Biden & Capitol Hill Gun-Banners Rush to Exploit Boulder Bloodshed

Former VIP Joe Biden
Biden & Capitol Hill Gun-Banners Rush to Exploit Boulder Bloodshed

Colorado – -( While Colorado murder suspect AXXd Al AXXwi XXXXXX (no notoriety media protocol) was in a Boulder hospital being treated for a bloody leg wound, gun prohibitionists were already exploiting the massacre of his ten victims—dancing in blood, as many have suggested—to push an agenda of gun control.

Apparently focusing more on blaming the Second Amendment rather than an alleged killer whose motive is apparently still not clear.

But nothing has stopped the gun control crowd from cranking up the rhetoric led by President Joe Biden, who called for Congress to ban so-called “assault weapons” and to pass two other gun control measures that have already passed the House and are now awaiting action in the Senate.

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone another hour, to take common-sense steps that will save lives in the future,” Biden told reporters.

“This is not and should not be a partisan issue,” he said. “It’s an American issue that will save lives, American lives. We must act.”

As reported by The Guardian, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer was quick to tweet, “This Senate must and will move forward on legislation to help stop the epidemic of gun violence.”

Newsweek noted that Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, “called for federal action on gun safety,” which translates to gun control.

“We mourn with the communities of Boulder and Atlanta after the devastating and senseless mass shooting tragedies in the past week,” she commented. “We can’t and won’t accept gun violence as just a fact of life in America.”

The Washington Post headlined its coverage, “Boulder’s assault weapons ban, meant to stop mass shootings, was blocked 10 days before grocery store attack.”

In its coverage, the WaPo quoted anti-gunners near the top of the story, including Dawn Reinfeld, co-founder of Blue Moon Rising, a Centennial State anti-gun group. She lamented to the newspaper that the court struck down Boulder’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” only ten days prior to the shooting.

“It’s so tragic to see the legislation struck down, and days later, to have our city experience exactly what we were trying to prevent.”

An overwhelming majority of WaPo reader comments were from anti-gunners.

Democrat Congressman Joe Neguse, whose district includes Boulder, was quoted by the New York Post.

“This cannot be our new normal,” he said. “We should be able to feel safe in our grocery stores. We should be able to feel safe in our schools, in our movie theaters, and in our communities. We need to see a change.”

Because he is of Syrian descent, XXXXXX may not fit the anti-gun narrative. Before it was taken down, his Facebook page indicated he was born in Syria and came to the U.S. as a toddler in 2002. He is a resident of Arvada, and one comment on his now-defunct Facebook page stated, “Trumps (sic) such a dick.” A screenshot of that page was grabbed by Ian Miles Cheong with the Post Millennial prior to the shutdown.

The Associated Press is reporting the suspect purchased the gun, described only as an “assault weapon,” six days before the shooting. Nobody has yet said where the rifle was purchased.

However, the Denver Post noted the rifle was a Ruger AR-556. The suspect was also reportedly carrying a handgun and a “tactical vest.”

The story remains fluid, but the suspect has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder. His victims ranged in age from 20 to 65 and included one man who was shot in the parking lot outside of the Boulder King Soopers store.

The Post also reported that the suspect has a “minor criminal history” in Colorado, including a 2018 conviction of misdemeanor assault. He was sentenced to two months’ probation and 48 hours of community service, the newspaper said.

But now there are questions. If the suspect planned his attack, would the Boulder ban on so-called “assault weapons” have made any difference? There are laws against murder but that didn’t stop him.

Is this a copycat attack, a week after the multiple shootings in Atlanta, Ga.?

While the incident is already adding momentum to the gun prohibition crusade, will it be enough to get through the U.S. Senate?

Any ban on a whole class of firearms—arguably the most popular rifle in America today—how long will it be before gun rights organizations send a battalion of attorneys into action? With the current makeup of the Supreme Court, how likely would a gun ban survive constitutional scrutiny?

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman





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So Boulder county has all these anti-gun laws in effect. The Jihadist is from Arvada/syria. The laws should have kept him out. I’ll be damned, the laws didn’t work for this criminal or keep him out. He went for the softest target possible, the spinless liberal county of Boulder who believes the laws will protect them and the police.


