We Need to Kill Democrats’ New Gun Control, Not Make it More Palatable

by Michael Hammond

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We Need to Kill Democrats’ New Gun Control, Not Make it More Palatable, iStock-847506336

Washington, DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- We’ve been there before: Far-Leftist Democrats try to foist extreme unconstitutional gun control that was actually drafted in the offices of gun-hating lobbyists.

But, rather than call out this legislative garbage for what it is, Republicans have sometimes foolishly thought they could “clean it up.”

The result is always the same:  Every tiny concession we get in exchange for a massive gun control victory becomes a new battlefield on the day that the gun control bill is signed into law.

Example:  On the original Brady Law, Republicans fought hard to prevent the FBI from blocking all gun transactions by simply refusing to give its approval to a Brady Check. If the FBI REFUSED TO TAKE ANY POSITION on a gun purchase for three business days, the 1993 compromise provided the transfer could go ahead. So how’d that work out?

For the last 25 years, gun grabbers in the government have bludgeoned sellers to refuse to deliver a firearm after 3 days even if they legally could. And now Congress will soon be forced to vote on a bill (H.R. 1446) that solidifies the compromise entirely and replaces it with language that allows the government to hold up your constitutional right to purchase a firearm weeks and weeks for NO REASON.

And, given Joe Biden’s hatred of the Second Amendment, you can expect more and more long waits, as the FBI issues more and more delays. In the end, many law-abiding Americans will NEVER get their guns.

So let me ask you this:  How many residents of riot-torn inner cities are huddling with their families, as we speak, because bureaucrats have used delay tactics to deny gun owners their rights for weeks, months, or even years? And they’ve done so for no other reason than that the bureaucrats hate guns and don’t believe anyone should own them?

Remember Carol Bowne of New Jersey who was forced to wait for weeks to purchase a handgun? On the day her estranged boyfriend murdered her in 2015, she was still waiting for approval to purchase a handgun, which she needed to protect herself from the very man who killed her!

Republicans got fooled in 1993 by all the “compromises” we were offered, and if we are fooled by the same trick again, we have only ourselves to blame.

Also in 1993, gun grabbers tricked negotiators into okaying a massive gun control victory by agreeing to exempt non-dealer transactions from the Brady Check — gifts to relatives, hunting trips, shooting ranges, and the like.

Now Congress is faced with a bill (H.R. 8) which would turn all of us into criminals by replacing all of those reasonable exceptions with incomprehensible rules.

For instance, if you “sell” your gun to your son in exchange for yard work under H.R, 8, you are a criminal. So is your son. If you transfer your gun to your son-in-law, you are a criminal. If you show your new gun to your neighbor in your own dining room — and leave the room to go to the bathroom — you are a criminal. If you hear a bump in the middle of the night — and hand your gun to your son-in-law, and the bump turns out to be your cat — both you and your son-in-law are criminals.

Are gun-grabbers just idiots?  Or are they trying to create traps for gun owners?  Probably a little of both.  But with dozens of comical errors and missteps, it’s not something we can “clean up” — even if we wanted to.

One more problem:  If every gun transfer has a Brady Check, every transfer will have a Form 4473.  And we know ATF is photographing these in connection with its annual inspection in order to compile a de facto national gun registry.

So no, gun rights supporters are not going a negotiate over a national registry of gun owners. Rather, we’re going to use Democrats’ hatred of the Second Amendment to take control of the House in 2022.

Then we can pass the pro-gun legislation (like national reciprocity) which we favor.

Multiple times, during the past 30 years, radical Democrats have concluded that the country had reached a “tipping point” on guns. In 1994, Democrats lost the House.  In 2000, they lost the White House, and Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, and the Florida panhandle.  In 2014, they lost the Senate.

What will Democrats’ hatred of the constitution cost them in 2022?  I’m sure eager to find out.

Michael Hammond is the Legislative Counsel for Gun Owners of America, a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has previously supported the right of members and staff to carry firearms on Capitol Hill for self-defense, as GOA supports the rights of all law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in their workplace. Gun Owners of America is a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide and is dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise.

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Understand one thing. The Republican Party is a progressive party through and through. They only tolerate NRA, 2AF adn GOA members as long as we serve their needs at donation and vote time. Otherwise we pound sand and watch them barter away our God Given liberty for their own benefit. Time to stop that foolishness. It has served only to back us in to a corner and allow for the widespread destruction of our society. just say no. When the parties call you, just say no. Give money only to candidates who serve your interests. Find them, fund them, support… Read more »


RINO’s like MC Connell, and Graham will lie and only do what they can to stay in office, they are the problem. They and other RINO’s only exist to keep the “Political machine” going. The majority of Politicians, Democrats & Republicans are only there to line their own pockets.


, although President Trump should have done better on Pro-2A issues he is still trying to take power from establishment Republicans. Here’s a pretty good article from Epoch Times


Last edited 1 year ago by USCitizen

Could have done better? There is an understatement. People who defend Trump no matter what would be outraged at a Democrat or “RINO” who said half of what Trump said. “We” are far too tolerant of Republican politicians.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

“In 1994, Democrats lost the House. In 2000, they lost the White House, and Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, and the Florida panhandle. In 2014, they lost the Senate.”

What did we get from those ‘victories’? NOTHING!


Sadly you’re right.

In 2016 we won control of both houses of Congress and the White House. What did it get us? we got a bump stock ban.

