Shooting Steel at 18in With nP Technology Frangible Ammo ~VIDEO

U.S.A. -( As someone who shoots exclusively outdoors and at inanimate objects, I never really saw the appeal of frangible ammo like that from nP Technology. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the idea was great for air marshalls who need to know for sure that their rounds aren’t going to puncture the fuselage and cause a catastrophic loss of pressure in the cabin of an aircraft. But for me personally, it was expensive and I to be honest, pretty pointless.

At least that’s what I thought until I had a chance to meet up with the folks behind nP Technology and shoot some steel targets at uncomfortably close distances.

nP Technology Ammo

Steel targets are my favorite – in fact, they’re all I use except when testing accuracy. They give a shooter instant confirmation of hits, last years, and are just more enjoyable than shooting paper. But, they do have some downsides, namely ricochets/spalding.  Which makes sense, steal targets are very very hard. When a fast-traveling little bullet slams into the said target, it deflects. Most close-range targets have a forward cant to direct this deflection harmlessly to the ground. But as a target is continually shot, pockmarks and divots appear and lead to wild seemingly random deflections.

Duncan Close Range AR-15 Frangible Ammo nP Technology
AmmoLand Editor engages a standard steel plate target with an AR-15 loaded with frangible ammo from nP Technology. IMG Jim Grant

Provided the shooter isn’t too close to the target, these deflections don’t pose any sort of risk. But what about when a shooter wants to perform close range, “contact” drills where they’re drawing and engaging a target just past arm’s length? That’s where frangible ammo from nP technology comes into play.

These frangible rounds utilize a molded polymer and powdered metal pressed together. The rounds are very much lethal, but when they strike a very hard surface like steel, they disintegrate into dust. And since they don’t have a metal jacket, there’s nothing major left to ricochet off the target.

As far as pricing and availability, details are scant at the moment. But I was told by one of the company’s owners that they would be very competitive with standard FMJ ammo (honestly probably not far off from ball right now given the panic prices.) and that they should be available very soon. Also, initially, nP Technology only plans to offer the projectiles and not a complete cartridge.

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After looking at the photos here even I could hit the steel at 3 yards with a rifle, but the point of frangible ammo could have been better illustrated.