The Mute Silencer: “Advanced Form 3D Print” Silencer

Mute Silencer
The Mute Silencer: “Advanced Form 3D Print” Silencer

U.S.A.-( “The Mute” is a new silencer built, we’re told, without baffles, of a non-metallic aerospace polymer using custom-designed and -built machines for what is described as an “advanced form print 3D print” process. It is not a traditional 3D printer, but apparently, it shares many similarities to them. The polymer isn’t for traditional 3D printers either, but a likeness is there too.

Interestingly, the advantages propounded by the manufacturer focus as much on heat reduction as they do noise reduction. If true as described, and consistent, that could be a big selling point. And because it (reportedly) works directly with an included flash hider, it may find adherents among those who strongly prefer a QD design usable across multiple platforms.

Mute-Silencer Advanced Form 3D Printed Silencer
The Mute is not an 80% silencer platform, but it is (at least from initial appearances) substantially different from most other suppressors on the market.

Will it be the quietest quick detach can out there? There’s no way of telling. Sure seems possible it could be the lightest QD suppressor available though in its respective classes, anyway — assuming it is a suppressor, and not technically some sort of linear comp or an as-yet-unnamed device like the Army’s “smuzzle”.

Time, testing, and use in the field will tell.

The company describes the silencer as a design that uses the Venturi Effect, integrating “…self-thermal regulation via the Thermal Shroud, which greatly reduced heat, mirage, muzzle rise, felt recoil, and sound compared to an unsuppressed firearm.”

The Mute Silencer: “Advanced Form 3D Print” Silencer

Regarding the polymer (not the same as what you find in polymer magazines), they say, “Our proprietary D28 material and next-gen unibody construction methods deliver the highest level in all details and ensure best-in-class performance.” Which sounds like something from a near-future military science fiction book, but then again so do LiDAR drones. *shrug*

Baffle-Less Thermoregulation

The Mute is reportedly a baffle-less nonmetallic design consisting of a thermal shroud and flash hider mount. It is apparently optimized for self thermoregulation, to wit:

“As the bullet travels through the mute, gases are focused out the front vent, bringing cool air in from the rear. The more rounds you fire the more air is cycled through allowing the Mute to cool faster.”

The Mute Silencer: “Advanced Form 3D Print” Silencer

“The intended purpose is to not trap and cool, rather direct gas through the thermal shroud. The improved thermal shroud instead uses a venturi effect to mitigate the heat. The average temperature is 97°F – 120°F even with intense rapid-fire. The exterior wall is tame to the touch allowing you to remove the Mute even after intensive shooting compared to traditional suppressors.”

Calibers Available

The Mute will initially be available in .22, 9mm Luger, and .223 REM/5.56mm NATO. Additional .45 and .30 caliber versions are expected in the future…no word yet on whether there will be a Goat Guns-sized version or not, nor do we know how large the contrast will be between standard rounds and subsonic ammunition.


Flash hider specs:


They’re online at

Below you’ll find manufacturer-provided footage of The Mute in action.


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To hell with the suppressor. where can I get the 3D printer and the polymer to use in it?!!

Ryben Flynn

I’ll believe it if it survives a full auto 5.56 with a 100 round dump.
Watch it melt.