Nearly Half of All U.S. Counties Are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

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by Lee Williams

2A Sanctuary Counties National Map Updated March 1 2021
2A Sanctuary Counties National Map Updated March 1, 2021. The number of states, counties, and cities declaring themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries is skyrocketing. Map courtesy of, and used with their permission. An updated map is coming soon.

USA – -( What the media isn’t telling you: Nearly half of all U.S. Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries!

There are few stories the mainstream media enjoys more than “trend” stories.

Whether it’s plant-based fake meat, live-streamed workouts, celebrity podcasts, or TikTok videos and other new apps, the media revels in reporting the latest trends that are sweeping the country – at least most of the time.

However, if the trend involves guns or the Constitution – especially the Second Amendment – don’t look for stories anytime soon, even if it’s a viral national trend.

The mainstream media has missed [read: purposely ignored] one of the biggest trend stories ever – the massive surge in Second Amendment Sanctuaries at the state, county, and local level.

As it stands now, more than 46% of all counties in the United States have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, according to Noah Davis of and its companion site

Davis has been tracking the movement since its inception – tallying the growing numbers every single day.

“There are 1,459 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, out of a total of 3,144 counties, but I’m still tallying them right now,” Davis told me Wednesday. “I’ve got a bit of a backlog. I’m working on updating my national map, but they’re happening so fast, and I’m just one person in Virginia.”

The 1,459 includes counties located in the 10 states that have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, he explained.

Davis, too, has seen little interest and major errors in the media’s coverage of the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement.

“There have been people writing about it, but most refer to an article that was published in the Trace more than a year ago,” he said. “That story indicated there were only 400 Second Amendment Sanctuary counties, but that number is completely out of date.

“This is frustrating to me,” he said.

Davis explained that he was not politically active until the Democrats took control of the Virginia state government.

“They started proposing laws that would have made many Virginians like myself felons overnight,” he said. “I started looking for ways to fight back.”

Within a few months, he said, more than 95% of Virginia’s counties had declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries, and then the movement was copied in Kentucky and Michigan.

“After that it just took off,” he said.

As the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement grew, Facebook intervened. Second Amendment Sanctuary groups with hundreds of thousands of members were shuttered by Facebook in Michigan, Georgia, and elsewhere.

“They realized we were being too effective,” Davis said.

Noah Davis, center, after earning “Distinguished Graduate” at the Front Sight Nevada 4 Day Pistol Course. Photo courtesy Noah Davis.
Noah Davis, center, after earning “Distinguished Graduate” at the Front Sight Nevada 4 Day Pistol Course. Photo courtesy Noah Davis.

Davis’ numbers are staggering.

You’d be hard-pressed to get half of America to agree that beer is good, or that steak should be served medium-rare. Yet millions of Americans have forced their elected officials to erect a legislative wall around their communities to protect their gun rights.

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Despite the skyrocketing trend, stories about the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement are scarce, unless they’re anti-gun.

Vice News recently wrote a hit piece about the Sanctuary movement: “These ‘Gun Sanctuary States’ Want to Destroy Biden’s Gun Control Plans.”

But even Vice couldn’t conceal the effectiveness of the movement.

“In the month of April alone, six states—Arizona, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and West Virginia—became so-called gun sanctuaries. But the specifics of the bills range widely, from political grandstanding to having the potential to trigger a nasty constitutional showdown,” Vice reported. “At least seven more states, including Texas, have meanwhile introduced legislation proposing Second Amendment sanctuary protections. Four states—Alaska, Idaho, Kansas, and Wyoming—passed gun protection laws during the Obama administration.”


Most Second Amendment Sanctuary bills are simple. They declare that the municipal, county, or state government simply won’t recognize or enforce any federal law that infringes upon the Second Amendment.

Many of these laws bar local officials from participating in any federal enforcement. Some add civil and criminal penalties.

A few would criminalize the actions of federal agents if they try to enforce federal gun laws, but many say this is a step too far, as it could spark costly lawsuits from the U.S. Justice Department.


While some gun control proponents have spoken out against the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, they have not been as vocal as they have about other advances in gun rights.

The Giffords director of litigation Hannah Shearer told Vice that Sanctuary resolutions would be “confusing” for local officials, explaining that “making it a state policy to not enforce federal gun laws is going to compromise public safety and leave state and local officials confused about what they are allowed to do to help with the enforcement of federal gun laws.”

Even though Ms. Shearer isn’t giving local officials enough credit. compared to some of her other statements, she is almost being kind,

There has been very little of the usual wailing and gnashing of teeth over this nationwide trend from Giffords and other anti-gun groups, which could indicate they realize the scope of what they’re up against – nearly a half of the country supports the Sanctuary movement.

Some cable TV news actors have referred to Second Amendment Sanctuaries as symbolic, in what can be seen as an attempt to downplay or trivialize the movement.

When half of the country supports an issue – any issue – there’s nothing symbolic about it.

If the media needs to come up with a label for the Second Amendment Sanctuary movement, call it a warning – a stern warning – for federal officials, especially the elected ones.

