Trouble Follows You Home – More Self Defense Gun Stories

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Trouble Follows You Home – More Self Defense Gun Stories

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Robyn Sandoval joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan? (21-minute audio)

First story- Do you have a firearm nearby at night?

You’re asleep in bed. It is 3 in the morning when you hear a noise downstairs. You are a woman living alone, so it isn’t a housemate. You grab your gun and go see what is happening in your apartment. You see a stranger in your home. The news story doesn’t give us any details, but you shoot your intruder. He runs away and you stop shooting. You call 911.

15 minutes later, the police arrest your intruder at the local hospital. He is treated and then arrested for burglary and terroristic threats.

Second Story- Are you armed when you visit grandma?

You got the call that no one wants to hear. One of the kids hit Grandma in the head and stole her car. The rest of the family is trying to get grandma to a doctor. They want your help if the grandchild comes back. That makes sense since her attacker is a large 29 year old male with a history of problems and a criminal record. You go to grandma’s house.

It is 10 pm when the attacker comes back with grandma’s car. You get between grandma and the door. You tell her attacker to drop the keys and leave. He moves toward you. You’re armed. You present your firearm and shoot him. He falls down. You call 911 and ask for police and EMS.

Your attacker is arrested, taken to the hospital to treat his wounded leg, and then taken to jail. He is charged with malicious assault, assault and battery, auto theft, and driving on a revoked license.

Third story- Are you armed at home in the evening?

Your girlfriend comes over and she is worried. Her ex-boyfriend is contacting her even though she took out a restraining order. She is afraid she is being followed. It is about 9 at night when a stranger enters your home and attacks you. You own a gun. You’re carrying concealed. You present your firearm and shoot at your attacker. He runs away, but you’re not sure if you hit him or not. You stay at the scene and both of you and your girlfriend call the police.

That was your girlfriend’s ex who attacked you. He has a history of domestic violence. He broke the restraining order by calling her, and by following her here.

Police take your statements. They search the area but don’t find your attacker. The next morning, someone reports a body laying face down in the snow a few blocks away.

Fourth story- Are you armed at home?

You hear a crashing sound and screams. You come out of your bedroom and see two strangers attacking your roommate. You have your New York firearms license. You’re armed. You present your firearm and shoot the attacker closest to you. Both men turn and run. You stop shooting.

You check on your roommate. Both of you call 911 at a few minutes after nine in the morning.

The police arrive and you give them a brief statement. You fired more than once, but you don’t know if you hit your attacker. Police find your attackers when they arrive at the local hospital. Your attackers are arrested and held in jail for felony burglary.

Text of the discussion and links to the original stories are on the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.


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more like events taken from back pages, as a good shoot will never be front page it is against the narrative

Pa John

“You hear a crashing sound and screams. You come out of your bedroom and see two strangers attacking your roommate. You have your New York firearms license.“ When I read that bit about “You have your New York firearms license“, I was almost willing to believe the home defender must have been riding an ultra rare black unicorn in full battle gear, with hundreds of magical fire fairies flying in defensive / attack formations above their head and by their sides! But no, I went to the original article, and the boring reality is that this occurred in the tiny… Read more »


I’m nitpicking a little but could you stop calling these incidents stories. Stories denotes fiction. As we’ve seen with the left, perception is everything. Words are everything. Call them incidents or articles.


Common man. ; )


Well, let me tell you a story about an incident that happened to me just down the street from my home. Does that make it fiction or is it a story.
Perhaps an Inciting incident.


“Are you not entertained!”

Pastor Roy

“The next morning, someone reports a body laying face down in the snow a few blocks away.”

Too bad all stories about ex-boyfriends/husbands breaking restraining orders don’t end this way.

Usually, they end with the ex-girlfriend/wife being beat up or killed.


My son’s girlfriend was shot by her ex while she was on the phone with him. They lived close enough that he dashed over there to find her in the front seat of her car with 8 wounds to her head. There was a protective order in place that she had twice reported to the police that the ex had violated. The police did nothing and now she is dead and my son went through the trauma of holder her lifeless body in his arms. Lesson . . . we are all on our own to protect ourselves and the… Read more »