Ensuring A Real Future For The NRA

National Rifle Association NRA
National Rifle Association NRA

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- The attacks on the National Rifle Association by the Cuomo-James regime is an existential threat to every pro-Second Amendment organization out there. That being said, Wayne LaPierre made serious errors of omission, particularly with regards to the warning signs of what was coming from New York’s state government.

However, we also should not forget the real accomplishments LaPierre can rightly point to, as Dean Weingarten has outlined. Duane Liptak’s observations on NRA staff match with my experiences working there. We have come a long way from the times when the Second Amendment was in doubt in the early 1990s, especially with Texas passing constitutional carry. We have a Supreme Court that is much friendlier to the Second Amendment than it was just 13 years ago when Heller was handed down.

So, where does the NRA go in the future? How do we keep this vital organization going?

Here’s what I’d do, once the Cuomo-James assault is struck down on First Amendment grounds.

Reincorporate In A New State

The first step is to get the NRA reincorporated in a much friendlier state than New York. I’m not talking Texas. I’m thinking states President Trump carried by a wide margin. The ideal location would be West Virginia, given the fact it is deep “red” and for its relative proximity to Washington, D.C.

Texas may have passed constitutional carry, but it has trended in a more purple direction in some recent elections. If things go south there, the NRA could very well be forced to relocate again, so it makes far more sense to pick one of the reddest states in the country.

Relocate NRA Headquarters

This is a big-ticket item, and it will be expensive. But the fact is that Virginia has become more hostile to Second Amendment rights, and it is well past time to make a statement on that front. West Virginia’s eastern panhandle is still relatively close to Washington, D.C. for executives to lobby federal lawmakers. But there are other benefits and reasons to make this admittedly expensive shift.

In addition, West Virginia has constitutional carry, other state firearm laws are about as Second Amendment friendly as one could ask for, and it will be cheaper to live there than in the northern Virginia/Washington DC suburbs, which will be of longer-term benefit in attracting good staff and employees.

Expand Outreach

The fact of the matter is that current NRA strategies have created vulnerability in the suburbs, ignored urban areas, and have failed to address other realities that exist. The fact is, the NRA can make gains simply by getting on the field in some areas. Hiring translators for Spanish and other media is something that should have been done decades ago. It is well past time for the NRA to have its own cultural engagement division.

The fact is, there are trends that could be very favorable to Second Amendment supporters. Those could be accelerated with the right approaches.

Launch A Four-Pronged Pro-Second Amendment Offensive

The fight for people’s hearts and minds is not just fought on one front but on multiple fronts. There is the political/legislative arena, which the NRA has excelled in (Why else did Andrew Cuomo and Letitia James want to destroy it and not other pro-Second Amendment groups?), and the legal arena, where the Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition work hard.

The NRA needs to be involved in those two areas, but their cultural arena will also matter. Not just in the news, but also in entertainment. Not working with up-and-coming conservative entertainment outlets like Daily Wire, Conflix Studios, or Creado Media to help shape portrayals of the Second Amendment would be penny-wise and pound-foolish.

Finally, the NRA also must empower its members to fight the battles at our local school board level. Anti-Second Amendment extremists have had free reign in our public schools for far too long, and that must change. NRA can’t have a lobbyist everywhere, but the members can act on their own – and local school boards are where individual members (or a group of members) can have an outsized effect.

The fact of the matter is that the NRA is arguably the best vehicle for Second Amendment supporters to assemble the type of coalition that can not just win the 2022 and 2024 elections but to build a lasting pro-Second Amendment culture. To do so, it needs to change and adapt to the 21st century.

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics, and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

Harold Hutchison

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Wayne gone. Fewer council members, a lot fewer.


I really get tired of the cry babies complaining about everything that’s wrong with the NRA. no doubt about it Wayne should go away, we need new fresh sharks in charge, no compromise should be first and foremost and written iinto the bylaws. If they are worth it pay them good, if not fire there a$$


In 2018 and 2019 (my 2020 not immediately nearby) G&A’s annual “Best States for Gun Owners”. WV ranked #15 behind (in order) AZ, ID, AK, KS, OK, KY, UT, WY, MT, TX, GA, MO, TN and ND.


Good article with some solid suggestions. The NRA has always been a strong voice to make us heard in Washington. The measure of their success is how intensely Democrats like Tim Kaine hate them and try to destroy them. Gun owners need to stop dissing the NRA and step up the make the changes in it that need to be made. Right now the Liberals are using the NRA’s issues to divide us just like they are to the rest of the USA. We need to stop dancing to their tune and stick together.


Just what the hell is all the Harold hate rooted in? I’ve been reading his stuff for a few years and for the most part he is on target. It seems that there are some of you that just don’t have a friggin’ clue what reality is.

Black Powder 26

I was impressed by the various responses to this article. Some very well thought-out and sensible ideas are presented. I would agree with all that the NRA must change. It needs a new leader (get rid of Wayne)a new BOD, and a way for the membership to be more actively involved and, of course, heard. I also agree they need a new public relations campaign to at least try and thwart all the negative anti 2A rhetoric. Becoming more inclusive demographically is also a really good step in the right direction. The NRA is not all bad! Their instructional/training courses… Read more »


It is not close to DC, but how about Southern Idaho. The state is a Second Amendment Sanctuary. There is plenty of land for ranges as well. The NRA spent tens of thousands of dollars on our local range in North Idaho. They have been great. Idaho has 60+ gun-related manufacturers.

