Assumptions of the Leftist/Globalist/Woke Explain Absurd Policies

Anonymous Snitch Group to Dox ‘Domestic Terrorist’ Trump Voters
Assumptions of the Leftist/Globalist/Woke Explain Absurd Policies, iStock-1267413669

U.S.A.-( To those who support the United States Constitution and the Second Amendment, many propositions put forward by the ruling class do not make any sense.

The United States is/has been the most successful, most prosperous, most powerful, most free, and least racist (with the exception of Affirmative Action) nation on the face of the earth, at least for the last thirty years.  The “poor” in the United State would be upper middle class in most of the rest of the world.

Given this reality, when appraising the proposals of the Leftist/Globalist/Woke establishment, they often seem insane and/or counterproductive.

They seem designed to destroy the United States as founded. They work directly against the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

They appear designed to make the United States disorganized, weak, dependent, fractured, and chaotic.

Here are some examples:

  • Working to disarm the U.S. population, especially of arms which would be effective militia weapons.
  • Claiming being born with a light skin color makes people racist.
  • Demanding oil pipelines, which are safer than trucks or railroads, be stopped (in the United States).
  • Insisting the United States stop using all carbon fuels, while allowing increased use of carbon fuels in China and India.
  • Demanding cities and states which have mismanaged their own economies, be bailed out with trillions of US dollars, taken from other people.
  • Demanding certain crimes not be enforced or punished for certain groups; calling for the abolition of property rights.
  • Promoting American families to have two children or less, while promoting the immigration of millions of people without allegiance to the United States.
  • Asserting there are many different sexes, each of which deserves its own affirmative action program. Sex preference is claimed to be both genetic (unalterable) and a volitional choice, changeable in days or hours. (In Western Civilization)
  • Spending trillions of dollars merely by creating more dollars with a few strokes on a keyboard.
  • Demanding colleges and corporations discriminate against Asian and White students, and in favor of Black and Hispanic students.
  • Insisting that math, reason, and merit, are all racist (in the United States).
  • Claiming that being a patriot makes a person a prime suspect as a terrorist (in the United States).

All of these proposals make sense if you consider assumptions about reality which are common on the Left and among Globalists and the Woke. Not all will share all of these assumptions, but many will share most of them.

Here are some of the assumptions:

  1. Government is an inherently good force. Limitations on government are inherently evil.
  2. Nationalism is the principal cause of war. A global government is the only way to stop war.
  3. The major obstacle to global government is a strong United States.
  4. Christianity and Judaism, especially Christianity and Judaism which place moral limits on sexual acts, are evil and limit human possibility.
  5. There are too many people on the earth. The population of the world must be reduced. (Corollary to the above two: Sex without the possibility of children is a positive. Life without children is a better life.)
  6. The use of carbon-based fuels will lead to the destruction of the Earth, as we know it.
  7. Wealth is a zero-sum game. The only reason some have more is that they took it from others who then have less.
  8. There is no such thing as human nature. Humans are nearly infinitely malleable, given enough control and power by the state.

These assumptions are in direct conflict with the assumptions which lead to the design of the American Constitution and Republic.

Consider what follows from these assumptions about the nature of reality:

Any policy which weakens the United States in comparison to the rest of the world is a positive good.


  • Economic policy to place the United States at a disadvantage with the rest of the world is good.
  • Trade policies which are advantageous to other countries, and disadvantageous to the United States, are good.
  • Immigration policy to allow unlimited immigrants, enhance Leftist power, and weaken US institutions, is good.
  • Energy policy to make the United States more vulnerable to the rest of the world is good.
  • Promotion of small families and few children by Americans is good.
  • Denigration of Christianity and Judaism and restriction of churches and synagogues which teach sexual limits, restraint, and morality, is good.
  • Promotion of racial division and sexual balkanization to divide and weaken the United States population and allegiance to the United States is good.
  • Placing trans-gender “rights” above military efficacy, as a military goal.
  • Educational policy to teach the United States is evil, other societies are “better”, in the United States, is good.
  • Educational policy to suppress excellence and merit-based outcomes, in the United States (making the United States less competitive) is good.
  • Educational policy to suppress rational thought and math… in the United States.  Same as above.
  • Educational policy to teach limitation on government power is bad, hence, the Constitution is outdated and must be ignored.
  • Educational policy to erase history. Historical examples place the above assumptions into question.

In the past, such assumptions about reality, and the policies which come from them, would have been considered absurd.

Ruling classes, in any country, had their self-interest tied to the prosperity of the country where they lived.

With a global economy, especially a global digital economy, many of the global wealthy, especially in Western Civilization, no longer feel tied to any one country. They have little restraint from weakening their country in order to gain more wealth and power, even if they owe nominal allegiance to that country.

Countries other than the United States desire the global supremacy the United States currently commands. They have a vested interest in promoting assumptions that can be used to move power and wealth from the United States. They use the desire of the U.S. ruling class for a global government and more wealth to subvert the United States from within.

