Meopta Introduces MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars

Meopta Optika LR Binoculars
Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoPro Optika LR series. IMG Meopta

U.S.A. -( Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoPro Optika LR series.   Available in 10×42 HD and 8×50 HD models, these high-performance laser rangefinding binoculars quickly measure distance up to 2,600 yards and 2,950 yards, respectively.

The Optika LR’s premium European optics with HD fluoride glass and Meopta’s advanced MeoLux lens coating deliver exceptionally bright images in low light with maximum resolution and contrast.  Color fidelity is true throughout the entire field of view and the MeoDrop hydrophobic coating ensures a clear view, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The fast and accurate integrated laser rangefinder features three modes: Auto – which provides continuous ranging of moving targets. Near Ranging – which ranges the closest object in the aiming circle, and Far Ranging – which ranges the farthest object in the aiming circle to ensure an accurate reading in situations where there may be objects in the foreground, such as tree limbs or tall grass, that could interfere with a less precisely calibrated rangefinder. The two distance modes offer an advantage to those who frequently hunt in varied terrains.  Incline data is also measured for accurate angle compensation in the field.

The illuminated OLED display can be set to yards or meters and features four levels of brightness control.   Display readings automatically shut off after 10 seconds to extend battery life. The Optika LR also features twist-up eyecups, dual diopter adjustments, and a low battery indicator.

The magnesium alloy body and rubber armoring make the Optika LR rugged enough for use in the most brutal terrain.  It is fully waterproof, shockproof, and its optical and mechanical performance is backed by Meopta’s Lifetime Transferrable Warranty.

Retail Pricing: 

Optika LR 10×42 HD              $1,499.99
Optika LR 8×50 HD                $1,874.99

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Meopta has been producing high-end European optics for over 85 years and is a leading manufacturer & partner to many of the world’s finest optical brands. Meopta conceives, develops, and manufactures precision optical and electro/optical systems for semiconductor, medical, aerospace, and military industries as well as for consumer markets.

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I suspect not, since I would think they would have mentioned it, but would be extra nice if they also had built in ballistic cal. and blue tooth.


Would love to have a pair. But I will have to wait a while till a cheaper product is produced.