‘Spinless’? Does that mean they don’t spin the news?


Being a sanctuary city the investigators are trying to figure what to say so they don’t say the obvious truth.


I doubt if they’ll find that little muslim open circuit in his alleged brain that commands him go Bonkers. When a spark jumps across that opening, “Alley Snackbar” is shouted and innocent people get shot or stabbed !


I guess there ae so many Californicate people who have fled to Colorado that the late John Denver would have to sing about “Rocky Mountain Low” !


“We should be able to feel safe in our grocery stores. We should be able to feel safe in our schools, in our movie theaters, and in our communities. We need to see a change.”

I “feel safe” in all those places. But then I carry a gun everywhere.


Roy carrying a gun doesn’t make me feel safe. Carrying myself in a respectable manner, having situational awareness, and not taking my arse to places that I deem high risk makes me feel safe. Although I do carry everyday! And dim sum:)


not taking my arse to places that I deem high risk makes me feel safe.

The reason why you need to carry is because circumstances and situations change every second. One minute everything is peaceful and quite and the next minute some dumb ass is robbing you even though up until a minute ago, no one was ever robbed in that neighborhood you deemed so safe. Ever go on vacation? Try reading a strange or new environment in a new town or state that you have never been to!!! It’s not easy.


Gun free zones create target rich environments for criminals who do not value human life . Time for constitution carry in all 50 states so people can stop these crazy people in thier tracks and defend themselves wherever they are . I live in a state where I can carry 99 % of the places I go . I will never be a victem of a mass shooting because I am armed and prepared and aware of surroundings at all times . Arm up carry on and defend your life and freedom !


Never say NEVER!


Don’t forget Dave,

Colorado has a ‘strong’ Red Flag law.

His family members claim he was mentally disturbed. That’s their excuse; not that it was a Jihadi attack.

So why not report him to the police?


FIB had him on radar. Seems to be a recurring theme. Incompetence at it’s finest. We should save ourselves the agony of supporting such terrorist.

Last edited 1 year ago by Arny

Those red flag laws only apply to law abiding citizens.


We might find out the answer to that later. In the mean time, articles like this one and others are doing their best to conceal the name of the person which makes it harder to find out any information about the individual. I respected this board because I believed it was not of the elitist left that supports the traditional news media or silicon valley and was of a conservative nature. I felt I could always find the truth in the articles written but today I see the truth is being hidden from me. I don’t care what nationality he… Read more »


Anyone else find it odd that we went for a very long time without any of these shootings…and then all of a sudden we have a surge in these events? The gun grabbers are behind all of this, to support their agenda of disarming America.

It’s the person that pulled the trigger that’s at fault, NOT the gun.

Bottom line: You cannot legislate the evil that exists in someone’s mind.


“Anyone else find it odd that we went for a very long time without any of these shootings…and then all of a sudden we have a surge in these events?”

Your premise is wrong because you watch the news and don’t apply critical thinking to readily available data.

We have had “these shootings” all along. The media just chose to report non-stop on two of the recent ones.

You think the gun-grabbers are behind these shootings?

Do you think Trump was “behind” the Parkland shooting so he could justify his push for more gun control two weeks later?


Nope, don’t think it was Trump but who is to say that it wasn’t the obummer followers that have infiltrated the FBI or any other alphabet group that lies to us and does illegal ops to try and force their agenda and get’s away with it.


Why do you think the FBI was behind the Parkland shooting? Did Trump let them know he would push for gun control if given the chance?

Maybe there is no conspiracy:

  • Most Democrat politicians want to pass never-ending gun control because it makes people more dependent on the government and it allows them to control people more effectively;
  • Most Republican politicians (including Trump) want to pass gun control because they think it will net them more votes; and
  • There are murderers who commit crimes all the time and they are not “activated” by politicians or government agencies.

I don’t argue your bullet points, nice touch, but there is nothing that you can say or do to convince me or others including yourself on this board that our government is not crooked, deceitful and deceptive. All I need say is Fast and Furious or the election of 2020.

