Don Trump Jr.’s Disruptive Outdoor Media Brand, Field Ethos Hires Industry Vet Schoby

Mike Schoby
Mike Schoby

BOZEMAN, MT – -( Field Ethos Inc., the multi-media platform dedicated to providing adventure seekers with unparalleled hunting, fishing, travel, and adventure content, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mike Schoby as Chief Operating Officer. Schoby will be responsible for strategic brand growth, sales and partnerships with quality brands in the outdoor space.

Schoby’s outdoor industry experience spans nearly three decades as a writer, photographer, book author, as well as Editor-in-Chief of Petersen’s Hunting magazine and Group Publisher overseeing Outdoor Sportsman Group’s shooting division, including legacy brands such as Guns & Ammo and Shooting Times.

“Schoby is an excellent fit for our team of troublemakers at Field Ethos. His many years in the outdoor industry partnered with his unfiltered style align with our collective mindset. With the way many brands are shying away from unapologetic sporting content, Schoby fits in well with a team that’s not afraid to swim against the current,” said Jason Vincent – Field Ethos Inc. Founder. “When you combine his comprehensive hunting and fishing experience with his track record of innovative content development, the ability to lead sales teams and success in developing long-lasting relationships in the industry, he really is the perfect fit for Field Ethos, and we’re excited he is attracted to our brand.”

“I’m thrilled to join the Field Ethos team,” says Schoby. “It’s a chance to help create a renaissance of the masculine sporting culture—adventure, hunting, guns, travel and fishing. Most importantly it is about representing our lifestyle honestly. For example, Field Ethos doesn’t justify hunting solely for the sake of food…it is a part of it, but we know there is much more. It is equally about the adventure, culture, comradery and tradition. At our core we are about embracing toxic masculinity and rejecting the woke, P.C. culture.”

“Mike is a friend and someone I respect in the outdoor industry. I think everyone knows I’m unapologetic by nature and he has a very similar mindset when it comes to how we want to see our brand evolve—and we’re pretty much doing exactly the opposite of most brands in our space. In this day and age, honest representations of hunting and fishing pisses a lot of people off. Mike won’t take his foot off the gas when that happens,” said Don Trump Jr.—Field Ethos Inc. Founder.

“We’re just a few dudes being dudes. Less and less people seem to be ok with this these days, but we’re here for those of us who still value that.”


Don Trump Jr. along with several friends launched Field Ethos Journal in 2020 with a mission to create a brand that takes a strong stance as a pro-hunting, pro 2A, non-PC outlet for those who appreciate unapologetic, authentic and unfiltered content. Unlike some brands that have financial ties to known anti-gun groups, Field Ethos is free from all encumbrances and welcomes every aspects of the gun culture from fine English doubles to machine guns. While the brand currently focuses on digital content through it’s website, films, podcast and social media, it’s inaugural print magazine will launch in early 2022.

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Love it.
wish he and his dad could set up A funding group that funds only Republicans not RINO’s.

i have reframed from funding RNC because they dole money out to only incumbents whether they are the RINO’s or not.