NRA Whittington Center: Help Wanted ~ Extreme Long Range Shooting Instructor

NRA Whittington Center Extreme Long Range Shooting
NRA Whittington Center Extreme Long Range Shooting

Raton, New Mexico – -( The NRA Whittington Center is seeking a qualified individual for the position of the lead Extreme Long Range Shooting Instructor.

Extreme Long Range Shooting Instructor Job Description:

Seeking an enthusiastic, passionate, dedicated, self-motivated individual to join our team of firearm professionals as PLR and ELR instructors. We are seeking an individual that has the desire and knowledge to instruct long-range and extreme long-range courses at the NRA Whittington Center. This individual must be a master of the craft and well versed and up to date in the skills of long-range shooting and instruction, as well as have the exceptional ability to share their knowledge in a classroom setting with students of various levels and backgrounds. He or she needs to have knowledge in both fundamentals and advanced shooting techniques for long-range shooting. This individual will be the face of the Whittington Center while instructing. Professionalism in its highest is expected coupled with knowledge, approachableness, and humbleness.


  • Promote the NRA Whittington Center and Whittington U training courses to their highest standards
  • Promote the importance of firearm safety and ensure it is implemented to its highest levels
  • Work closely with the NRA Whittington Center Program Department to stay abreast with all current happenings and changes as well as scheduling
  • Be available to Whittington Center employees who have questions regarding ELR course material
  • Be available to answer emails and questions from past and potential Whittington U students in regards to course material and requirements
  • Set up; Tear down; and upkeep the range
  • Upkeep and cleaning of course firearms
  • Conducting surveys and collecting feedback to help improve the curriculum
  • Provide the NRA Whittington Center with AAR (After Action Report) at the conclusion of the class
  • Keep up to date within the ELR industry for products; gear; equipment; optics; latest innovations and possible course material that can be intergraded into the current curriculum

Job Knowledge, Skills, and Requirements

  • Advanced knowledge on long range shooting including but not limited to, Fundamentals; Marksmanship; Internal and External Ballistics; Equipment; Gear; Optics;
  • Training protocols; Range date gathering options; Ballistic apps and charts
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills with the capability of articulating highly technical information to students.
  • The ability to efficiently and effectively instruct students of all levels, backgrounds, and abilities
  • Have the ability to recognize when individual students are struggling with course material
  • Willingness and ability to safely and efficiently adjust to the needs of individual students
  • Display high levels of leadership, discipline, and self-motivation
  • Exceptional people skills
  • Ability to work well both independently and with other instructors
  • NRA Certified Instructor; Range Safety Officer
  • Knowledge in range development
  • Background in military or law enforcement
  • Experience in training environments alike
  • Flexibility in schedule

For more information or to apply follow the link found here.

About NRA Whittington Center

Located near beautiful Raton, New Mexico, the NRA Whittington Center is home to the nation’s premier hunting, shooting, and outdoor recreation facility. The NRA Whittington Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and relies on the generous contributions of donors who want to preserve our heritage of freedom for the next generation of shooters and hunters.

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