Smith’s EdgeSport 2.75 Inch Multi-Tool – Review

The Smith's 2.75 Inch Multi-tool is a great little tool to carry if you need to work on some small items.
The Smith’s 2.75 Inch Multi-tool is a great little tool to carry if you need to work on some small items.

U.S.A.-( I’m a sucker for multi-tools. I’ve got one in every truck, in my boat and a few more stashed away in case I can’t find one right away. All the ones that I have are full-sized but while attending the Shooting Sports Showcase a couple of weeks ago in Talladega, Alabama I met up with the Smith’s Consumer Products crew. They had a booth set-up at the first range by the clubhouse.

Earlier this year, Ricky told me that they had come out with a lot of new products. Smith’s Consumer Products has to be the most creative outdoor company out there. Every year they just keep coming out with cool new products so I couldn’t wait to see what they had invented this time. I was going to meet Ricky in Ft. Worth in February at the Nation Best Sports show to see all of their new products but the show got canceled due to the Wuhan Flu. So, finally, I was going to get to see Smith’s Consumer Products’ new products line-up.

Today in this Product Review I’m only going to cover one of the new products, the Smith’s 2.75 Inch Multi-tool. Like I said above, all that I have ever used is full-sized multi-tools but upon seeing the Smith’s 2.75 Inch Multi-tool, I liked it and thought it’d be handy for smaller tasks. It is almost what I’d classify as a petite multi-tool.

Smith’s EdgeSport 2.75 Inch Multi-Tool

The Smith’s 2.75 Inch Multi-tool has a clip on the end of the handle so you can clip it onto your backpack for when you’re doing regular backpacking or it’d also be good for clipping onto your backpack when archery hunting so you have some tools to work on your bow if necessary.

The tool is small so of course, it doesn’t offer a wide array of tools but it does have one unique one, a 2-inch saw that would suffice for cutting small branches out of the way when hunting. Every time I set up a blind there are always a few branches in the way of taking a clear shot. We’re always having to clip off branches when hunting in a blind, aren’t we?

Then of course it also has a 2-inch blade, a Phillip screwdriver, and a bottle opener. The pliers have cutters which should suffice fine if you have to work on the wiring on your trailer or even your truck in the backcountry. Then of course it has a pair of pliers with a textured handle.

Like I say, it is a petite multi-tool. When folded up it is only 3 ¼” long. I can’t exactly tell you why, but it is a classy-looking little unit. I guess the best compliment that I can give it is this. I was setting down to write some Product Reviews and my buddy Jeff Schneider dropped by to see me. He saw the Smith’s gear setting on the table by my computer and got looking at all of the items.

Right away he grabbed the Smith’s 3 Inch 12-1 Multitool with a Hard Case and tried to lay claim to it. Then he saw Smith’s 2.75 Inch Multitool and his eyes lit up and he said no wait, I want this one! Dang Jeff, you mind if I finish the Product Reviews before you try to confiscate it?

The MSRP smith’s 2.75in Multi-tool is $24.99 and as is usual we will finish with the specs.

Smith’s EdgeSport 2.75 Inch Multi-Tool Specs:

Smith’s EdgeSport MULTI-TOOL includes a 2″ Drop point liner lock knife, a bottle opener, saw, and Philips head screwdriver.

  • Folding Knife w/ 2″ Stainless Steel blade
  • Multi-Tool Pliers w/cutters and custom textured handle
  • SCREWDRIVER: Equipped Phillips head screwdriver,
  • Bottle Opener
  • 2″ Saw

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