Autsin Miller III

ChootEm, I found that odd too. I am not a conspiracy guy but this just doesn’t sit right. Maybe it’s as simple as the possibility that both the morons committing mass murder and those calling for gun bans both suffer from the same mental illness but just express it differently and some weird kind of symbiosis is as work. Maybe as JSNMGC suggests these are happening all the time and it’s a reporting issue. But I’m with you, something just isn’t fitting together for me, but I’m sure whatever it is will be made clear to me here shortly.


Were the Las Vegas and Parkland shooters brainwashed agents? Why didn’t “they” save them for a Democrat presidency? Did “they” know Trump would use the murders to advance gun control policies?

Autsin Miller III

I have no idea and I didn’t suggest they were. Don’t assume when I wonder out loud that I am veiling an agenda or opinion. I have yet to form one. I am participating in a conversation in order to hear other ideas (such as yours and thanks by the way.) I may or may not ever reach a conclusion but at this point I am just wondering.


They didn’t save them because they had biden and hitlary in the background already to go. LOL


No, you can’t legislate against evil, but you sure as H311can legislate against self protection. Those Korean Grocers whose businesses survived the riots didn’t use pea shooters to survive, did they ? The democRATS kinda forget about that !


King Soopers is a part of the Kroeger chain. The board and management team of the Kroeger chain came under loads of pressure to institute gun free zone policies in their stores nationwide. Locally in Arizona Frys and Smiths were targeted by Moms Demanding Action (from eunich husbands) to ban open carry contrary to Arizona Constitutional Carry. Local management knew this was a recipe for disaster for their stores and ignored the pressure. I shopped a my local Smith’s in Kingman yesterday and was among about six folks with whom I shoot and we pack, always. Funny. No ISIS inspired… Read more »


OOOOOH ! Bu-but all those nasty old guns scare me ! And just to think that you have one of the nasty things just makes my little heart go thumpity-thump and my panties get damp.


anyone else here remember an incident three days before the Scammy Crooks school shooting charade in CT some years back? It happened in a suburb just south of Portland Oregon at the Clackamas Towne Centre Mall. Cheap non-compliant singage indicated the management’s preference for a gun free zone (Certified Defenseless Victim Zone), but WE all knew, due to their placement and design, the singes were meaningless plates of metal with blue paint on them, thus to ignore them. In walked a dirtbag, carrying a gym bag. Inside that gy bag Dirtbag had an AR and a few dozen ten round… Read more »


Well since they list all gun owners as terrorist. All immigrants are terrorist. Shut IMMIGRATION down. We can’t afford another life taken by immigrants. Legal or illegal.


So you’re saying get rid of all gun owners and get rid of all immigrants and we solve our problem? Hmmmm….interesting!


You must be a democRAT ! He never said “get rid of GunOwners”.
A typical democRAT reading aloud of what isn’t there !


No he is saying that you shouldn’t group everyone in the same basket and if you do it in one circumstance you should apply the same method in the others to be fair and consistent. Not just the ones that will accomplish your agenda. For instance, all Guns are bad they kill people. Ok, in Virginia a person ran someone over and killed them. It also happened in Britain and as well as other countries numerous times. So, all cars are bad, they kill people. Understand? IMO he is being sarcastic. It’s not always easy to make what you are… Read more »


First things first. In their rush to judgement on matters of violent crime progressives and leftists show one consistent trend: they lack judgement. O’Biden and Obama and their minions have shown us beyond a reasonable doubt that their judgement in these matters and on public policy in general is defective. It is defective because they view the world through leftist lenses and deny the most fundamental truths about our society and what rules actually govern our society. Rule number one– liberty is a burden and simultaneously is a gift from our Creator. Public policy that is out of synch with… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by nrringlee

Veteran on Fox News talking about “assault weapons.” No one corrected him.

Someone else: “I’m for the 2nd Amendment, but . . . “ and then she talked about “weapons of war.”

Someone else said we need AR15s because they can be used for shooting racoons.

Where are all the “Pro 2nd Amendment” Republicans who are “fighting for our rights” to remind everyone the 2nd Amendment was to ensure citizens had the means to shoot armed government employees if they were sent by politicians to do bad things?


Casualties in war are very different from sentences imposed after a trial.

