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Boatch 9mm InStock Feb 2021
Botach 9mm InStock Feb 2021

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Botach has a variety of choices of 9mm Ammunition back in stock, but not much inventory for each. Note: Prices subject to constant change. With no idea how long this will last we suggest you get on them quick. Shopping Tip: be sure and check the instock tick box on the left side of the product page to see what is currently available. We see at least 10 9mm ammo brands at the time of this post but each has low inventory numbers.

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2020 Update: As we wait for new inventory to arrive on this product I figured we could put in some useful direct-links where you can hop out to other retailers and check their 9mm inventory stock.

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I have a good laugh every time I see one of you comment “when prices get back to normal”. Smoking the hopium a bit too much. The Anti’s control the voting machines, you aren’t ever getting another pro 2A admin again. Face it, the false flags are going to start and the restrictions on ammo, components, gun parts, mags let alone the guns themselves! You guys have got to face reality here and map a realistic plan for the future. I only see one way out, you know what it is. Wrap your minds around it and plan.

Pastor Roy

Sadly, I’m afraid you’re right. My family and I are planning for a future that may well mean literal “fighting” for our rights. And the phrase, “When you can pry it from my cold dead hands.” is becoming much more personal.


The easiest way to stop the sky high prices being charged and the price gouging, and yes, $600 for a case of 223 is price gouging, is to just say NO.

There are reports of wholesalers sitting on warehouses full of ammo and letting it trickle out, to see just how high the price will go and how much folks will actually pay. We can control this market, if we have the guts to do so.

Charlie Foxtrot

Agree! Stop buying ammo at ridiculous prices!


At these prices I’ll pass. These are not “Deals”, they’re a serious “Screwing”.


The reason they have them in stock is because very few are desperate to buy at that price point.

I would rather see them out of stock than to see these people charging what they are trying to get. I will spend my dollars at other places that don’t try and bank of the scarcity


Yes, it might. And I will continue to shrug my shoulders and smile. This morning, for the lack of anything else constructive to do, I primed 400 45acp cases and later today will drop powder in them and then seat and crimp 225gr cast bullets in them. Lack of ammo is not in the cards for me unless the house catches on fire in which case it should be a Hell of a show.


I have a Dillon press and do about 800 rounds an hour. My cost is under 20 cents a round even at current powder and primer prices as long as I have the brass. I have not missed a beat on the range which by the way have been fairly empty these days.


Yes, it is nice to have the range to yourself except it cuts down on the brass supply. Oh well.


Well, looks like I fibbed a little, it turned out to only be 382 rounds. This morning it will be 150 rounds of 45acp with 185gr swc cast bullets. I have a bunch of 125gr 9mm cast bullets that have been sitting on the bench waiting on a home for several months so those will be loaded next week.


Let me know when you put them on the market. Working in Fairfax these days. lol


Or cheaper maybe?


If you don’t buy at this inflated price eventually the price will come down. The manufacturing companies and distributors can’t pay their expenses with ammo. They have to move product to survive.

Pastor Roy

Ouch! In the Fall of ‘19, I bought 1000 rounds of Federal 9mm FMJ for $179, so roughly 18 cents a round. The prices being advertised are between $1 and $3 per round. Glad I stocked up when I did. Just wish I’d tripled that order!!


Unless you really NEED it just walk away. The panic buying is fueling this whole mess. Once people stop paying these ridiculous prices the supply and demand formula will balance back out. Ammo returns to shelves as normal and at normal prices. What we are seeing now is us creating the problem we are complaining about.


9MM 115grn ammo at almost 5 times the pre-shortage price. Please stop buying this stuff at those prices. Just think this through. Firstly, if you were a seller and could get 5 times the value for your product wouldn’t you do it? Sure you would because this is America and we have a free market economy. But you are not the seller, you are the buyer. And the only way to reduce the cost is not to buy the overpriced product. When the sellers find they can’t sell at inflated prices they will have the choice to not sell their… Read more »

Ej harbet

Love my g44

American Patriot

I got a great deal on bottled water too, only $16.00 a gallon straight from the hose. $15.00 a gallon when you get a 55 gal drum full. Call 555-55FU

Ej harbet

Dry humor is beautiful! thanks for the laugh!


I ain’t paying a dollar a round for cheap 9mm fmj. Well, not yet at least.

Ej harbet

Id rather go daryl dixon,lol


Grab it while you can. 115gr FMJ for 50 bucks. A dollar a shot. I don’t get the lowest prices all the time but I reload the same thing for 6 bucks or 12 cents a shot. Why are we allowing these people to rip us off like that?Don’t buy any of that crap, make them eat it. Then watch the price come down to a more acceptable price.