Trump campaigned at the NRA Annual Meeting in 2016 promising National Reciprocity and passage of the HEaring protection act making sound suppressors more readily available. Neither came to fruition. Shoot, neither were mentioned at all.


Who is going to follows laws, rules & regulations brought forth by an illegitimate government? I will not!
I will abide by the Constitution & a set of morals of right & wrong! We are a country without a government. We are under seige & it’s time we start acting like it! I’m done with contacting represenitives, we have none! So we must use our firearms to keep our firearms! When you come for mine, have your affairs in order! Mine are & bring plenty of body bags!


Spot on!


My sentiments exactly, Sir! Our founders had Balls! They would already be shooting and hanging traitorous trash!


If you come for mine, you better bring yours!

Ryben Flynn

If only they would recall what happened when King George tried to take the guns.


King Georgie’s boys wore Red Coats and climbed off ships coming from afar.  It is not matter of “enemy in the wire” or “over there”. Alarmingly, today, and for several decades, the enemy sits in the Command Post, dresses and speaks akin to Patriots, making the enemy appear as though to be “one of us.” That’s why the Left works so diligently to position Conservatives and Patriots as “Extreme Right Wing Extremists.” They have moved so far Left as to make the divide so great. I’m proud to be positioned as such. I haven’t moved. The Left has. The following… Read more »


Republicans and the NRA will do what they’ve always done and that is “compromise” even more of our rights away.


As usual, GOA is spot-on. Making bad bills better only serves to undermine your core constituency of support which could otherwise help you kill it altogether. “Compromise,” as your opposition defines it, is a process in which you might lose less than under their original proposal, but YOU. STILL. LOSE.

Paul Valone
President, Grass Roots North Carolina

Last edited 1 year ago by FPV02

No more compromises.
If we hand in our guns to the government either piecemeal or all at once. What is going to provide us from the government?


TNJEWBOY . . . . It is just like the frog and the pot of water. We are the frog and the government is the pot of water.


You may Not like Guns, That is Your Right.
You may Not believe in God, That is Your Choice.
But is someone breaks into Your Home
the First Two things You are going to do.
1) Call someone with a Gun.
2) Pray They get there in Time.


Not by a long-shot.


I’ll call someone to do the paperwork, haul of the remains and clean up the mess.


Nope. That same Book you read also declares this” a wise man sees trouble on the way, and hides himself from it.” that word “hides” does not mean go find a closet to crawl into so the guy with a gun won’t see you. Nope. Not by a long shot. It means “take whatever action is effective to protect yourself from that trouble”. In other words, consider possible threats and take steps to prevent them from happening, and if they do, to defend from the harm trying to get you. So, no, I’m not gonna call the hireling with a… Read more »


mlhtd51 . . . . Good analogy!

uncle dudley

Yes gun grabbers are idiots, but they belong to the cancel culture liberal hysterical movement going on in the country, fueled by a media that makes sure every shooting in the country is plastered on the web to try and drum up more support for additional gun laws that are not needed. The legislators in congress won’t admit that what we really have is a criminal problem, they won’t admit that the gun didn’t cause the problem, it was the person who fired it was the problem, and they didn’t buy that gun within the current law. We have seen… Read more »


uncle dudley . . . Good post but what it deals with are symptoms, NOT the disease. The disease are the Communist Democraps, who are trying to destroy the American Constitutional Government and replace it with a Centrally Controlled Communist Police State. As you consider the woes of our society in the future, please consider the motivations and true actions of the government. You will better understand what is actually going on if you look at things from that standpoint.


A pile of $hit is still a pile of $hit regardless what you call it.


Punctuation is a VERY important thing.


I was reading the headline, got to the apostrophe but mistook it for a “quote”, was looking back for the leading “quote” that I thought I missed while thinking WOW – AMMOLAND IS READY TO RUN UP THE JOLLY ROGER AND START SLITTING THROATS! . . . then realized it was an apostrophe, read further, put it all in context, and thought, I get it. That said, THERE IS NO MORE ROOM FOR COMPROMISE! THERE IS NO MORE ROOM FOR ANY DECEPTION THAT THIS IS AT ALL ABOUT SAFETY! American gun owners in democrat socialist states have responded to UNCONSTITUTIONAL… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by KK

ARM UP:GET READY! I will take a Civil War to straighten this Communist mess out111


Most Americans sit around clutching their FIRE EXTINGUISHERS fearing fire . . . and think to themselves “Why would anyone want to own a GUN?”


I think it’s time for a new Civil War. They won’t stop until we are back to a communist ran country. By eliminating any part of the constitution they take away your freedoms. Freedoms that billions of soldiers have died to protect over the centuries. Granted they died protecting the Constitution from foreign countries but now our freedoms are under direct attack from our own government. It’s also in the constitution the government is of the people by the people for the people. And It’s is every Americans Duty to take up arms and Defend the Constitution from all who… Read more »


While I generally agree with them being idiots, resorting to extremist violence means we’ve lost everything. You don’t go there unless they’re trying to break down your door or go after your neighbors. While I’m not a big fan of “Three Percenters”. The concept that a very small portion of the original Thirteen Colonies fought the War of Independence isn’t far from the truth. Progressives have used their revisionist history of the Revolution to pretend that more people were involved then actually fought (or supported) the Revolution. I’ve read bio’s, letters, and news articles from that era that suggest overwise.… Read more »


We don’t need to kill new Democraps gun control . . . we just need to kill Democraps!