David Nissen Kahn

I strongly disagree with Mack…who’s entitled to his opinion, of course. This isn’t the place for a discussion of immigration, assimilation, or anything else like this. The ship has sailed and the train’s out of the station. The NRA needs as big a tent as possible. Black people. Brown people. People of all colors. People of all sorts of sexual/gender identity. You can call me a liberal cuck. I won’t mind. If you knew more about me, a lot of you probably wouldn’t like me. But if you want the organization to continue, especially if you want it to prosper… Read more »


Unlike Harold this is what I would suggest:

If you ‘immigrants’ are not going to assimilate and speak English, get out of our country.

Those supposedly on our side need to stop pandering.

Thank you.




Fire WLP and his cronies; then come and talk to me about saving the NRA!


Harold Fudd still shilling for the largest, most successful, gun control organization in this nation’s history. The NRA has helped enact the NFA, GCA, Mulford Act, Hughes Amendment, import bans, NICS, red flag laws, bumpstock ban, and FixNICS. They’re controlled opposition at best and outright traitors at worst.


Meh. This is focusing on the wrong things. I can see his argument for moving to Virginia, but a national organization going after local school boards? That should be a local solution.




They’re already in Virginia, which is a very blue state. As the author says, they should move the West Virginia which is still the America we all know and love.


I have owned guns from age 7 to my time in the military….after leaving the Military in 1976, I did not own a gun until 2020 (Not a hunter). Politically my wife and I are very pro 2A and decided we both would purchase weapons and get Concealed Permits as a mostly Political statement of support.To supplement that position our Firearms dealer suggested strongly we should join the NRA. We did despite my misgivings with the internal situation others have described here. I am active locally in our Sportsman’s association where we are pursuing several 2A issues here in West… Read more »

Dogma Factor

HH has a few points of merit, but his head stuck up WLP back side so far he can’t see the the real problem with the NRA. WLP plus the executive staff and 95 percent of the do nothing a$$ kissing board need to go. The members of the NRA need to take it back as their own once again just like in the 1977 Revolt at Cincinnati. Once firmly in the hands of it’s members the NRA will be able grow it’s numbers and continue it true mission of supporting and defending the second amendment. The NRA is currently… Read more »


Wow Harold, I hope LaPierre has some paper towels handy to wipe his butt after that major ass kissing you just gave him. How much are you getting paid for this laughable piece of trash you wrote?


Harold, you are such a propagandist it really is laughable.
You have no shame.
The skunk, li’l wayne La P u , is most likely headed to prison.
Your head is so far up his butt you havent seen daylight in years.
Why dont you report on his ” expenses” that members dues pay for?
Report on his lavish ” compensation ” packages.
Do some real reporting instead of whitewashing.

Heed the Call-up

“[A]s Dean Weingarten has outlined” in his article, he had no mention of the NRA in it. Furthermore, all the compromises made by the NRA, such as the 1934 NFA; the 1938 FFA; the 1968 GCA; the 1986 FOPA, etc., only further infringed on our rights, not incrementally helped restore our RKBA. Organizations that have succeeded on a national level are groups, such as the GOA, and SAF, and state level groups that the NRA also did not help in our fight to retain/restore our rights, such as in Virginia, the VCDL. How much does the NRA pay this shill?… Read more »


Very good points! NRA, are you listening?


C’mon, Harry! Do you really think relocating the NRA HQ will “make a statement” to Virginia? The Liberal Virginia government won’t give a rat’s ass for that move, and will probably take great satisfaction if that were to occur. Get your feet back on the ground.


He said West Virginia, right?


Yes, TO West Virginia… from New York (current location)

Last edited 1 year ago by JoeUSooner

The NRA is incorporated in NY, but its HQ is in Virginia. Virginia tried passing a law that would have shut every indoor range in the state, just so they could attack the NRA. Virginia is the Devil’s playground.


Your grammar and spelling are terrible…

This article – INSURING

Masthead – Semi-autos

Ansel Hazen

Actually Harold no one asked you what needed to be done. And that’s because we have been telling you for quite a while now.


I’ve received multiple updates from Rachel Malone/GOA Texas during the process of Texas getting constitutional carry legislation passed and sent to the governor’s desk. I don’t recall hearing one time that the NRA was involved, at all. The NRA is dead to me, they should stick to running rifle matches.


The only thing I hear from the NRA over the last couple of months has been numerous emails informing me I need to activate my membership for a free prize, Oddly enough I have been a Life Member for several decades (Non Practicing) for most the last couple do to the Negotiating Rights Away mentality of the present leadership (BOD) included. As well as the maleficence, larceny and corruption within the Org. I’m not real sure at this point the NRA can be rebuilt with it’s current state and organizational makeup. I now focus my time and resources to support… Read more »


Excellent work, Darkman! Together we (GOA, 2AF, and many more, plus too many locals to mention), are taking back what NRA gave up for free. The strength of the NRA has always been in its members. If the NRA drives them away, then they will go elsewhere. That seems pretty obvious to me.

