Biden’s Gun Control Wish List, the Most Anti-gun President in History

U.S.A.-( On the campaign trail, Anderson Cooper asked Biden what he would say to gun owners worried about a Biden Administration coming for their guns.

“Bingo,” Biden replied to the host with a cocky smile. “You’re right if you have an assault weapon.”

In the next breath, mainstream media tells us that Biden and Harris support the Second Amendment, and gun rights advocates are just “conspiracy theorists” looking to scare the public.

When Joe Biden released his plan for gun control on his campaign website, it was far worse than most gun advocates feared. The list of gun control measures is right out of Michael Bloomberg’s wildest dreams. There has never been a more Draconian plan in the history of our nation. The list of proposed laws would affect every gun owner in America.

Joe Biden tries to spin firearms injuries as a public health epidemic. He highlights mass shootings.

Anti-gun Democrats try to sell the public on the notion that mass shootings are happening everywhere. In reality, mass shootings are exceedingly rare. In fact, when adjusted for population, the United States doesn’t lead the world in mass shootings as Biden would have people believe. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, Norway, France, Switzerland, Finland, Belgium, and others all have higher rates of mass shootings per capita than the United States.

If you want to figure out what someone will do, then you should look at what they have done in the past. Biden spent decades in Congress and has never been a friend of gun owners. In 1993, Biden helped ram through the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. The act ushered in a federal requirement for background checks for firearms purchases. Statistics show the law is nothing but a feel-good measure for anti-gun groups. Most criminals do not buy their firearms legally, which defeats the purpose of background checks. If Biden gets his way, the government will prevent gun owners from lending their guns to a friend to hunt or go to the range without first going through a time-consuming and costly background check.

A year later, Biden worked with other Democrats to pass the federal “assault weapons ban.”

The ban restricted the firearms Americans could own based on cosmetics and arbitrarily limited magazine size to ten rounds. The law even banned guns that could have a bayonet attached to them. There hasn’t been a bayonet charge since 1865. The ban was in place for ten years and did not affect violent crime rates. Biden has said on multiple occasions that he will bring back the ineffective ban.

Unlike the original ban that lets gun owners keep their legally acquired firearms, Biden’s new plan would add existing firearms that fall under his dream law to the Nation Firearms Act registry. Gun owners would not only have to register their guns, but they would have to pay a $200 fee per firearm for a “tax stamp.” For collectors, these charges could add up to thousands of dollars. Biden would give gun owners the only other choice to turn over their property to the government for pennies on the dollar.

Americans have a better chance of being killed by hammers or fists than a modern sporting rifle.

In fact, more people die by getting wrapped up in bedsheets than getting killed by what the President considers an “assault weapon.” The banning of semi-automatic firearms has nothing to do with safety. It is about a fundamental hatred of the Second Amendment.

Another disturbing thing that Biden is pushing is allowing people to sue gun manufacturers over other people’s crimes. If gun manufacturers get their immunity stripped, then it would make manufacturing guns economically unfeasible. One lawsuit in front of an advocate judge could put companies out of business overnight. It would be like a victim of a drunk driver suing Ford.

Biden also wants to restrict the number of firearms an American can buy per month. This restriction is akin to the government controlling how many Bibles someone could buy. Limiting the number of times an American can exercise their rights goes against everything believed by the Founding Fathers and is a direct assault against our country’s foundation.

If a person is on Social Security and has trouble managing their finances, Bidens wants to strip that person of their gun rights. The person doesn’t have to be a danger to themselves or others. A simple issue with finances would be enough to have that person’s rights stripped for life. A generation of Americans fought for our God-given rights, and Biden would see an overbearing bureaucracy strip them of the very same rights.

One of the most devastating laws on the Biden “wish list” of gun control items would hurt gun owners and kill thousands of jobs. Biden wants to ban the online sale of guns, gun parts, and ammunition. Online retailers like Brownell’s and Midway employ thousands of Americans in high-paying jobs. Overnight Biden would put these taxpayers on the unemployment line.

Also, Biden ignores that people who buy guns online do not get them shipped directly to their homes. The online retailer must ship the firearm to a licensed dealer who runs the same background check as he runs for people buying guns directly from their shop. The only thing this law does is put companies out of business and places an undue burden on the firearm owner.

Biden also throws around terms like “ghost guns,” which is nothing more than a scary term to demonize those that choose to make their own firearms. He pushes the narrative that gang members and criminals are producing homemade guns by the millions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Americans have a long history of building homemade firearms, and it is easier for a criminal to buy a gun illegally than for them to produce one from scratch or a kit. Plus, criminals would just ignore the law anyway.

The President also pushes smart gun technology.

