Swalwell Suit Latest Antic Against Second Amendment Supporters

Swalwell Suit Latest Antic Against Second Amendment Supporters
Swalwell Suit Latest Antic Against Second Amendment Supporters

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- Eric Swalwell has long been one of the more extreme anti-Second Amendment extremists currently in the United States Congress. He’s also been prone to making a lot of outlandish claims and for supporting a number of crazy items of legislation. He’s now in the news for suing President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) and other Trump allies over the January 6 protests that turned violent.

Second Amendment supporters will remember that Swalwell not only introduced legislation for an Australia-style “buyback” of modern multi-purpose semiautomatic firearms. His agenda, though, went far beyond a ban. He’s one of the more combative anti-Second Amendment extremists, going so far as to make unfounded smears against the National Rifle Association and to suggest nuking those who refused to abide by his gun ban proposal.

Swalwell, of course, had an ill-fated run for president that ended very quickly. However, his proposal to mimic Australia picked up a new advocate in Beto O’Rourke, and while it is not likely to pass, it makes extreme legislation like Sheila Jackson Lee’s Sabika Sheikh Firearms Licensing and Registration Act look less extreme.

With all of this, then, the suit against former President Trump could understandably be seen as somewhat of a stunt. Swalwell has long been a publicity hound, and was known for making a lot of unfounded claims about Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, albeit, he was never fact-checked by social media giants who eagerly go after those not of Swalwell’s political persuasion. Of course, the same outlets who breathlessly hyped the unfounded claims of Trump colluding with Russia ignored that Swalwell was involved with a Chinese spy to some extent.

So, what is Swalwell hoping to accomplish with this litigation? For one thing, even if it fails to secure a verdict favorable to Swalwell, it will tie up former President Trump and the allies named in the suit to some degree, and thereby degrade efforts to put Congress under the control of what would be objectively more Second Amendment leadership in Congress in the 2022 midterm elections.

Of course, the legal system will have to play out on this matter. That means that Second Amendment supporters will have to increase their grassroots efforts and support pro-Second Amendment organizations like the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action and Political Victory Fund to ensure that the current anti-Second Amendment regimes in the House, Senate, and White House are defeated at the ballot box as soon as possible.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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Eric Swalwell is a real piece of shit. There is nothing about him that is admirable. Of course, the Useless with praise anything he does. It just shows how sad we have become as a nation.


Apathy and complacency. Americans don’t value freedom enough to get off their ass and vote. Life has been too easy.

The simple truth, I’m afraid, is that Americans will have to lose their freedom and then fight, bleed, and die to regain it. Only after they have some skin in the game will they appreciate what they have.


And with the demonrats in charge it has already, obviously gotten worse and will continue the trend. When will it ever end.


Call him what he is, an oath breaking communist,
Anti-Constitutionalist=Anti-American=Enemy of the United States…
His best idea was to nuke anyone who supported the second amendment in the last Presidential Primary, Get this man straight jacket, Thorazine infusions, and a rubber room!


You’re to nice. I think a cement overcoat and a swimming lesson would do just fine.


Why waste all that money. Simple lobotomy will do it. Icepick and a Hammer


Treason brings a traiditional reward. That reward most often comes in the form of some pretty small trinkets, pretty shiney copper on the outside, weighing in at about 170 grains each. Thje trinkets come prfetty quickly… before you know it they’re gone… and have done their work.


His name is missed spelled.it’s


Or Swallowswhole, Fang fang Bang Bang was in the commanding role of her internship… so to speak


Why isn’t there an investigation for him sleeping with the enemy. We always seem to see where it was the demonrat representative that had a spy in their camp. Why always the demonrats and why is there no actions taken against them.


We don’t investigate the democommies, they commit treason and they are rewarded with a continuing seat on the “intelligence” committee to further commit treason without being properly and appropriately rewarded with the fitting sentence; aiding and abetting the enemy in time of war. Add bowe bergdal to that list. Democommies and the weakass spineless rinos won’t take action. It’s not in their special interest of complete control of the deplorables.


