Take Action: Schumer Moving Fast on Red Flag Gun Seizures!

Governor Rick Scott
Florida Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are the lead sponsors on S. 292, a massive ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ spending bill that bribes state legislatures into enacting this law at the state level, with taxpayer dollars!

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- “This whole gunfight is going to come down to ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures.’ Moderates in the GOP think they can vote for that without getting burned…and if they pass ‘Red Flags,’ Biden will use that momentum to go for AR-15’s and mags next.”

That’s what one highly placed source on Capitol Hill told me just hours ago as the fight for gun control is being waged behind the scenes and behind closed doors with a vengeance!

I wish this information was wrong.

But with Republican backstabber Marco Rubio as the LEAD SPONSOR of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation in the U.S. Senate.

It’s becoming very clear that if we are going to be able to stop Joe Biden’s war on guns, that fight begins with stopping ‘Red Flags!’

As we’ve told you before, Chuck Schumer needs 60 votes to pass a cloture motion, the procedural step required to end debate on a bill and hold the actual vote. With 50 Democrats in the Senate, that’s a tall order, even with some Republican betrayals.

So while the radical left would much prefer to see immediate action on Dianne Feinstein’s ban on the AR-15 and a national database of every gun owner in America (H.R. 8), they just don’t have the votes right now.

The Republicans in the Senate COULD just stand tall and refuse to advance ANY PART of Biden’s war on guns…but as gun owners have seen time and again…that’s not what usually happens.

Instead, the backstabbing moderates in the Republican conference like Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, and Lindsay Graham do their best to convince the Republicans to ‘offer up a common-sense compromise so we do something on guns.’

And that’s why Florida Republican Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are the lead sponsors on S. 292, a massive ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ spending bill that bribes state legislatures into enacting this law at the state level, with taxpayer dollars!

Contact your Senators so they know that you expect them to oppose this garbage with everything they’ve got!

As a reminder, if 10 Republicans lock arms with the leftists in the Senate and vote for S. 292, gun owners in Idaho can expect:

  • Liberal judges to order the seizure of your firearms before you have been arrested or convicted of a crime and based solely on the word of an embittered personal enemy (think ex-spouse) that you haven’t seen in years!
  • The destruction of your due process rights, by allowing your guns to be seized through secret, ex-parte, court proceedings that you would know nothing about, much less be allowed to attend!
  • A lifetime gun ban in many cases, as the laws often allow the issuing judge or requesting party to seek a renewal every year, which would be granted unless you can prove that you’re ‘safe.’

You see, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ are the radical left’s dream come true because they allow the government to seize every firearm you own — not just your AR-15’s — and without the ‘hassle’ of having to convict you of a crime in a court of law!

It would be a mistake to underestimate the severity of this threat.

While the passage of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ would be a massive loss for gun owners like you and me, it’s only a stepping stone for the radical left who wants to use the passage of this bill to build momentum for their ultimate goal of disarming every gun owner in America!

THE VERY MINUTE they pass ‘Red Flags,’ they would move right on to the rest of their agenda.

So these freedom-hating zealots (like Senator Chris Murphy, D-CT) are going ‘all in,’ working overtime to pressure moderate Republicans into agreeing with them.

And given how much Republican support this bill already has — and how much betrayal gun owners have experienced from Republicans at the state and federal level over the last two years — it’s vital that Idaho Senators Crapo and Risch hear from you now!

So please sign your petition against S. 292, and then make a donation to help the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance get the word out about this bill to every gun owner in Idaho.

Please donate NOW!

For Idaho,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

About Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.

Our website can be located at www.idahosaa.org.Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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Red Flag Laws goes against due process and the 4th amendment, so if not stopped in the senate, we will have to go to the courts. You cannot trust politicians.. period..


Four days from today is the 246th anniversary of the beginning of the War to Secure the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. A small group of Armed Citizens faced off against a contingent of troops of the Tyrannical Government of the day. Vastly outnumbered in men and poorly trained. They stood fast not knowing their fate and yet Stand they did, because of their want of Freedom and to throw off the bonds pressed upon them by a Government that to Control them. “We the People” owe those Founding Patriots a debt as of yet to be repaid. For… Read more »


Crapo and Risch are RINO’s of the highest order, but i don’t think even they are stupid enough to vote for anything anti 2A. They are already in deep trouble in Idaho for voting to certify the fraudulent election of Resident Biden. Likely both will be primaried if there is another election.


They don’t care.
The only thing that a politician cares about is getting elected and reelected.
They will cut all kinds of deals.

Removal works.


Immediately following Parkland School shooting Rubio and Scott were all over Red Flag Laws. If I am not mistaken Scott raised the age to purchase shot guns and rifles to 21 years olds as well. Just for the record they ran for office as pro gun. Scott is as crooked as the day is long and Rubio is just a piece of shit.

