New This Week on Shooting USA – USPSA Race-Gun Nationals

USPSA Race-Gun Nationals
USPSA Race-Gun Nationals

Nashville, TN -( It’s high-speed pistol competition with open and limited guns at the USPSA Race-Gun Nationals. Both divisions show the incredible evolution of John Browning’s original design for the 1911, to include high-capacity magazines with 21 or more cartridges, plus optics and compensators for the Open Division guns. The enhancements add up to the fastest competition times for the competitors at the top of the sport.

Plus, a profile of the new Shumann Z company, continuing the tradition of machining the highest quality pistol barrels.

Then, young Bunker Trap shooters are developing Olympic potential after developing their own Bunker Trap range.

And Julie has a Pro tip to help you shoot around cover. More Info…

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27 days ago

Looks like he has his thumb against the slide and right in front of the sight. Ouch!!!!!