About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer”, has been writing about the Second Amendment, firearms, the firearms industry, and the gun culture for more than 10 years. Click here to see all of his work. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter, and a regular contributor to Armed American Radio.

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Lee Williams
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Should be Everywhere! After all the Constitution covers the Whole Damn Country!

Last edited 1 year ago by Roy

No, they’re not SAPA or sanctuaries. If they were the Feds couldn’t enforce their unconstitutional laws either. This is a facade for the GOP to claim theyre on your side, the #2A side when they’re really not. Don’t fall for it…


True becoming a 2A sanctuary is mostly symbolic – but it is also a powerful symbol and does present significant difficulties to federal LEO. A symbols power depends on how many see it and how well they understand. Mainstream media has been entirely mute on the topic. I suspect MANY Americans have absolutely no clue on the topic. It is up to us to educate as many others as we can. I had a couple people come to my door canvassing for republican mayoral candidates. I asked only one question, “how would your candidate respond to a proposal to make… Read more »


Isn’t it ironic that the non-2A sanctuary counties and states ARE sanctuaries for illegal aliens?


These 2A “sanctuary” bills that you keep hearing about are nothing more than political theater by politicians pandering for votes. Almost none of them have any punitive measures built in to punish local, county, and state cops who choose to enforce arms laws. It’s also not a true 2A sanctuary unless all existing arms laws are either repealed or never again enforced and the local, county, and state cops actually come to your defense against the feds who try to enforce arms laws.


Many State/county/city/town LEOs are not shy about their desire to work with Federal LEOs and their extreme opposition to being held accountable for cooperating with Federal LEOs enforcing federal firearm laws:

Even though they are on video saying these things, people persist in their believe that rural sheriffs in “red states” are on their side.


Aren’t all counties in all states truly 2A sanctuary counties as a result of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights? … “shall not be infringed”…, remember?

American Cynic

I happen to believe that what we hear in the media is mostly distracting nonsense, but distracting from what? That which makes the news is all of asinine B.S. meant to distract from the fact that there is a concerted effort by Leftists in America to alter the demographics in all sorts of ways. It’s almost as if there is a long term planned effort to drive a wedge in our society that manifests itself on the ground, and gives them an edge in any future skirmish. Pay very close attention to the map above; there is a wide open… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by American Cynic

I do find that swath to be extremely strange. … If not disconcerting… But I would like to believe that there are none but one parish in Louisiana are declaring itself to be 2a sanctuary, simply because they don’t need to declare themselves as such; while within the borders of the great free state of Louisiana. I do Austin fantasize about Louisiana going out on its own… Maybe enticing Texas to join, followed by Mississippi Alabama Florida Arkansas Oklahoma Tennessee… At the very least… And perhaps later joined with Arizona and New Mexico… perhaps the Carolinas.. With only the aforementioned… Read more »

Doug G.

At the county level of government it is the people, of We the People, making these decisions not some representative in a far away Capitol. As the Founder’s intended.
Will it hold up to judicial scrutiny? Do immigration sanctuaries hold up to judicial scrutiny? Seems not many people have tested it. So, for now, let it send the message it’s intended to send. That the silent majority is not being silent anymore, and this proves it.


“The People, United, Shall Never Be Defeated!” Leftists just hate it when we hijack their chants and songs. Repeat after me: “The People, United, Shall Never Be Defeated!!”


Until my first post clears there is this from

Today in Portland, BLM beat up this older man & stole his gun. – AR15.COM


Yeah, ok.

Andy Ngô on Twitter: “Today, armed #BLM protesters in Portland shut down the road. They beat up this older man & stole his gun. Additionally, the rioters smashed out windows of another vehicle. One person was transported to hospital. Police made no arrests. #antifa


The People of Oregon, my former homies, have no one to blame save themselves. They surrendered to the Cultural Revolution in the 1970’s. Cultural Marxism is the dominant philosophy. This is the end result. The few remaining normal people are all trapped in a sea of madness.


Things worked out pretty good for David against Goliath? What? Oregoneians have no balls?


I believe most folks are not yet willing to go to prison for murdering pantifa members. Are you willing to bring your big balls to Portland and start shooting?


Oregonians outside of Portland do not vote for this communist bullshit. The problem is they are outnumbered. Most of the state is a very deep RED.


And no description of the girl other than she was in the sixth grade.

Sheriff: Girl shoots 3 at Idaho school; teacher disarms her | KATU

Gene Ralno

I keep my own spreadsheet because I don’t trust big media to report conservative issues honestly. Referencing these sanctuaries precisely by county would exclude parishes and situations that have replaced counties. For example, many independent cities have incorporated traditional county functions. Additionally, Rhode Island has five counties but all county functions are provided by eight cities and thirty-one towns. On the other hand, Hawaii has five counties that serve as the only government bodies below the state. No formal level of government, e.g., cities and towns, exists below the county. My spreadsheet, lists only nine 2nd Amendment Sanctuary States because… Read more »


Dick Rogers doesn’t care about 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. He’s a Tier 1 operator. Tier 1.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC