Winchester Ammunition Unveils New Silvertip Defensive Rounds

Winchester Silver Defense Ammo
One of the new Winchester Silver Defense rounds now being offered. IMG Winchester Ammunition

In that critical moment when home, safety, and lives can be on the line, Winchester Silvertip defense ammunition gives maximum terminal ballistics for the Power to Defend.

Winchester Silvertip Defense Ammunition

New Silvertip defense centerfire rifle offerings feature a large-diameter Defense Tip, which sets up accelerated expansion, transmitting massive stopping power for defense situations. An alloyed lead core optimizes energy transfer and makes for consistent penetration every time. The nickel-plated bullet jacket provides both corrosion resistance and, most importantly, trusted feeding in a variety of firearm types and conditions.

A new Silvertip defense rimfire offering delivers the Power to Defend in the small yet mighty 22 long rifle cartridge. Loaded with a 37-grain hollow-point bullet that is designed to segment into three pieces upon impact, the cartridge delivers maximum energy transfer from small-platform handguns. Among the top 10 self-defense rounds, this 22 long rifle provides 12-inch penetration out of short barrels and is available in 50-round plastic packs.

Look for the new Silvertip rifle and 22 long rifle loads at a retailer or dealer near you.

Winchester Silvertip Defense gives you the Power to Defend when nothing less will do. When home, safety, and lives can be on the line, Winchester Silvertip defense ammunition gives maximum terminal ballistics for the Power to Defend.

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Hey, this is false advertisement. They say that they are silver tip so if you don’t read the fine print you could be in trouble when you go to shoot a ware wolf or a witch because they really have a nickel plated tip. Wonder if they would work on zombies?


I try not to be the spelling police but it is werewolf or if you remember the classic line “where wolf?” 😉
As to zombies – all that counts is head shots.


In my experiences, silvertip ammo expands too quickly to reach the vitals. For varmints they’re awesome, but they blow up the hides on furbearing animals, and often explode on Deer and Elk and fail to reach the vitals.
My experience with silvertip ammo is limited to rifle rounds in .30-06, .308, and .270 Win.


Would love to check these out a a retailer neat me if the retailers could get it. I keep seeing where manufacturers are working overtime to produce products but they never seem to get to retailers. I understand that there is a high demand right now but where is the products? Retailers keep saying they back ordered these products but have no idea when it will come in. I wanted some simple 20 Ga #6 shot shells for rabbit hunting and can’t find it anywhere. Have been looking since last spring/ early summer. Love to hear those beagles running rabbits.


If I was going to use a 22 round for self defense, it would be a stinger or at least a hollow point. A lot of the time they put self defense on the box price goes up and count goes down. Nothing like a 45 hollow point for self defense. For the hunting I like the Hornady SST. most any caliber.


That’s what we need….another ammo SKU to further complicate and encumber the ammo production and availability. Some Marketing newbie recent graduate trying to justify their existence in the Department. Hold this “greatest thing since sliced bread” epiphany until you are choking on ammo inventory glutted on the shelves and you can’t sell everything you can produce. Didn’t Forrest Gump already tell you, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A

Maybe they are trying to keep their development team employed.

Recent graduates in the Marketing department don’t make new product decisions. This decision would have been approved by Brett Flaugher (56 years old).

It’s unclear from the article whether the new product has been put into production.

Matt in Oklahoma

Onion Fields