The Americans fighting during the Revolutionary war were not carrying out the sentences imposed by a court.

As an old vet, you should know the difference.


I did not say we are. I was referring to the purpose of the 2nd Amendment – it had nothing to do with carrying out the sentence resulting from a trial.


You compared the court sentence of death to the 2nd Amendment.

Backup and clarify the point you were trying to make because what you wrote was odd.


You brought up the 2nd Amendment with respect to the death penalty – why? The 2nd Amendment related to citizens fighting armed government employees sent by politicians. I’ve already stated that – why do you keep asking? Do you believe the primary purpose was something else? You are arguing with a strawman. The life of a convicted murderer is not precious to me over all else. I stated (again, several times) my concern is that the incompetence and corruption of government employees can lead to false convictions and the death penalty cannot be reversed once carried out. Are you going… Read more »


@Oldvet – What @JSNMGC said was that we need the means to shoot armed governmental employees. This means we need the ability to defend ourselves, not that we need to shoot anyone at this point. Similar to concealed carry, have it and hope you never need it – not head out pick a target and start shooting. Would you propose we stay unarmed, untrained and unorganized until the government declares war on the people? To a large extent public armament is a deterrent similar to the MAD defense of the cold war. Sure as Swalwell said, they could nuke cities… Read more »


Absolutely correct. Keeping OUR American government in-check is the reason the Second Amendment was written into OUR American Constitution.


Don’t you love it when pols talk, “we don’t want to eliminate the Second Amendment” or “nobody wants to take away guns”? It’s called paying lip service to the Second Amendment and your gun rights. Call it out for what it is, when you hear it.

uncle dudley

So far this week in Chicago there have been 35 people shot and 9 died and the counting period isn’t over yet, we don’t hear the outrage from the media or elected folks, but an incident where a nut kills innocent people in a grocery store becomes all that the liberals want to talk about to push the gun ban agenda they have to reduce citizens rights.
Is this a case where the FBI new of this guy because of his friends, yet they didn’t do anything to keep better tabs on the guys actions.


If you stop the crime before it happens, where is the great PR and glory of “riding to the rescue” and either killing or arresting the perp after the fact.


Nothing to worry about.

I read here just yesterday that there are only a few bad LEOs. Almost all LEOs strongly support the constitution.

Therefore, the laws that will be passed are merely the bad ideas of politicians – they will not be enforced.

That’s right, isn’t it – all you LEOs and retired LEOs?


Not saying that you don’t have a point but after a while it becomes like beating a dead horse. And becomes just as effective.


I agree.

Different people are expressing themselves in different ways – all of it could be characterized as dead horse-beating.

Some come on here everyday posting about the Constitution and oaths.

Others talk about the Democrats.

Others rail constantly about how spineless Americans have become.

It’s clear to me the vast majority of LEOs will follow almost any order to the detriment of the good people who are their victims. They also expect people to react in a certain way.


Then why don’t YOU become a police officer and show us all how it SHOULD be done? Put up or shut up.


Is that how you used to do your job – violating not only people’s 2nd Amendment rights, but also their 1st Amendment rights?

Did you shoot people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights?


I am asking YOU a question. Quit deflecting or SHUT UP!



Dave in Fairfax

Clark, The best reason that I can see is that if you have to swear to uphold the (all) laws, it is in direct conflict with an oath to defend the Constitution. If your new defense is, ” I was only following orders”, then you need to seriously reconsider your job choice before you sign on. If that’s the requirement to become a policeman, then the best thing that ANYONE can do is refuse to become a policeman. If that is a requirement then any policeman who was military is betraying his oath. Why don’t YOU explain it to us… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dave in Fairfax

You explained that perfectly, thanks!


10 4 to that!


You should read more, Cluck! Start with “The Man In The High Castle” by Phillip K. Dick. An interesting novel about what would have happened if the Germans and the Japanese had won WW2.
The American military and the Police went right along with the NAZI plan. They turned America into the RIECH! A very prophetic picture and totally plausible.


