Dems Rush to Pass D.C. Statehood in Power Grab that Will Threaten 2A

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Dems Rush to Pass D.C. Statehood in Power Grab that Will Threaten 2A, iStock-1154438278

U.S.A.-( Capitol Hill Democrats are rushing to give the District of Columbia statehood, a crusade that has been going on for at least three decades and which critics insist is nothing more than a raw power grab.

On Thursday, the House voted 216-208 to pass H.R. 51. Prior to the vote, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated, “The Democrats’ D.C. statehood scheme is about two things: consolidating power and enacting radical policies. The American people see right through this blatant power grab.”

Appearing on Fox News, Congressman James Comer (R-KY), ranking member on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, noted, “They (the District) shouldn’t be a state because our Founding Fathers made it clear they wanted the capitol city to be independent of any state.”

The committee passed statehood legislation last week and Thursday is supposed to see full House action.

When Washington, D.C. (for “District of Columbia”) was created, Maryland and Virginia each ceded land for the purpose.

“This vote this week on making Washington DC the 51st state is about one thing,” Comer said, “creating two new Democrat Senate seats, that’s all. We can argue the merits, I can give you dozens of reasons it’s a bad idea, but at the end of the day it’s all about a Democrat political power grab to create two new Democrat Senate seats so they can end the filibuster, and they can pass all the liberal progressive legislation that Nancy Pelosi is forcing down the throats of the Democrats in the House.  So I’m going to do everything in my power to be against this bill and I think every Republican in both the House and the Senate will vote against D.C. statehood.”

At risk is any chance of ever again seeing a Republican majority in the Senate. The District is solidly Democrat. With Democrats perpetually in charge of the Senate, there could never again be a conservative majority on the U.S. Supreme Court, and Democrats might be able to expand the court to 13 members, so the current majority would be quickly outnumbered.

It could mean no possibility of a pro-Second Amendment ruling coming from the high court, and potential for a reversal at some future date of both the Heller and McDonald Second Amendment rulings.

As noted recently by Alan Gottlieb, founder and executive vice president of the Second Amendment Foundation, packing the Supreme Court would be “an attempt to overturn the Supreme Court’s landmark Heller and McDonald rulings affirming the individual Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.” He called the effort “an outrage.”

As reported by CNBC, the “Biden administration on Tuesday formally threw its support behind a long-shot bid from Democrats to make Washington, D.C., the 51st state.”

“The legislation, H.R. 51, is expected to pass[ it did] in the House but is likely to hit roadblocks in the Senate, where 60 votes are required to overcome the filibuster,” CNBC said.

The Hill noted that D.C. statehood is a top priority for Democrats, who seem to be grabbing all the power they can.

According to the Washington Post, “the bill is likely to face significant hurdles in the Senate. Because of the filibuster, the legislation needs the support of 60 senators to advance. Democrats hold 50 seats in that chamber, and Vice President Harris, a statehood supporter, can cast a tie-breaking vote. But not all Democratic senators have expressed support for the legislation.

“Still,” the newspaper reported, “advocates have pointed to a record number of co-sponsors in the Senate and the House as indicators of what they say is the tremendous progress that the statehood cause has made since it first failed in the House nearly 30 years ago.”

Wednesday morning, two more senators signed on as co-sponsors, Jon Ossoff (D-Ga.) and John Hickenlooper (D-Colo.), bringing the total to 44. Both are gun control supporters.

Comer, the WaPo noted, “suggested that Democrats wanted statehood so they could prioritize ‘defunding the police, packing the Supreme Court and enacting the Green New Deal.’”

It might also mean Congress would be unlikely to pass pro-gun-rights legislation unless a tidal wave of pro-gun conservatives were to occur, as happened in 1994 when gun owners descended on the polls in reaction to Democrat passage of the Brady Handgun law (1993) and Clinton Crime Bill (1994), throwing out more than 50 Democrat members of Congress on Election Day.

