Colorado Firearms Instructors: Repeal Government Training Class Regulations

Colorado Anti-Gunners Will Push Waiting Period, Safe Storage
Colorado Firearms Instructors: Repeal Government Training Class Regulations, iStock-884190572

U.S.A.-( Guns For Everyone, the largest handgun training company in the state of Colorado, is voicing its support of HB21-1185, a bill being introduced in the Colorado legislature to repeal the onerous firearms training regulations inflicted on the citizens of Colorado.

The bill specifically seeks to repeal the state government’s authority to limit the sale, transfer or transportation of firearms during a disaster in the state, as well as repeal the prohibition on online or remote training in order to complete the requirements for Coloradans to apply for their concealed handgun permit.

“Guns For Everyone has trained more than 60,000 Coloradans across the state over the past nine years. We have always stated publicly that any training requirement to carry a concealed handgun for personal protection is an infringement against the citizen’s natural right to self-defense.” Says Isaac Chase, co-founder of Guns For Everyone. “Representative Neville’s bill is a step in the right direction towards removing our state government’s unconstitutional authority in this matter. We fully support it.”

Representative Patrick Neville introduced the bill at a time when Colorado legislators are attempting to further restrict the rights of our citizens by forcing through a bill not supported by Coloradans that would enforce arbitrary storage requirements for firearms in the home.

Edgar Antillon, Co-Founder of Guns For Everyone and Denver native commented on the matter, “In the nearly 10 years of bringing training to citizens across the state, we have come across our share of government officials who ignore the laws we have on the books in order to further restrict Coloradans’ rights to obtain concealed handgun permits. We are currently litigating such an infringement right now with Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith. We also know that government requirements overwhelmingly lowers the bar.”

The bill proposed by Representative Neville would remove a 2013 change to Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit law that was passed in the wake of the Aurora movie theater shooting that created a new requirement that the required handgun training class for obtaining a permit may not be “entirely online”.

COVID forced many Colorado firearms instructors to adjust their class format to keep everyone safe and still offer the vital safety courses that the public needed during an unprecedented spike in gun purchases. Many instructors, including Guns For Everyone, switched to a partially online format to try to provide a safe environment for students to get the training they needed without exposing themselves to a dangerous virus. But because of the in-class requirement, students were still forced to participate in in-person training.

“Unfortunately, we know more than one instructor who did contract the virus, most likely due to their exposure to so many students.”, said Mr. Chase. “It’s something I think about in every class, am I going to get exposed to the virus and bring it home to my family? It’s a risk we as instructors take because we believe in what we do. But it is an unnecessary risk. It only exists because of this overreach by our state government.”

The bill is currently waiting for a committee hearing scheduled for March 15th.

About Guns For Everyone

Guns for Everyone first started the FREE concealed carry class in response to Colorado’s HB-1226, which would have eliminated the option for college students to defend themselves. Well, that bill was killed in the Colorado Senate. Now this class is for all who want a concealed handgun permit but cannot afford, or are morally opposed to paying for a $150+ class.Guns for Everyone logo

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An interesting expression: “unconstitutional authority.” I wonder what it means?


Most folks can suss out what this means. Government NEVER EVER usurps authority to itself…. their authority often comes from the badges and guns they carry. THAT is not a constittionally valid authority. If YOU were confronted by a guy in a government issued costume pointing a gun at you, you would most likey be saying YES SIR ANYTHING YOU SAYSIR. In other words, he HAS authority over you by threat of arms. But our Supreme Law of the Land limits the areas in which government can exercise their authority. I think it was Lenin infamously declared “all authority comes… Read more »

Dave in Fairfax


Authority is lawful, Power is not. What you’re describing it power, not authority. Other than that, I agree.