The United States economy and wealth are the biggest prize on the global stage. They offer the largest opportunities for taking wealth from those who have produced it, and placing it in the hands of powerful groups and individuals who have no allegiance to the United States.

The easiest way to accomplish this transfer of wealth is to gain control of the United States government. The Constitutional structure of the American political system is an obstacle to this control.

Control of the flow of information is a viable tool to overcome that obstacle.

A difficulty with the above assumptions and programs is they directly affect the people of the United States in numerous negative ways.

Those who believe the assumptions and put forward the policies must constantly misinform and propagandize the United States population, so as to make the resulting loss of wealth and power of the United States seem positive, or at least, inevitable.

President Donald Trump presented/presents an obstacle to this transfer of wealth and power from the United States, by placing the welfare of the United States ahead of other governments and the wealthy few, as his first priority.

Policies which place the United States first are not difficult to understand, or even to implement if the political power structure is willing to act in the best interest of the United States. This is why President Trump was so wildly successful with his programs, in spite of the constant opposition from most of the ruling establishment.

President Trump acted more in the interests of the people of the United States than was considered acceptable by the current ruling class, global government enthusiasts, and ambitious other governments. Putting the United States first is directly opposed to the assumptions listed and the policies proposed as a result of those assumptions.

What sort of society is expected by the Leftist/Globalist/Woke who agree with the listed assumptions, who support the listed policies?

It is, in many respects, the society put forward in Aldous Huxley’s novel, “Brave New World”.

In that society, there is no God, but the state. The State controls all of human existence, from before “birth” to death.

The State creates humans for certain tasks. Those humans are constantly kept from critical thought through a combination of meaningless sex and unlimited access to drugs. The words “family”, “mother”, and “father” are considered obscenities.  All children are created in artificial wombs and raised entirely by the state.

Only a powerful few have access to significant resources and an understanding of how the power structure actually works.

The flow of information is carefully controlled and monitored by the state.

Ordinary humans have no control over their own lives, which are crafted, controlled, and monitored by the state.

It is an interesting dystopian vision.

It seems far from any practical reality, although the rapid rise of digital and genomic technology may alter that reality.

Historical precedent suggests the most powerful, well-organized, ruthless, and self-interested group will seize control of the apparatus of a global state, and use it for their own power, wealth, and aggrandizement. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) takeover and use of the World Health Organization (WHO) during the current pandemic comes to mind.

Such ruthlessness in a singular world government will generate opposition, resulting in longstanding uprisings, civil war, unrest, and repression.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a strong contender as the group most likely to seize control of a global government. They seem far better organized, disciplined, and ruthless than the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission,  Council of Foreign Relations, or similar loosely affiliated groups of wealthy individuals.

The bureaucrats in charge of the European Union do not seem nearly as organized, indoctrinated, and ruthless as the CCP.

The former Soviet Union does not have the population, organization, or economic might, to be a contender.

A unified Islamic Caliphate might be as ruthless, they might have the population; they seem far less capable of central organization and economic development.

None of the eight listed assumptions about the nature of reality need to be true, or even plausible, to be effective. They serve as much as an excuse for taking the desired action, as a rational explanation of human history.

The weakness of this approach to undercut the power and reduce the prosperity of the United States is the necessity of controlling the flow of information to the citizens of the United States.

If Citizens better understand reality, they reject weakening the United States. They reject reducing the prosperity of United State Citizens.

This is what brought about the election of President Trump.

President Trump promised to put American interests, and the American population, first. In spite of enormous opposition from much of the American ruling class, the Left, the Woke, and other countries. He delivered on his promises.

A majority of Americans no longer trust what is presented in the Old Media. Unless those who push to weaken the United States regain control of the information flow, they will need to rely on less satisfactory means to maintain control over the United States Government.

The attempt at regaining control of the flow of information is seen in the censoring, de-platforming, and de-monetizing by the Tech Oligarchs, the old media giants, and the Woke.

About half the country is refusing to follow the direction of our new Tech Overlords.

The attempt to gain permanent control over the government is the basis of the current scheme to make election fraud an even greater feature of National policy. Such policy is put forward in the proposal of HR-1, the bill to nationalize control of ballots and elections by the Left/Globalists/Woke, to duplicate the efforts done in the 2020 elections, as detailed in the bragging Time article.

While the Time article claims everything done by the anti-Trump cabal was “legal”, it would be foolish to believe all the efforts expended to make election fraud easy, cheap, and undetectable, were simply happenstance, and all of the effort to prevent any real examination of the election for fraud was done simply for the sake of appearance.

If HR-1 is defeated, and reasonably fair election reforms are implemented, it is possible a bloodless revolution of the people, such as elected President Trump, will happen in 2022. The powerful in the United States, and in much of the world, are doing everything they can to prevent such an occurrence.

In the United States, they have been in power for so long, at so little cost, they think they can bend the Chinese Communist Party to their will.