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I contacted my Senators just now urging them to vote No on S.292. Probably didn’t have to contact Cruz, but Cornyn I can’t depend on.


Bozz – ya nailed it on Cornyn – proof is him up voting garland for AG.


Trump’s endorsement of red flag laws emboldened many Republican legislators. Some of the Republican Senators to watch:

Susan Collins, ME
John Cornyn, TX
Lindsey Graham, SC
Chuck Grassley, IA
Mitch McConnell, KY
Lisa Murkowski, AK
Mitt Romney, UT
Marco Rubio, FL
Rick Scott, FL
Pat Toomey, PA

Rand Paul, KY (who indicated support as long as the legislation specifies the victim is allowed to pay a lawyer and prove he is innocent of a crime that wasn’t committed within two days of armed government employees unreasonably searching his residence and seizing his assets).



Rand really disappointed me on this. It looks like Massie is now the only legislator we have in DC (since Amash left) who will straight up tell you all arms laws are unconstitutional and has the voting record to prove it.


Yeah, not only is he normally fairly Pro 2nd Amendment, but he’s typically logical in his reasoning. We already have a mechanism for adjudicating people who are mentally ill and a probable harm to themselves or others. If there is an emergency that is so severe, clear, and immediate, the person should be taken into custody where he will have no access to open windows, rope, gasoline, or propane. Instead of those two remedies, this is what will happen: “well, he may be kind of nuts, so let’s just take his guns and hope for the best. If he wants… Read more »

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The nuts in Congress are the ones that we need the Red Flag law to check out! They are the nuts!
They took an oath and the ARE NOT standing by it!!


barn – I’ve been seeing several variations of this: “I can’t turn my guns in since I ran a background check on the gummint employees and none of them are mentally stable” IOW, we simply cannot trust them (we already knew that).

Arizona Don

I wonder how many on that list thinks a red flag law will not be abused somewhere or somehow? Once again punishing the innocent for what criminals do!

Big PP

He has been doing this to us Floridians for years! He is a snake! A turncoat! I was once fooled by him also, but his actions showed me who he was. Do not trust him!


Scott was quick to sellout Florida gun owners after the Parkland shooting,(which was a failure of both FBI and Broward County Police). He signed redflag legislation and other gun control laws because he was term limited as governor and wanted to jump to a US senate seat to further his political ambitions. He MUST be taken out in the next primary as he is a snake and can’t be trusted.. Rubio, on the other hand, is a good man but he tends to flip-flop on issues. We should also try to get him out in the 2022 Florida primary.

Big PP

I’ve been trying to get him out for years, we must keep blasting him and educating others that Scott is a turncoat!


Why isn’t anyone ever pointing out that those that get MURDERED in these mass shootings, (With perhaps the exception of Chicago’s south side?) are always UNARMED, LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS that SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARMED?

Also, this country has had RED FLAG laws ever since the birth of the “Women’s Equality Movement” in the form of False Allegations during divorce / custody issues that often times criminalized the man / father WITHOUT due process yet because these travesties of justice are cloaked in “The child’s best interests” or under “Women and children”, NOTHING gets done about any of it?

Last edited 1 year ago by USMC0351Grunt
Arizona Don

A ban or restrictive gun law(s) on any gun has “never” reduced crime if anything it has increased crime. For anyone who does not yet understand that those kinds of laws take guns out of ONLY law abiding citizens hands but “not” the criminals (outlaws) hands. People who do not obey laws will not start obeying them just because they are gun laws passed by the federal legislature and signed into law by a president. When are the American politicians going to learn that? What the hell is the matter with Rubio and Scott? That is why people who do not obey laws are referred… Read more »


I can’t imagine all the fun that angry exes will have with a Red Flag law. Or piss off your teenage son or daughter and see what happens. Hope you are in good graces with the mother-in- law too.


Bozz – depending on exactly what ‘reporting’ mechanism is set up, we will have to be VERY careful lest you tick off your neighbors as well. Too many of the existing red flag systems don’t even allow you to know who dimed you out or for what reason.

uncle dudley

As long as mass shootings continue in the country the democrats are going to push for every gun control law imaginable. They have already shown us their hate for people who enjoy the second amendment rights that we have, and it doesn’t go along with their progressive agenda, so they don’t follow the laws on any subject they don’t like and walk all over the citizens rights. Maybe it’s time to dig up the dirt on any republican who is leaning towards the red flag laws being talked about and put it out to the public. If they are going… Read more »


Both of these bull s//t politicians need to be removed.

Now remember Scott runs NS RC.

He said any attempt by the “Trumpsters” to primary any republican senator would be dealt with.



This brings us to the precipice of civil war.

No turning back.