Benchmade Claymore Tactical Folding Knife – Review

If you're in the market for a semi thinner profile heavy duty tactical knife then you need to check out the Benchmade Claymore folder.
If you’re in the market for a semi thinner profile heavy duty tactical knife then you need to check out the Benchmade Claymore folder.

U.S.A.-( I recently did a Product Review on the Benchmade Auto Presidio II and described it as an indestructible tank. Today the Product Review is on its cousin, the Benchmade Claymore folder. I don’t want to call the Claymore a dainty folder but compared to the Benchmade Auto Presidio II it is a little more… let’s say elegant. The handle is a little thinner and doesn’t feel as bulky and the handle is also not quite as wide. But make no mistake, the Benchmade Claymore is a street fighting, combat-ready, survivalist knife in all aspects.

Benchmade Claymore Tactical Folding Knife

It is a tough, stoutly built knife with most of the same features as the Auto Presidio II. They both closely resemble each other but the Benchmade Claymore fits my hand a little bit better. And since it has a slightly thinner profile it is easier or maybe more comfortable to carry in my pocket.

It has a reversible pocket clip that carries the knife tip-up. It also has a hole in case you like to use a lanyard. I think that leather lanyards look cool on knives but for whatever reason, I don’t ever tie on one. I have lanyards on maybe 2-4 of my knives. I guess I’m just afraid that they may hang on a limb and get jerked out of my pocket or that someone could grab the lanyard and jerk the knife out of my pocket.

The Benchmade Claymore has textured grips that enhance your gripping ability along with thumb grooves on an upswept handle. On bottom, there are finger grooves on a moderate finger groove so you’ll feel like you have good control while holding the Benchmade Claymore.

Now for the two things that I really like about the Claymore. The lock/unlock switch is really easy to operate with your thumb. Pushed forward it is locked and slid backward it is ready to be activated. It takes no effort at all to work. It is easy enough that a kid could operate it.

To open the Claymore, place your fingers on the pocket clip to hold it firmly and place your thumb on the open/close button. Press the button with medium pressure and it will flip open in a heartbeat. To close the Claymore, push the button and fold it shut. I would strongly recommend utilizing the locking feature while carrying it. The Claymore came from the factory super sharp. Needless to say, it could cause havoc if it flipped open in your pocket.

The Benchmade Claymore has a drop point but the spine is slightly sloping and in the last 1 5/8-inches the spine definitely drops downwards so the blade has a definite point. This allows you to perform all the stabbing jobs that you may encounter throughout the day.

I see this knife being good for a number of tasks. Survival, EDC, SWAT Teams, Search & Rescue teams, and backpacking and boating usages. When I’m boating or rafting I like to have a knife with a serrated edge in case someone gets hung up in a rope, a life jacket hung in the brush if we get tipped over or an anchor gets hung up and we’re about to get swamped, which happens yearly in my little 12-foot Little Jon boat.

It would also make a great backpacking knife. You could easily handle all of your camping needs with the Claymore. The MSRP on the Benchmade Claymore is $230.00 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Benchmade Claymore Specs:

  • BLADE LENGTH – 3.60” | 8.64cm
  • BLADE THICKNESS – 0.114” | 2.896mm
  • OPEN – 8.60” | 19.81cm
  • CLOSED – 5.00” | 11.18cm
  • WEIGHT – 3.50oz | 97.24g
  • HANDLE THICKNESS – 0.60” | 14.99mm

Benchmade Claymore Features:

  • Blade Edge Serrated
  • Blade Finish/Color Cobalt Black
  • Blade Steel CPM-D2 (60-62 HRC)
  • Blade Style/Shape Drop-point
  • Clip Type Deep-Carry
  • Clip Position Reversible Tip-Up
  • Handle Material Grivory Black
  • Use Tactical
  • Blade Style Serrated Drop-Point
  • Handle Material Blade Finish: Cobalt Black Blade Steel: CPM-D2 (60-62)

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