The newspaper noted, “The bill would shrink the federal district to a two-mile enclave that includes federal buildings such as the Capitol, Supreme Court and White House. The rest of the city’s residential and commercial areas would become the State of Washington, Douglass Commonwealth, honoring the abolitionist Frederick Douglass.”

A Second Washington State?

That might create confusion for more than 7 million citizens in the current state of Washington in the Pacific Northwest. It is currently considered a “blue” state politically, but many residents are growing tired of three-term Gov. Jay Inslee and the Seattle-dominated Legislature. Outside of Seattle and the I-5 corridor, Evergreen State residents have a diminishing opinion of Democrats as they face high gasoline taxes, increasing taxes of other kinds, and continuing regulations related to the COVID-19 outbreak more than a year ago.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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WI Patriot

They don’t have the votes in the senate…

WI Patriot

I read an article elsewhere earlier that stated schumer hadn’t committed bringing it to the senate because they don’t have the votes, they need 60 votes to pass, and only 45 dems are in support, and hopefully, no Republicans are on board…


You mean like Romney. What an ass hole.


OOPs. I didn’t read farther down after Patriot’s comment, sorry for the double but it must be right if more than one are saying it.


That’s what we need is for Utah to realize what a useless POS he really is and bad for the republicans.


and the six other RINOs.


It will Will. At least I hope. This is America. Every race needs input on our Constitution. The Founding Fathers wasn’t my daddy.


As child of economic immigrants, they were not my daddy either. What they were was wise men who understood the importance of free will and the corrupting influence of power. As such they established a form of government compatible with freedom, equality, and independence. That system continues to provide opportunity for ALL people in this country. Race has nothing to do with it. As for DC, the only way this is about race is that the Democrats see African Americans as good loyal subjects who will do whatever the party tells them to. This is a naked power grab on… Read more »


Too late. The constitution was made way before you or I ever came along and was designed to keep the people free. We shouldn’t change it to make it what today’s standards would be because the minority of people that want to change it (yourself included) just want it taken away and America changed to a people that are dependent upon the government for their existence creating a race of slaves to their current daddy.


It’s not the cowardly republicans we need to be concerned with, it’s the Senator from Arizona (D) and Manchin (D) that must hold the line as they said they would. Without those 2 votes the filibuster removal dies.


Not cool that the balance of my life and future would be held in the hands of mine enemy. There is something wrong with that picture and that path that got us to this point is it. We need to do more than hope that this new way of life they are shooting for will change. We have to force it back to where it should be and I question if it could still be done with a vote. I already got screwed out of that one.


it is disgusting they take a oath to protect the constitution, and the people they are breaking that oath on all points. they need to be gone and all benefits taken from them. they are destroying this country.


Libs are literally stacking the deck in their favor. Pack the SC, end the filibuster, allow DC statehood. What’s next? Oh yeah, wall off the Capitol, outlaw firearms. Let in a flood of left voting immigrants. Kill the fossil fuel industry. Prohibit gatherings.


The constitution requires that the capital be in a non-state. For DC to become a state, they must first either move the capital or amend the constitution, and there is no way 2/3 of the state legislatures will approve having not only a new state, but one that can leverage the federal government by controlling the land on which the federal government sits. This is political theater, like much of the left’s gun legislation. It is a law designed to take our attention, effort, and money away from resisting the left’s truly transformative (i.e. dangerous) agenda, such as nationalization of… Read more »

Henry Bowman

This outright disregard for the Supreme Law of the land is going to cause a civil war / revolution against the Commiecrats.


ALL Land that is not Federal Property Should Be Returned to Maryland! DC is not to be a State as/per the Constitution……


The portion of land that was Maryland’s has already been returned as I understand it. The rest except the portion reserved for DC itself would revert to Virginia.


