Remington Ammunition Sponsors Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild

Remington Ammunition Sponsors Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild
Remington Ammunition Sponsors Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild

U.S.A.-( Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild program is one of the most popular hunting shows on the Outdoor Channel. This top-rated show has been a mainstay of hunters and shooters for twenty years. Now, Remington Ammunition will be the exclusive ammo loaded into Nugent’s firearms when hunting everything from whitetails to bear, boar, bulls, turkeys and doves.

“Uncle Ted’s show is as fun and entertaining as it gets,” said Remington Ammunition’s Director of Marketing Joel Hodgdon. “His passion for hunting, conservation and the second amendment are unquestionable and it’s why Big Green partnered with Ted.” Expect to see Nugent integrate Remington Ammunition’s complete line up of trusted ammunition in the series on air now.

“I’m excited to shoot Big Green and their comprehensive and trusted line of ammunition,” said rock and roll icon Ted Nugent. “Plenty of Core-Lokt, AccuTip, and HyperSonic Steel have been in my guns over the years, and I’ve always gotten the performance I’ve needed every time I pull the trigger.”

Spirit of the Wild viewers know the authenticity of that statement. Over the years, Ted Nugent’s show has won multiple awards for Fan Favorite Best Overall Series on Outdoor Channel while also voted Fan Favorite Best Host due to Nugent’s real descriptions of intense hunts and big personality.

Ted Nugent’s Spirit of the Wild, now sponsored by Remington, can be seen on Tuesday nights at 8:30 p.m. EST on Outdoor Channel. Check local listings for more information on additional airings or go here.

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We’ve been here since 1816. Together, Remington and America have fought and won wars, put food on millions of tables and brought countless generations together at the range and in the field. We are proud of each and every round that rolls off our factory line. A brand of outdoor sports and recreation company Vista Outdoor, Remington is bringing a renewed focus to ammunition, innovation, and quality – all while staying true to Remington’s legendary heritage and stature as an American icon.

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To me, here is a guy that has it all and has done most of it. Famous rock star, hell of a singer and guitar player as well as a true second amendment supporter and a supporter of the great white buffalo. He doesn’t care if he offends the left or hollyweird or the media because they can’t hurt him in any significant way. He has the heart and ear of the people and we might be a small herd but we are strong. I would vote Nugent for president before I would vote for the rock or Mc Conaughey… Read more »


Ted Nugent has been on the NRA BOD for 23 YEARS and has failed at his duty to us and the organization.

He’s nothing but a blowhard playing all of you for fools.

Listen to his recent interview with Tom Gresham. He says that he had no clue about what was going on. I call that either willful ignorance or a straight up lie.

He’s worse than useless.


So you are saying that you will not support Remington, the NRA or Ted Nugent? So I guess you would vote for the Rock or for Matt? Did you vote for obiden?