Anyone who uses a biometric system for work or on their iPhone will tell you that this technology doesn’t work 100% of the time. That fact isn’t a big deal when it comes to cell phones, but when your life depends on something working, then most of the time isn’t good enough. The goal of pushing smart gun technology isn’t about making us safer. It is about making firearms so costly that they are out of reach of those that the anti-gun billionaires consider “less desirable.”

Finally, Biden wants to do much more than simply violating gun owner’s Second Amendment rights by banning the ownership of commonly used firearms. There’s more to his agenda than just restricting people’s First Amendment rights by prohibiting code used to 3D print gun parts. He also wants to violate Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights by pushing so-called “red flag” laws. These laws would strip gun owners of their firearms without due process. An American’s guns can be taken merely by someone making a baseless accusation in a secret court where the gun owner cannot defend themselves. These laws put both the gun owner and police who Biden wants to force to enact these orders in danger.

While serving a red flag order, Anne Arundel County Police in Maryland shot and killed Gary Willis, who came to the door with a gun when officers showed up at his house a little after 5 a.m. According to his niece, the red flag law was filed by another family member in what she described as an average family drama situation. She said her uncle wasn’t a danger to anyone, and yet this unconstitutional law that Joe Biden champions got him killed.

Joe Biden is the most anti-gun President in our country’s history and will make it a tough four years on gun owners. Not all is lost, though. With eight million new gun owners in the nation, we can turn into the most powerful American voting bloc. Politicians respond to pressure, and it is time we turn it up to eleven.

About John Crump

John is a NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

John Crump

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A fraudulent government can only pass illegal laws. If you comply you are complicit in the criminality. It gets no simpler than that.


Yes. And we are under no obligation to follow illegal laws.

Henry Bowman

Jiao Xiden is a sockpuppet for the CCP.


Bought, paid for, and owned.


First off, a guy who STOLE the “presidency” isn’t a president. And I could care less what Chairman Xiden or the rest of the elite psychopaths pass as “law”. It is the ENFORCERS of these “laws” (read edicts of psychopathic control freaks) that are the issue. The Lon Horiuchi’s willing to shoot mothers in the head and kids in the back or burn down their place of worship around them for pretend victimless “crimes”. THEY are the problem. The ENFORCERS. Anyone who ENFORCES any of his mentally deranged garbage should be shot like King George’s ENFORCERS were at Concord Green.… Read more »


He is a bumbling idiot.


Quit picking on idiots. He’s a mentally deranged psychopathic control freak that makes “Norman Bates” look like a piker.


You forgot: Pervert, Blackmailer and Extortionist. And possible Rapist.


Just a normal everyday run of the mill criminal.
Other countries put them in prison, we elect them.


@Cruiser: NOT I! I will NOT vote for this LIAR called Xiden!!!!!!!


you cannot legislate morality, if you could there would be no crime. criminals by the definition of the word will/do not follow the laws of civil society. law-abiding citizens should not have to suffer for criminal behavior. you, old crazy joe, do not have the moral authority to tell me what i can use, where, when, and how i can defend myself or others. defense of life is a God given right, it doesn’t come from the government.

Monkey Mouse

I figure it this way – when the war the democrats start due to gun control is over, none of them will be around to tell their side of the story.

Country Boy

Whats so stupid is I never see anyone walking down any street with an AR rifle in hand. Joe talks like everyone is walking around with ARs in their hands everywhere they go. Which just is not the case. Some/many are CCW a handgun.And that’s pretty much a minority from what I see. And I live in a pro gun state. Joe is a liar, and a communist at heart. He needs to be impeached ASAP. Fat chance of that happening though.


It’s coming…


Reptile Biden is a moron and he is delusional . I will trade my AR for a bunker of nuclear Tomahawk missiles clown and nothing less so annie up asshole or forget it .Not selling or trading anything unless you meet my terms ilegitiment Swamp rat !


Too many people have a simple and basic misunderstanding about “gun control.” “Gun control” is not now, and has never been, about crime or criminals.  Quite frankly, the Left couldn’t give a rat’s behind about crime or criminals.  Gun control is, and has always been, about disarming the citizenry so they cannot represent a threat to the government once the Left establishes the dictatorship they have been working toward for well more than half a century and, thanks to the stolen elections of November and January, are now in the process of consolidating.  The key word in the term “gun control”… Read more »


, I agree with you 99%. The only “error” I read was “23,000”. The truth of the number of ANTI-Constitutional INFRINGEMENT “laws” is OVER “25,000”, and increasing rapidly by the DemoKKKrats, at this time.
I would also stress that INANIMATE objects — CANNOT perform ASSAULTS upon anyone at any time!!! It takes a breathing living being who is WANTON to harm others (from the Federalist Papers of our Founders) to commit an action of ASSAULT!


I stand corrected.




Biden is NOT the President. Right now we are operating without a president, a small committee of marxists behind the scenes running the puppet Biden. Technically, Trump is President-in-Exile. If you must attach a title to Biden, perhaps Usurper-In-Chief would be more accurate.


Spot on. Anyone who is not brain dead knows this. Unfortunately there are quite a few brain dead who should be informed anyway.


I wish fox news would quit calling him president biden and just call him sleepy joe or just biden. The left never referred to President Trump as president.


I call him the current liar and thief.

Autsin Miller III

We have got to get the truth into main steam media. It’s time SAF or GOA start buying prime time ads and we, the firearms owners give them the funds to do so. I suspect greed would overcome the agenda mainstream media has and they would take the money for the ads. I think….


You thought incorrectly. But thanks for playing.

Dubi Loo

SAF has been buying TV and Radio ads on many prime time (main stream media) shows. One is narrated by Mark Walters host of Armed American Radio. If you are like me and have comcrap, you won’t see the ads because comcrap censors them. I completely agree we as gun owners need to contribute what we can to aid the effort to protect our civil Rights.


“You can lead a horse to water”………………

Big George

Exsqueeze me!?…exactly WHAT is an ‘assault weapon’??!! If Joey Xiden NEVER owned it, then ‘splain to me how he plans on ‘buying it back‘ from me!!


Go back to watch carefully Xiden’s speech 4/28. Look closely, ever so often you can see a little glint of light coming off his puppet strings…..and Laughing Hyena KalemHo scrunched down behind him with her hand up his butt working his mouth.


Thanks for the laugh.


Ah Joe, I don’t think this is going to work out like you are planning. A lot of us will fight back and, I mean FIGHT. So, let’s get it on already. I’m done debating.


Everywhere the ballots are contested, and the patriots want to recount, and check the validity the ballots, the Democratic Communist Party fights them tooth, and nail to stop them, ie Arizona. The DCP knows the election was fraudulent!
There is only one way to stop them.


Any pro 2A person in NY , that has actually attempted to read the unSafeAct, will see that the NY unSafeAct and Biden/Harrris Dem AWB are soo close to each other. Don’t know who ripped off who, but it’s bad, and poorly written – which I’m sure is on purpose. The NY unSafeACT was sweeped into play so quickly here by King Cuomo, you could tell they had it mostly written and threw it at the floor for an “emergency vote” over night in Albany. So not sure if it was a document the Dems had ready to go for… Read more »

Dubi Loo

Michael Bloomturd


Swept. No need to thank me. It is a public service.


When the case is found in favor of the “defendant”, the ones bringing the charge(s) MUST be held responsible, even personally, for the entire COST of the court and COST of the DEFENDANTS’ Lawyers!

WI Patriot



The large herds of deer committing MOB VIOLENCE in my area have been seen wearing KEVLAR VESTS!

. . . so yeah, I’m gonna need high capacity magazines too!


Buy back my guns with my money? That’s ridiculous! Is he going to buy back the ammo too?


Yeah, Joe you lying smuck! Institute a buy back program and you’ll see very few show up. Why? Because there are next to zero “assault weapons” in public hands. Every GI knows the difference between an assault weapon and a so-called assault weapon. Just because they look alike does not make it so. Like the difference between a Camaro and a Firebird, or a true Shelby AC Cobra and a AC Cobra kit car. An American USAF C-5A looks very much like a Russian Antonov An-124. To take it a step further, the colonists followed “civil disobedience” when the British… Read more »


Well as for me i dont know why anyone is calling him the president…..? He is not our president! We all know a man that had ot pay 10 out of 12 cars to show up to his rallies while Trump had thousands showing up to his got beat by the guy? Yeah ok! So this illegitimate leader of the U.S. is spouting off “unconstitutional” laws that will be automatically null and void since hes not our President and the laws are unconstitutional! It says it in the Constitution that any laws that are enacted by the Government are so… Read more »


Can you believe these democrat sonofabitches? NO ONE NEEDS 10 BULLETS TO HUNT A DEER? (Andrew Cuomo in 2013 as he signed into law a ban on any magazine over SEVEN! rounds capacity!) THERE’S NO POSSIBLE JUSTIFICATION FOR HAVING 100 ROUNDS IN A WEAPON! . . . WADDAYA THINK DEER ARE WEARIN’ KEVLAR VESTS? (Joe Biden in 2021 to joint session of congress as he calls for “assault weapon” and magazine capacity bans.) . . . because our ONLY reason to own a gun is to hunt a deer. Why would ANYONE own a gun EXCEPT to hunt a deer?… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by KK