It boils down to leadership. Most people in public service will follow examples set for them by their leadership. Pick bad leaders and you get bad results. Pay careful attention to your local sheriff. Here in Arizona we have a strong tradition of picking patriots for sheriffs. Look to these folks for a good role model. Keep in mind that a chief of police is picked most often by a city council. That is inherently a vicarious political decision made not directly by voters but by elected officials who may or may not share your values. The rank and file… Read more »


I believe it goes beyond what you describe. Every Wyoming sheriff, every Wyoming police chief, and the Wyoming Highway Patrol sided with Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety:

They want to be cooperate with federal LEOs.


Posted reply with youtube video. On hold.

(Your optimism regarding sheriffs is unwarranted.)

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

I’m not arguing with you but I am making an point. At one time picking patriots is exactly what I would have done for choosing my leaders. But after John McCain that changed. Now I look for people that are constitutionalists and support our second amendment otherwise, IDGAF.


Your statement presupposes that John McCain was ever a “patriot.” I would disagree with that contention.


You have a very good point. I thought he was a good patriot at one time until he sold us down the river. What gets me is that the left didn’t think much of him either when he was a republican but when he turned his back on us then all of a sudden the left started talking about what a patriot and a hero he was. I’m with Trump on that one, he quoted my sentiments.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag

My only question is WHY ISN”T HE IN A BODY BAG? Another person of interest to think that the shrinks can find out why he did it? Let the police take care of business at that moment, a little more enforcement at that time would do more to put an end to their means and might stop another copycat trying it!!!!!!!!


Yep! This muzzy has “prepaid” his way to muzzie’s “heaven”. After he has been adjudicated and found GUILTY of MURDER in a REAL court, his neck should be stretched in public using a pig saturated rope! Make sure he knows what is in/on the rope!!!!


Laddyboy; Fed solid meal of pork chops, then hung with a rope made pig hair, but the goody-two shoes will claim he had a poor childhood, and have a cussy life in a free to do what he wants to do in prison on the TAX PAYERS DIME!!!!!!!!


Boulder’s Ban wouldn’t have done a damn thing. Why? Because he wasn’t a Boulder resident. The Perp’s a resident of Arvada. He travelled to Boulder to commit his crime.


Likely selected his target partially on Boulder’s liberal reputation and relatively low gun ownership rate. Why not pick a city where there will probably not be any concealed carriers to contend with?

Autsin Miller III

We all know that you can’t stop mass killings by regulating the tool used. Even the Demoncrats know that. We all know the real agenda the Demoncrats have is total capitulation with disarming America as part of the agenda. As much as I denigrate Demoncrats (and I do at every opportunity) they aren’t stupid. They know their ideas won’t work but will lead to more and more restrictive laws heading toward their idea of a gun free utopia. It’s time for a show down at SCOTUS. I hope Biden’s handlers let him ban everything. Let’s get this settled and our… Read more »


Such action on the part of SCOTUS may well be the catalyst pushing democrats to ban filibusters and proceed with packing the court.

Let’s not put everything on the court. Stop this c**p before it gets that far.


Possibly these incidents were influenced, nurtured and “nudged” at an appropriate time….in a cluster for maximum effect….. ……with a little help from psychotropic drugs… a Deep State operation to act such that the masses of Little People cry out for the Sleazy, Senile, Elitist Leader to “do something,…anything” to make them safe. “The ‘Do Something’ Disease”…..aka “Stampede The Flock Over the Edge”…….The Lemming Effect……Get ‘Em While They’re Hot. “Hair on fire, we’re all going to die” contingent. The bad guy with a gun…..or the gang member with a gun…. the mentally deficient guy with a gun……or the terribly distraught family… Read more »


She lamented to the newspaper that the court struck down Boulder’s ban on so-called “assault weapons” only ten days prior to the shooting. right… and these folks are naif/corrupt enough to actually believe this clown would have obeyed that law and gone and bought a bolt action deer rifle instead? Get real…… He clearly violated a number of laws that prohibit transporting ANY firearm with intent to commit harm, or any other crime, laws that prohibit shooting at innocents for no cause, lws against discharging firearms in an occupied building, well, you get the point, but THEY do not. How… Read more »


These virgins happen to be GOATS, correct!