I am not going to tell people what to do in regards to acquiring ammo. I suggest they let their realistic needs/wants guide their acquisition of ammo. There was a time in my life where I could not buy ammo because it would have affected my family’s ability to eat. Under those circumstances I had no business spending money on ammo, and didn’t. Life is all about choices; make wise ones.


Roy – agreed – none of us have the ‘right’ to tell anyone what to do – oh wait the lefties ‘feel’ that THEY do 🙁
Unfortunately there are folks out there with either way more money than sense or who are desperate enough who will pay exorbitant prices which will continue to keep the inflated prices in play, the rest of us are stuck (unless we stocked up ahead of time).


GomeznSA: Isn’t that just called “life?” What you are saying can be applied to many things in the human experience.

Last edited 1 year ago by RoyD

GomeznSA, Why the pejorative terms for people buying ammo? There are a lot of different types of people buying ammo right now. A young couple who have been busy with other things in their life decide that having a couple mags of ammo is a good idea, so they go buy three boxes. It costs them $60 instead of $20 – they just don’t care that much about $40. It’s not that they’re desperate, it’s just that this item finally bubbled-up in their list of things to do. Some other person wants to buy 20,000 rounds for whatever reason and… Read more »


I guess you’re right about this guy. But I don’t think the folks with money to burn are the problem. I think it’s the frightened person, who spends his last dollar on high priced ammo who thinks the Zombies are coming who is the problem.


Neither the people in the two examples I provided nor the example you provided are “the problem.” Although, I agree with you a lot of people are buying significant quantities of ammo because they are afraid. They are afraid of a convergence of policies and agendas that they feel might come down to violence. Those people aren’t the problem though – it’s just the market working. Vista Outdoor stated they invested in additional capacity in the later portion of the Obama administration. Trump was then elected instead of Hillary. As a result, people were not afraid and ammo sales in… Read more »


What’s wrong with preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse? That’s my main argument for purchasing guns and ammo! Back in 2011 the CDC came out and said that you should be prepared for any type of disaster including… a Zombie Apocalypse! I kid you not. It is still on their website. (https://www.cdc.gov/cpr/zombie/index.htm) Their thought process was that if you are prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you are pretty much prepared for anything. The CDC, however, is not very knowledgeable in the standard theories about zombies. (This is shown in the fact that in “The Walking Dead” the CDC got wiped out.)… Read more »


Available? Maybe for Daddy Warbucks…


I’ve gotta thank PSA for once again taking advantage of us during a crisis! They do it every time they get a chance! They’re not a s bad as some sites but they still make me sick!


I refuse to buy any more at PSA. There’s a difference between supply and demand and taking advantage if the situation, AKA price gouging.


These prices can be a blessing in disguise. They are no real harm to those who keep stocked up. We only have to wait a year or two? before normalcy returns, assuming that it does. For those who have never considered being stocked up for difficult times, these prices are a great incentive to do just that ASAP. So in the end, perhaps this price hardship to the new gun owners and to those who have not thought much past the next weekend will encourage them to be more thoughtful on how events nationally and worldwide can affect them and… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


Thanks for writing that, it’s much more polite than what I was going to write.

If you haven’t been paying attention and back-filling the holes in your supply, that’s on you. If people have any common sense they don’t get caught short in situations like this which are frequent and, in large part, foreseeable. Just maybe this will serve as a wake-up call to those who are unwilling to get of the dime until kicked.


Thanks Dave – you’re taking to me. Got plenty in oddball calibers for my old milsurps and plenty 9mm FMJ from when it was 0.17/rd. However I was too cheap to stock up on defensive ammo or (gasp) 0.30 223. I definitely should have seen the shit show coming – but sat on my ass. Maybe within a year optical planet will deliver my 0.50/rd 223 order. For now I’ll content myself with cmmg 22 converter. I could whine all I want – but why bother? I’ve got it better than most for ammo, just as we are better off… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


I am sorry that you got caught short. I’m not going to do the told ya thing either. I recommend that you get on ammoseek and buy whatever they can find and, ah, bite the bullet on the price. It’s a learning experience, most hurt. Don’t do it twice and you’ll come out better afterwards.