That’s exactly what I call him.

uncle dudley

This guy is ate up with the dumb ass, I can’t believe how the people of California keeps electing these type of folks to congress, no wonder their state is in such a mess and they want to do the same to the entire country.
TDS is alive in his head while he pines for Fang Fang.


Even the demonrats are jumping ship now. Too bad they destroy where ever they go.


So when are we going to get it together and stop paying lip service to the NRA? They’ve ignored their fiduciary duties to us and egregiously mismanaged funds. Their action at this point is woefully inadequate, and more for the theatre. When are we going to openly support other organizations that haven’t used our money like a personal allowance? When are we going to stop talking about the NRA like they’re the only game in town, and become vocal about supporting the other organizations that have been building a track record of clear and direct action?

Last edited 2 years ago by MRA0331

the nra has relegated itself to the ashbin of history. its long time defense of the Second Amendment has been overshadowed by the mismanagement of funds by wayne and the bod. i was proud to be a life member. now it seems like i wasted my money and they will not get any more of my support financial or otherwise because of this. harold, please stop stumping for them, it is becoming pathetic. although i do appreciate the heads up on upcoming legislation.


“its long time defense of the Second Amendment”

That is an inaccurate description.

The NRA’s problems go far beyond Wayne and the lawyers who are trying to “save” the NRA have not made any promises to fix those things.


gregs. With all due respect, sir. The NRA has been stabbing us in the back since the 1930s. Join GOA!


I have been a NRA member for 45 years and have stopped supporting them until LaPierre and his cronies are gone. I have thrown my support behind Gun Owners of America and Second Amendment Foundation. They and others are fighting the gun grabbers as much or more than the NRA. Ammoland needs to stop ignoring the other organizations that are fighting for the second amendment and back off on their blind allegiance to the NRA until it gets it’s house in order. It’s time for LaPierre and his cronies to move on. There’s too much smoke surrounding them for there… Read more »


Swallwell is exactly the kind of government the people of the Bay Area want. The vast majority in the Bay Area want to be governed. They do not want to self-govern. They do not want others to be free. They want to be an elite. What they do not realize is this one hard truth: they think they are part of the cool kids until the cool kids no longer need them to claim total power. Then they become part of the masses. History rhymes.


I’m firmly convinced that politicians like Swalwell are products of voter manipulating. We constantly blame voters for these pathetic idiots who get elected but I’m not so sure anymore. Elections, past present or future cannot be trusted.


gorge soros and dominion voting….Welcome to Venezuela


After President Trump debacle I started thinking the same thing about obummer. They must have kicked back on hitlary thinking they had it in the bag and lost. Now with HR1 they are trying to legally firm up their ability to cheat so we would never see a republican president again.


quote: “Was he in cahoots with china while it was being developed ?” marrafack he was. Didjya read about his managing to move a few $Mn of our tax dollars to help fund that Level Four virus lab in Wuhan City China? And didjya read about how that lab was working on developing “gain of functioin” virus strains? nd didjya hear that Fautchee had some of his own ill-gotten money invested in that project? I can’t say for certain he was directly involved in that project, but we DO know such an “enhanced” virus came OUT OF that lab…. the… Read more »


I know you are right. They think this is the start of how they are going to control us and I think this is a test. Unfortunately my patience is beyond worn thin and I am tired of the lockdown and starting to move about and planning my vacation I postponed last year. My one change is rather than go to AZ, NV, CO, NM and UT to look at Indian ruins, petrogliphs, eat at the little alien restaurant, take my picture in front of the sign at Area 51 that says they will kill you if you trespass while… Read more »


I think it is obama writing the EO’s, biden doesn’t have the ability to think and barely can write. This is obama’s third term.


Remember also, it was Gates who claimed the best way to cut the population down was by vaccines.


Why doesn’t someone sue Swallowswell’s commie farting ass? Or sue Bloe Jiden for his “executive orders” like they did everytime Trump made an order?


Amen, fight fire with fire.


If the idiots proposing such unconstitutional legislations were tasked with personally enforcing any that became laws, this nonsense would cease.