Boulder (and Denver) is one of, if not THE most dark blue city in the entire nation. I’m surprised the entire city isn’t a gun free zone. It’s no surprise these shootings occur in the Denver area. Typically young people who had purchased the firearm (and little to zero prior criminal history) days or months earlier. So enacting more laws, or even longer wait times for law abiding citizens won’t solve shit.


Here we go again. They put out the bills for gun control and the media starts reporting mass shootings. It’s almost like it is a set up and it is always just to dam coincidental. Makes one wonder if it really isn’t our government running another op like fast and furious or if some of the other shootings like Nevada isn’t a set up. What is it about Colorado. They seem to have more than their fair share of mass shootings. I really wonder what it is that causes the people to get so mad that they go crazy and… Read more »


One thing that would do what you say is for gun owners to openly carry their firearms for one day in areas >allowed<. Then next year, carry them openly for two days but move closer to safe zones. Mathematically, the problem would be solved very quickly.



too little too late. How about one day this week, two days next week, and my next Wednesday everyone will be carrying everywhere. Why wait the fiftey years your plan would take? My variant would solve the problem in a week. Mo’ beddah.


Another reason to carry a lightweight gun. My shield with 7+1 mag hardly weighs more than the 12 round mag on the other side. Adding wallet and cell phone balances me out pretty well.

Ryben Flynn

He was also known to the FBI and passed a background check to buy the rifle.
Was he a Naturalized Citizen? Did he have a Green Card, a Lawful Permanent Resident? How else could he buy a gun at a FFL unless he lied on the 4473.


He was / is from Syria. One of the countries that Trump rightfully limited in immigration. The democRATS have cancelled that limit. So you can look for more violent, muslim freaks in the future. remember, all mulims from overseas are inbred to a degree. They have that “bred in” little open circuit in their alleged brain that goes ZOT every now and again that causes them to holler “Alley Snackbar”, and leaves pies of shot or stabbed infidels.


I’m a Coloradoan, and I can tell you, this Perp won’t face the Death Penalty. Though it’s still on the books, Colorado hasn’t executed anyone since 1997. Our Libtard Governors love to issue “Stays” and the Libtards in Denver and the surrounding communities (including Boulder) pat themselves on the back for how Progressive they are.
This Whackadoodle will be adjudicated to a Forensic Psychiatric Facility. His family’s insured that with their long mentally ill claims.


execution by submersion in pig P…


Obama/Biden welcomed this Syrian murderer into our country under there administration. And to top it off, the FBI knew this murderer had a record and was allowed to purchase a AR15.They dropped the ball again. (intentionally).


If the ol’ Joey Xi/Harriass administration was as “quick to respond” to IT’s created border crisis, as IT is to disarm law abiding American citizens’; then we might be able to keep trash out, and help prevent, or lessen, the results of this tragedy. Unfortunately, this is now the ” American Pipe Dream”!


Weird Al stop with the BS sh!t name call. This is real sh!t TrumpTracy!! You saw how it did that? Stop dat sh!t.


I wonder if all those democRATS respectfully take off their shoes before they climb up in the pie of dead bodies to preach gun control ?


Republicans just need to stop being reactionary to policies Democrats wants to get passed. They need to get up on their horse and proposed policies that could curtail these shootings while also protecting the 2nd amendment. This “this is not solving the problem” rhetoric won’t cut it anymore. Republicans need gun policies not necessarily gun control policies but they need to come up with solutions on an offensive approach not just being reactionary on a defensive strategy!!


Ted Cruz did just that in 2013 and his bill was immediately shut down by the dimms. Cruz is resurrecting that bill again now.


the ONLY polices I can imagine that MIGHT tend to reduce this sort of crime would be to mandate the death enalty nationwide for mulitple murders, AND to remove all laws prohibiting or restricting the self-arming of any law abiding citizen. No word on whether anyone inside that store was armed, nor whether any could have been under local laws. If that was a ‘Certified Defenseless Victim Zone”, then the killer knew he was waking up to the rim of a barrel full of water and carp swimming around. This business of private enties being able to prohibit self-defense within… Read more »


um hey dumb @$$ it was a muslim; it was an act of terrorism; so your great brain fart is to disarm those who could defend themself s in such an attack?