Dave in Fairfax

OV, Although we were talking about ammo, the same lesson applies to other things as well. Power is a necessity, which means fuel is as well. You have to eat, stay warm and protect your family, after that things tend more toward niceties. It’s well worth remembering. AND teaching to others. California is the world’s 6th largest bankrupt economy. The reason is running on feelz, not thought. I grew up in the Mid-West Cold Country. My vehicles always have food, water, heating supplies, protection, wool blankets, medical kits, fire extinguishers, extra fuel, and a bunch of other stuff to keep… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax
Dave in Fairfax

OV, I agree with dual fuel, you can convert a gas gen to propane with a minimal amount of work. but buying them that way is a lot easier. When we have serious issues I just chain one out front and keep an eye on it. It runs lights, the fridge and the freezer. One in the back runs the hot water and the computers. When we had the derecho a few years back a guy was cruising in his pick-up and asked me where I kept it (front) when I wasn’t using it. He wasn’t from the neighborhood. I… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


Oh yeah, one other thing. Unless your propane hook-up has a demand valve in it so that gas only goes into the carb when there is reduced pressure on the engine side of the gas valve, the gas is going in constantly. That EATS propane. A BBQ tank might last you as little as a couple of hours. Word to the wise.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax
Ryben Flynn

Not at those prices.


When the SHTF, there are 3 things worth more than gold when it comes to bartering. One is toilet paper, two is tobacco and three is ammo. Today we can see how this is very true.


liquor better than tobacco these days.

Ansel Hazen

I’ll second that.


Pretty tired of seeing these ads for great “deals”. Material cost has not gone up on manufacturing costs so prices should not be this high as a result. These manufactures are running full capacity and it is supply and demand that is driving prices. Watch how fast prices drop should there be a new manufacture come into play. I will be watching there financials and stock price to see the reflection of increased profits. As a reloader who saw this bs coming I prepared and will never, never pay these prices today or tomorrow.

Last edited 1 year ago by wojo
Ryben Flynn

Speaking of a new manufacturer, there has been a flurry of activity at the former Southern Ammunition Company building (for lease) in Loris, SC over the last several months. The place had been vacant since at least 2011 when I moved here.


Well, drive up there and ask what is going on and give us a report.


Just bought my first 2 guns in april last year. Due to waiting 9 months in nj just to get my fid card!! Smart enough to see how long it took just for the id card. Jumped right online and bought 2000 9mm’s for . 35 each. I thought that was high but also knowing the price would go up. That’s all I was able to afford at the time. Just having laid out 2500 on 2 hand guns. Yes they were overpriced as well. Just getting into this. Had to buy guns right away as our permits only good… Read more »


Welcome to the wonderful world of guns.


“Just bought my first 2 guns in april last year.”

“Just getting into this.”

“Only need 1 bullet per intruder.”


The dude just got a gun and now he’s Tom Berenger with his OnE sHoT oNe KiLL.


“No matter who is in office our right won’t go away.”

People like you are part of the problem. Of course you can change that if you want to. You need to wake up and read some history on the subject.

Dave in Fairfax

Deadhead, I’m glad that you got your guns and some ammo, but there’s a problem with your thinking. I hate to rain on your parade, but this is serious. That 2K rounds is your reserve base, not your shooting stock. It takes a lot of practice to become safe and proficient. One shot, One kill sounds great, but it’s unrealistic for most people, especially with a 9mm unless you’re using the high-priced rounds. Unless your target is standing still and you don’t have any nerves, putting one in the pear is darn hard under the best of conditions. Unfortunately you’re… Read more »


9mm ammo at $1.00 + per round?
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
That price is HILARRIOUS!!! KEEP IT.
When it comes down to about $0.35 – $0.40 per round, LET ME KNOW!!!!


We’ll never see pricing like that, again.


I agree, unless you adjust for inflation. After 2020 deficit spending, we can expect dollar to drop at least 50% over the next few years – possibly during biden’s time in office.
Of course if biden has his way, prices will just continue to climb faster than inflation.


If this is a new story, Ammoland, why are their five month old comments below. You’re not just churning the old money maker, are you??


8 pm on 9/11/2020
All out of stock

Green Mtn. Boy

All gone at 4:00 pm when I checked, don’t really need any but was just checking to see if anything was actually in stockpot a drop left.

Ej harbet

I kinda feel bad for the people with a new 9mm and no rounds looking at the current prices. Yeah they always shouldve been ready but i still feel bad

Ej harbet

Got enough to wait. Suggest to others buy the minimum and dryfire or 22 until prices drop

Phil in TX

I will not buy any of that or any other ammo at these inflated prices.

Phil in TX


OK, these used to sell for one-third this price. So…..I know it is supply and demand. BUT…..if these guys are pumping out ammo as fast as they can – and selling it at triple the price…..this Company must be awash in profits.?? Is it ?- or will you say the components cost more? OK, the component makes must be awash in profits, then. SOMEBODY has doubled their selling price and their supplies haven’t doubled? If they have then the SUPPLY company is getting fat? WTH????

Last edited 1 year ago by BillyBobTexas

Do you want to understand, or were those questions just a rhetorical rant?

All the information related to three of the largest participants is publicly available and the analysis has been done (and dumbed-down) for one of the companies.


I guess the latter.