So the Democratic Communist Party is making another move to seize more power.
There is only two ways to stop this Schiff, call them what they are;Communists, and we all know what the other way is.

uncle dudley

The democrats lust for more power and control will end up ruining our country and lead to a civil war if they persist in ignoring the constitution and the laws that have been put in place since the founding of the United States. I have no faith in our government and don’t trust them to run the country in a manner that is good for the citizens, they have already shown that laws means nothing to them and their goals. If the people of D.C. want representation in congress then move to annex either with Maryland or Virginia, no new… Read more »


Maryland or Virginia don’t want to annex the (past) murder capitol of the country.


I do believe the da congress should!d force the state of Maryland to take back the rest of dc. Those commiecrats deserve it!


Competing Baltimores.


Under this travesty, first of all, the state of my birth previously named for George Washington shall be renamed Lenin. Appropriate to the task at hand for the Progressive New Left. But I am simply shocked that this discussion completely ignores the real question at hand. That question is this. Is our Constitution a dead letter? Apparently so because it is not even referenced in the discussion by either ‘side..’ So here is what the Constitution says: ‘The Congress shall have Power To… exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such Dis­trict (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may,… Read more »


The western (coastal) portion of the state could be named Lenin and the NORMAL portion would remain Wasington. Split the state. Also parts of Ca/ Or want to become Jefferson, a good stronghold of constitutionality. Va and Fairfax, NYC and New York, there are many states that have been co-opted into socialism.

APG member

A veteran D.C. police officer says the Metropolitan Police Department’s Gun Recovery Unit deploys illegitimate tactics in a war on guns that have fostered an adversarial relationship between the department and the communities they are supposed to serve.:


Maryland and Virginia should be sue to reclaim the land. There problems solved


Virginia got the land back in 1846


STATEMENT: I want to say that the knowledge of the constitution, rules, laws and requirements of the people on this board is quite impressive. You make me proud to be a part of Ammoland.

I think if more of America had your knowledge, which is no longer being taught in schools for years, we would not be in the fix we are in.

Thank you for being there and stay loud, proud and strong.

Last edited 1 year ago by musicman44mag
uncle dudley

What’s the deal with this awaiting for approval? Two posts this morning and both have that caption.
You are driving off your own readers.


I think when you copy and paste from the article and place it in your post that is when it happens, at least that is what I have noticed.
Is that what you did?

Ryben Flynn
Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn
Autsin Miller III

@Bozz, What’s next? Anything they want until anarchy and chaos – oh wait, that IS what they want.


Thanks for sharing. Good article and maybe a wonderful idea. If only Texas wasn’t turning blue from kommiefornians it might work.


Washington ‘currently considered a blue state’? Washington has been solidly blue for forty plus years. By the way Dave, Henry ‘Scoop’ Jackson said it best: ‘I can see all of the votes I need from the top of the Space Needle’.


I’m all for it!! I always thought since I was in grade school, why do we have two Dakotas?? DC has nearly twice as many people. Dakotas have 4 senators and DC zero. Remember minorities had zero input on the Constitution and the development of statehood. There’s more in this fight than just guns!!


Under the Constitution DC was carved out of Maryland and Virginia as a Federal property. It was done purposefully so it would not be a State. The Constitution can not be changed by the legislature. The proper remedy according to Constitutional experts would be to give the land back to Virginia excepting the Federal portion of Washington DC as has already been done with Maryland. See the post by TStheDeplorable. He’s right on.


The people of DC chose to live there with full knowledge of the special status of the district. They may not be able to vote in national elections, but they also have unique access. It would be quite difficult and expensive to move out of the Dakotas and commute back for work. Majority of those who work in DC live in the adjoining states. I cannot fathom why anyone would chose to live in DC – crime ridden, crowded, expensive, subpar schools – What is there to like? Anyone choosing to live there has made that choice and can live… Read more »


Why are we not supprised that you are the one individual on this board that would be against our constitution or the vision our fore fathers had. Your programming is working well on you. I just wish you were smart enough to realize and see that it will not work on us.