Ron Carter

An article titled “Ensuring A Real Future For The NRA” that fails to mention Phillip Journey, Frank Tait, Buz Mills and Rocky Marshall is either pro-LaPierre or an anti-gun fluff piece.

Autsin Miller III

It seems to me this article is a really long answer to a question no one asked. I don’t mean that to be as sarcastic as it sounds but the fact is the NRA is no longer relevant to the 2A struggle. We now have great organizations like GOA and SAF that are doing excellent work. Every day the board of directors let’s Wayne stay in office is a day closer to the state AG getting her hands on their money and giving it to our enemies so in my opinion, anyone who supports the NRA in any regard is… Read more »


Don’t forget that the NRA is involved In several important lawsuits with different attorneys. Different attorneys means a better selection of arguments and points and authorities in court!

AZ Lefty

WOw Your GED in law is a fail, there is not first amendment grounds for financial shenanigans!
As for what the NRA needs to do

1) Get rid of Grifter Wayne
2) Get rid of his Cabal running the NRA
3) Abolish the BOD Election committee
4) Shrink and reconstitute the BOD
5) Install solid fiscal polices so the NRA is no longer a “personal wants” fund
6) Reincorporate


Most of Harold’s articles are bunk garbage, as is this one.

In addition to your great list…
7) cap salaries and benefits for executives and all employees at 250k per year.
8) cap fees paid to outside groups, celebs, etc at 250k per year.
9) refocus on training, offering more classes and more sessions in every state.
10) stop negotiating our rights away and selling out to congress.
11) actively go on offense, suing to end the GCA, NFA, hughes amendment, etc.


how about we cap all politicians salaries
cap lobbiests acessability to politicians
eliminate qualified immunity for politicians, if they pass a law that harms people they can be sued
end the GCA< NFA


wow AZ lefty why don’t you join with the DEMONRATS


Get ride of Wayne and shrink the board. With a board that large its impossible to make changes efficiently and quickly. With that many people it become a quagmire or red tape and different opinions

Last edited 1 year ago by Cam
Ron Carter

This article could have been written two years ago and is not relevant to today. How you ask? Author quotes Duane Liptak’s article from early 2019. Liptak resigned after NRA declared bankruptcy. Whatever was the NRA is not the NRA today. There are sins of omission (which the author notes) but the mountain of sins of commission are not considered. LaPierre is only LaPierre because the culpable need him. In no way, shape or form is the NRA the “best vehicle for Second Amendment supporters to assemble the type of coalition that can not just win the 2022 and 2024… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ron Carter

From what I have seen and read, according to a majority on this board they could gain positive results by getting rid of Wayne and changing the board. Some want to get rid of the NRA all together because they think that they are useless and sell outs because of past actions. I believe that there is a chance for absolution if they would just fire Wayne. Things were best when we had Charlton Heston and Oliver North. I didn’t hear all the complaining about the NRA squandering money or selling out the peoples right to bear arms like I… Read more »

Xaun Loc

musicman44mag You “didn’t hear about” the NRA “selling out the peoples right to bear arms” before WLP? Only because you weren’t watching and have never looked at the history of the NRA anywhere outside the shiny brochures they keep sending you begging for more money. Let me ask you two questions: WHO was it who testified before Congress that carrying a firearm “should be sharply restricted and only under licenses”? and WHEN did he make that statement? Hint: He was the then-President of the NRA and it was in 1934 while the NRA was pushing FOR the passage of the… Read more »


Sorry, don’t know the answer to either of those just like I don’t know when silencers and short barrel rifles all became controlled products or more stupidly, why?. What I do know is right around 1935 is when they said that we could no longer have fully auto like tommy guns and if memory serves me right, it was because of gangsters and maybe Bonnie and Clyde. I am really not sure of the Bonnie and Clyde one but it doesn’t really matter who started it anymore. What matters is that we all get together and end it and there… Read more »




I have heard this argument ad nauseam. You are 100% correct. The GCA of 1934 was a horrific cluster – [email protected]#$, however, I personally don’t give a rats ass what the then-President of the NRA did in 1934. That was 87 years ago. The NRA Cincinnati revolt in 1977 had most of the “good ‘ole boys” bullshit corrected. Before this, the NRA was focused on hunting, conservation, and marksmanship. This moved the focus of the NRA to the preservation of the 2nd amendment in response to the GCA of 1968. The “good ole boys” managed to regain control and elect… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

@TLS, Xaun Loc’s point is that the NRA has been been involved in every very bad legislative act that has further infringed on our rights. They on occasion do put icing on the cake, but that is after giving large slices of it away. It continued even after 1977, with the 1986 FOPA, and other bad legislation. Prior to 1934, the NRA was not involved in politics. Their education and training programs are good, but they clearly are not fighting for our rights on the national level like the GOA, SAF, and other organizations are today. The NRA also does… Read more »