Ej harbet

Wait or feed the monster! Id be working on my archery skills just to spite them. I may do that anyway despite having some ammo

Ansel Hazen

We wouldn’t be in this mess if the big suppliers would just stop shipments to a government hell bent on ruining their industry.

Ansel Hazen

I know in the case of the LGS I was in today they are at the mercy of the market. Their regular supply chain has failed them. Nothing available for them to buy. Some people are bitching about their pricing ($60 for a ziplock bag of 5.56) but I know from talking to them all they can obtain is stuff at auctions. So the price they are paying just to get it in the door and have something on the shelf is already outrageous in price.


When will .40 S&W be available again ?


I have a ton of it and the ability to make much more. I went on Ammoseek last evening just for giggles and the price for CCI 22LR ammo was 50 cents a round. No, that was not a typo, $0.50 a round. That is $25.00 for a box of fifty rounds. LOL!


The headlline “grab them while you can” is exactly the right message for the seller but exactly the wrong message for the buyer. Look, I understand, this shortage has affected me also. But if I run out and “grab what I can” what am I going to do with it. I’m not going to practice. Maybe I’ll resell it at a higher price, maybe I’ll just hoard it. Any of these reasons simply enriches the price gouger, and continues the shortages by making sure the supply is always short, and the prices always high. If you have enough ammo on… Read more »


Ok, Commie!


OK we see bills being presented trying to put manufacturers out of business, reloading supplies hard to come by. And a possible war on the way (gun confiscation). I say load up till we ride this out if you can afford it. Better to have & not need than to need & not have. It won’t be me buying much. And then we have people collecting nice unemployment checks. Making more than when they worked. It’s not peoples nature to save when fruits are abundent. How many getting wealthy from cryptos ? Spending gains on resources. I wish I would… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

We don’t have a supply problem. We have a demand problem. If everyone just would calm down and stop buying ammo that they are not going to use in a few weeks, the prices would come down. Unfortunately, there are opportunists that try to make money by reselling ammo, but there are also hoarders that just can’t help themselves.


LOL! I have thousands of rounds of ammo that was purchased in the late ’60s and early ’70s.

Charlie Foxtrot

I also prepared for this, which was predictable, when prices were low.


Do not…I repeat…DO NOT buy ANYTHING from Botach! If Ammoland cared anything about their readers they would stop pushing Botach. This [company] preys on Americas First Responders. Check Botach reviews…from anywhere. They got me.

Charlie Foxtrot

Please provide specifics and alternatives! I never had a problem with Botach, but I didn’t order a lot from them. I never ordered ammo from them.

Right now, most companies have issues with following through on their orders due to a ridiculously high demand. I cancelled an OpticsPlanet order a month ago, because they could not deliver the product after 9 months. In this case, the original manufacturer was just falling way behind the order volume.

Dave in Fairfax


I’m interested. I’ve bought from them repeatedly. Never had any problem other than they don’t ship seconds after I order. They don’ ship slower than a lot of places and their quality, other than the Chinese boots, is OK. EXACTLY what problems have YOU had. I’m not interested in 3rd hand, unverifiable, stories.


I ordered a SBA 3 brace that said in stock when I placed the order. After waiting for over four weeks and many emails they ender up canceling my order.

Dave in Fairfax


Was this one of the daily deals? Those run out fast. What did they say when you talked to them about it being in stock and then not shipped?

Dave in Fairfax

Bueller, Bueller?


“A fool and his money are soon parted.”


Ain’t that a fact

Protect Your Six

They have it in store but will only allow you to purchase 1 box per caliber per day.

Ansel Hazen

I watched someone in a gun store today, first time buyer, choose a wheel gun over a 9mm Glock. Because 38 special was there in 50 round baggies and no 9mm.

Ansel Hazen

Was not. Just a kid wanting his first gun. But had been primed with all the ammo shortage talk. At least he knew enough that a gun without ammo was a paperweight.


I will not purchase at these prices. Ends that discussion.


Thanks , I’ll wait for the insanity to end.


Remember these prices and businesses when things are back to normally abnormal….


I wonder what sort of pricing, Federal ammo is giving our govt for the duration of their 5-year contract?


Federal contracted at a profitable price, consistent with volume and timing. Are you thinking they give massive quantities of ammo away? Perhaps you are suggesting government purchasing agents fell asleep on the job and paid too much? Neither scenario is likely. Pricing is way below what retailers are charging us right now – think price to distributors as they skip middlemen. Contract runs for years with most deliveries likely to be after retail price drops back below $0.30/rd. Don’t think we’ll see $0.17 retail again, but government probably beats that on long term volume contracts. Yes I wish I could… Read more »

Ryben Flynn

These deals are always a day late in the newsletter.
By then the deal has expired or the item is sold out.
I got this on the 12th.


Price gouging…