Double Duty with EAA/Akkar Churchill 612 and 620 Pump-Action Combo Shotguns

EAA Combo Shotguns
EAA/Akkar Churchill 612 and 620 Combo Shotguns

Cocoa, Fla. ( –  EAA Corp., importers of select quality handguns, rifles, and shotguns, introduce the budget-friendly EAA/Akkar Churchill 612 and 620 Combo pump-action shotguns. Two guns for the price of one. Now, your hunting buddy and self-defense shotgun is interchangeable on one reliable platform, doing double duty and saving money.

The Churchill 612 or 620 Pump-Action Combo includes the Churchill 12GA 3” shotgun with a standard grip stock made from super durable polymer and an 18.5” barrel with a steel fixed front sight. In this configuration, the Churchill 612 or 620 is primed for home defense and very maneuverable in tight places such as hallways or staircases.

EAA Combo Shotgun barrels
EAA/Akkar quick change out 612 and 620 Shotgun barrels

Changing out the barrel is easily and quickly done with a quick, no-tools-necessary barrel change-out. Simply remove the magazine cap and pull the 18.5” barrel out of the receiver. Slide the 28” barrel (620 features a 26” barrel) with fiber optic front sight into the receiver and replace the mag cap.

EAA/Akkar’s Churchill 612 or 620 Pump-Action Combo comes with three screw choke tubes: Full, Modified, and  Cylinder. Magazine tube threads are 870 type so both models are easily adaptable to many accessories. Two guns for the price of one, MSRP $430.00.

EAA/Akkar Churchill Combo Shotguns Specifications:

  • Model:                 612 Combo                        620 Combo
  • SKU:                   111372                                111205
  • Chamber:            12ga, 3”                              20ga, 3”
  • Cap:                     5+1                                      5+1
  • LOP:                    14.25”                                 14.25”
  • BBL:                    18.5”/28”                             18.5”/26”
  • OAL:                     47.7”                                   45.5”
  • WT:                       5.5 lbs.                                5 lbs.
  • MSRP:                  $430.00                              $430.00

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About European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.):

Based in Florida and founded in the early 1990s, European American Armory Corporation (EAA Corp.) has brought value to firearms owners with an array of right-priced, affordable handguns, rifles, and pistols from respectable international manufacturers. EAA Corp’s mission has always been “good quality products at reasonable prices.”

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