some kevlar! Smh…but props to them for decreased form 4 times!

Last edited 1 year ago by BMG_Gunner
John Dow

So, care to share the document with us for good nighttime reading?

Ej harbet

It’s good to see ftroop becoming diverse! I expect we’re going to see alot of orientals in the ranks because they have the best canine cuisine recipes and won’t let fido go to waste.


That’s a lot of infringement.