How stupid can you get to even make a comment about nuking your own people. Why wasn’t he taken in for a psychological evaluation after that and then deemed ineligible to run and possibly pulled from office. Ted Nugent just mentioned that he felt obummer wouldn’t make it more than three months if he were re-elected and they hauled his ass in to question him for being a threat to the president. Madonna has thought about blowing up the white house with Trump in it and that’s ok, Dep insinuates that someone should assonate the president and that’s ok, This… Read more »


Swallwell and his ilk need to volunteer to be dummies to see what a nuke does to the people inhabiting the towns they build for testing, I think it would grow him and his ilk up a little.

Hippie 64

Just another democrap that needs to move to China


What makes you think they wouldn’t ship him back?


What makes you think they would let him in? The Chinese have more sense than the democrats, they don’t like traitors like the democrats do.


Nobody who was boffing a Chinese spy is going to tell me whether or not it’s O.K. for me to own a gun. Doubly so, no one who is a pansy and is boffing a Chinese spy.


What ever happened to his Chinese-Spy girlfriend? No investigation of that, hunh?


After he and nancy screwlooosey assisted in her departure, she has probably received a chinese commendation / promotion from the Guoanbu. Democraps won’t investigate one of their own communist chinese operatives.


but if they saw a Republican congresscritter even smiling at a RUSSIAN femals, oh boy, quick get the CIA on the phone. Or just make up fake videos of loose Russion females letting loose their golden streams on an otherwise unoccupied Russian hotel bed.

This is the kind of potty humour and tall tales we used to throw about back in high school. Most of us new NONE of it really happened. Sort of like the drunken sailors at the bars spinning their yarns. Maybe Swallwell never grew up enough to leave off his silly kid games.


He still hasn’t grown up.


What do you expect from a person who’s only job is being a leach on the public’s money! Career politicians are all leaches. When you walk out of the swamp, the first priority is to pick off the leaches and stomp them (or as fish bait).


I see Fudd Harold is still shilling for the NRA. Just admit it, Harold. You love infringement.

Happy Everafter

Classic bait-n-switch tactics. Scream, rant, rave, and threaten some popular anti-socialist group, keeping it loud and often, and folks forget you are a not-so-deepthroat mouthpiece of the PRC.

Big George

Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary; ‘DOUCHEBAG’[douche-bag] N. see ‘swalwell’; <see also> ~member of congress, U.S. def: A bag capable of holding liquid human excrement, a bag of douche, a piece of crap, Latin: douchebagis peeis fillis

Ej harbet

There should have been a quick trial and a quicker dance at the end of a rope.
Poor harold should be writing about something else while the worms polished this traitor puke off. Alas


After Swallowell’s suit fails, President Trump must counter sue for harassment and everything else that is legally allowed. Swallowell MUST be made to pay the penalty for this FRIVOLOUS suit OUT OF HIS OWN POCKETS! Let the final cost be $5,000,000.00 OVER the costs of the court, lawyers and investigators!!!!!!

AZ Lefty

Salwell’s suit has nothing to do with the 2A – well unless you are looking at stopping another piece Constitution hating shit like Trump from becoming a Dictator through Sedition!

Thankfully the Steal was stropped and Trump is gone


Hahaha you trolls are morons.

Jason Whitlock said it best on Life Liberty and Levin 7March2021

He talked about
Facebook ,Google, Twitter and big Tech being fantasy speech with all the haters and censorship.

He said:

“The Democrats in their fight for power, can’t win in the real world.”

That is a profound statement.
So true.

Last edited 2 years ago by Bubba

It was an excellent article.


AZ …2 doors down and a Left turn at taliban jack d’s tweety space.


Changing Biden for Trump is like a lib shitting their pants and changing their shirt.

Country Boy

so you admit Biden stole the election? Well stealing elections is unconstitutional. So, by your own words, you’re also admitting that democrats are against the US Constitution. But we all already knew both of these things.

Last edited 2 years ago by Country Boy

That means he also admits to being a traitor.