Benchmade Auto Presidio II Tactical Folding Knife – Review

The Benchmade Auto Presidio II is the stoutest folder that I've ever tested.
The Benchmade Auto Presidio II is the stoutest folder that I’ve ever tested.

U.S.A.-( BOMBPROOF. TANK. INDESTRUCTIBLE. That’s some of the descriptions that popped into my head when I opened the box on my new Benchmade Auto Presidio II tactical folder. It is the heaviest duty folder that I’ve ever seen.

Benchmade Auto Presidio II Tactical Folding Knife

A couple of days after receiving it my daughter and I ran up the mountains to hunt mushrooms. I had a smaller folder in my pocket and grabbed my mushroom knife. Suddenly I thought, yeah, I ought to take my new Benchmade Auto Presidio II folder. This would be a good trip in which to test it out and take some pics.

We hunted mushrooms for a while and then stopped for lunch. I built a fire, heated up some burritos that I’d made that morning and pulled a can of Pork & Beans out of my daughter Alps Mountaineering Ghost 30 EDC backpack. On no, I’d forgotten a can opener. Briefly I thought well, this would be a good test to see if the Benchmade Auto Presidio II folder was as tough as it looked.

Naw, I don’t want to annihilate the edge on a new $165.00 knife opening a can of beans, do I? Well, let’s see how tough the Benchmade Auto Presidio II actually is. It came from the factory with a sharp edge. I stuck the point into the top of the can, held the can of beans between my feet and started working the blade around the edge opening it.

After opening the can I felt the edge to see if it was toast. I couldn’t feel the difference on the tip where I had cut the can and below the tip which was still new. I noticed that I had a newspaper that I’d brought to build the fire. I stuck the blade in it and it sliced through the paper like a razor. Unbelievable, it felt just as sharp as before. I used the tip to cut the can and it still felt as sharp as the rest of the blade. While typing this product review at home I thought, I’ve got to test that again to make sure that I’m not nuts so I sliced a sheet of paper again using the tip and then the lower part of the blade. Maybe the tip was just ever so slightly duller than the lower part but it was almost unperceivable.

Unbelievable. I was for sure now sold on the Benchmade Auto Presidio II folder and declared it the best tactical folder that I’ve tested to date. Then of course it functioned fine on the rest of the tasks that I encountered on the mushroom picking trip. Cutting sticks to make S’mores (Another vital component to a trip according to my daughter) and every other cutting task that we encountered.

Now to cover some of the traits. It has a button on the back. Slide it forwards and it locks the blade so it cannot be opened. When it is open slide it forwards and it acts as a secondary lock so the blade cannot be inadvertently closed.

To ensure that you have a firm grip the handle has sideways slots and there are thumb grooves on the top and finger groves on the bottom for your pointer finger and a slight finger guard. The full-sized handle further ensures that you maintain a firm grip. The blade is a drop point and is half straight/half serrated.

And lastly, it comes with a unique canvas sheath. The knife sets firmly down in the sheath and I don’t think that it could fall out but as a double guard it has a flap that Velcro’s down. It has a clip that fits on that acts as a belt loop that can be removed and the sheath has two MOLLE webs on the back so you can attach it to a pack. And it also comes with a reversible pocket clip.

The MSRP on the Benchmade Auto Presidio II folder is $165.00 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Benchmade Auto Presidio II Tactical Folding Knife Specs & Features:

  • BLADE LENGTH: 3.72in [9.45cm]
  • BLADE THICKNESS: 0.124in [3.150mm]
  • OPEN: 8.72in [22.15cm]
  • CLOSED: 5.0in [12.70cm]
  • WEIGHT: 4.97oz [140.90g]
  • HANDLE THICKNESS: 0.63in [16.00mm]


  • Blade Steel CPM-S30V (58-60 HRC)
  • Blade Style/Shape Drop-point
  • Clip Type Deep-Carry
  • Clip Position Reversible Tip-Up
  • Handle Material CF-Elite™
  • Lanyard Hole Yes
  • MOLLE Compatible Yes
  • Use Every Day, Tactical

About Tom Claycomb

Tom Claycomb has been an avid hunter/fisherman throughout his life as well as an outdoor writer with outdoor columns in the magazine Hunt Alaska, Bass Pro Shops,, and freelances for numerous magazines and newspapers. “To properly skin your animal, you will need a sharp knife. I have an e-article on Amazon Kindle titled Knife Sharpening #ad for $.99 if you’re having trouble.”

Tom Claycomb

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A little over the top here. Frankly, I’ve opened a can of beans with a $12 Swiss Army Knife and why does the author have to tell us in detail that his daughter was carrying a “Alps Mountaineering Ghost 30 EDC backpack?” A little elitism, perhaps? Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure it’s a great knife. It should be for that price. But I would put the $56 CRKT I got at the PX at Camp Victory up against it anytime. You really don’t have to break the bank to get a good knife.


I call BS on his whole story. Who builds a fire to cook lunch on an afternoon of mushroom collecting, much less carries all the stuff to cook. I would have thought maybe carry a sandwich. Then push benchbroke too. WOW, serious lack of integrity… much.

Last edited 1 year ago by aquadude2

Well, I do. I don’t gather nor eat fungus, but I also carry a burrito or sandwich in aluminum foil, and make a small fire to heat it up and make coffee. How much stuff does that really take? You can’t carry a lighter and a metal cup? I wouldn’t go out without the four basics. Fire, shelter, knife, and a metal cup. My problem with the item is the assertion that only the toughest of knives could ever open a can. On the contrary, even the cheapest chinesium knife can do so easily. P-38 can openers cost 25 cents,… Read more »


$165.00 for a can opener ? I’ll stick with my P-38s .Carry one in my wallet all the time. And another in my kit bag.


$165.00 for a “pocket knife”? I’ll pass. I can do the same thing with quality knives that cost a whole lot less, and in many cases, of equal or better quality.


Hmmm.. we are buying Benchmaiden products again? You mean the guys who help destroy confiscated gun for their community constabulary? Sorry, I only support 2nd amendment rights supporters.. like spiderco


I’m with ya but its spelled spYderco. At least on the 4 boxes I bought.


Poor spller i am ! I have only three boxes


No issue sir just trying to help
We both dislike BMADE and were fans of Spyderco.


Or my favorite, Kershaw. I’ve been carrying mine for 2 decades. Opened many a can… and field dressed deer and pronghorns with it too! And it was only half that price. Even a 2 dollar china knife will open a can. Is opening a can really supposed to be an impressive feat now? 🙂