They have been so protected, so pampered, so removed from reality, they believe they are immune to economic laws, human nature, and even physical laws.

A missionary friend, who travels widely in the ‘Stans, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union, tells me the common people there understand reality all too well. They applauded President Trump, and wished for him to be re-elected.

Their tyrannical rulers disagreed…

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Well put. That’s a “keeper”. …

uncle dudley

Maybe old Joe McCarthy was right when he went on a communist hunt and held all those committee hearings in D.C.
He and many others saw what Hitler had done to the world and the cost it had to rid him from the earth.
We have let our own politicians run the country down the toilet by making so many unnecessary laws and restrictions on the citizens while letting our country become overloaded with illegals.
Our government doesn’t represent the people anymore, they represent policies and ideas that will kill off freedom.


No, Joe McCarthy was nothing but a self centered putz. But thanks for playing.


GRAND SLAM HOME RUN!!! Tony The Tiger…..G-R-E-A-T article!!!! Well, done, Dean. It’s a keeper. Norman Thomas, the six-time Socialist Party candidate for U.S. President said in 1944 speech, “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform. The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “LIBERALISM,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened….”  And, today, the Republican Party RINOs have adopted it as well. It is no longer a… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A

We are dealing with an intergenerational eccestencialist company whose goal is a world government that they will control.

The United States is what stands in their way.

It’s us or them.


The problem as I see it is that the communists have a head start of 75 years in brainwashing the American people and infesting the institutions of government and industry. The momentum toward a communist America is too great to be stopped by peaceful political change. Which means revolution to stop the advancing communist takeover. Revolution requires deeply dedicated people organized into a powerful movement. While the Colonists executed a successful revolution against British tyranny todays Americans are weak morally, physically, mentally, and greatly dependant upon the teat of the very government that oppresses them. I suspect the majority of… Read more »


Humans can be such contrary creatures sometimes.


Agree. But, enemies of the US are not just “communists” as a “marketing effort – ‘Better than capitalism’.” … Our primary enemies are the US Department of State (an independent government within Washington DC) and our supposed allies – Britain, Canada, the EU, the “holy see” (not “Christianity” the “followers of Christ”), the CCP, the UN and its ‘agencies’, … And, to be clear Russia is a “competitor”, running alternative “political and economic systems”, but it is primarily our “US politicians” that perpetuate the “We / Them” tensions … “Look, Look … the Russians, Putin …” as a distraction from… Read more »


Stick to predicting lottery numbers; you will have better results.


Magnificent article… spot-on truth!


Great article. The otherwise senseless actions of the lefties make sense once you get inside their heads.


V.I. Lenin, leading Russian communist and founder of the Soviet State, maintained that the US, being the principle capitalist/bourgeois nation on earth, must be destroyed in order for communism to triumph. All the facts outlined above, are the ingredients of the formula devised by Lenin.


HI Dean. It is probably a timing issue but you made a comment about about the USA being the least racist with the exception of affirmative action. Now, you can add obiden giving covid assistance money to farmers of color only. White farmers don’t get anything. If he is willing to do this and gets away with it, be prepared to have a reparations tax added to your tax statement at the end of the year. In typical demorat fashion instead of having a box that says if you a person of color check this box and deduct 5,000.00 from… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

Let’s assume that conservatives will pull their heads out of their asses, like by yesterday, and get aggressively and personally, physically, and financially engaged in defending and protecting their country rather than finding excuses not to.


Well done. But perspective is key. Most do not realize that everything you have enumerated above has been commonplace in college classrooms at left leaning universities for decades. My time at San Francisco State U in the mid 1970’s echos the sentiments you list above. All of the bad ideas of Cultural Marxism formed and spread from that culminating point. The Progressive New Left set forth on a disciplined plan to march through our institutions, both public and private and carry their crusade to the kitchen table of every American home. They have accomplished that. In many ways I blame… Read more »


Wow! Sounds like that web-cam porn is really paying off for you!


Every American citizen does indeed have the right (Constitutionally-guaranteed right) to publicly speak. But nowhere [NOWHERE] is there any legal, moral, societal or ethical requirement that sane citizens must actually listen to mindless drivel…

Doug G.

One simple act would turn everything around.

Arrest and try for Treason, Obama, Jack Dorsey, Hillary, Biden, and anyone else in the establishment elite who did anything that benefitted China and the CCP and/or Russia (and other enemies of the US, like Iran) over American interests.

All of them have done something that helped our stated enemies. Yet, no one has had the balls to apply the law of the land for their actions. Not even Trump.


A bit chauvinistic, but also pretty correct.


Dean usually goes off on rants that dig into issues that have nothing to do with the 2A. Unless you’re a Fudd, Trump in his own way was just as authoritarian as Biden, and it’s nobody else’s business what goes on between consenting adults…but go ahead, rant away and act like we all need to be clones of each other.


Do us all a favor and put down the bong before you post.