Rep. Scott DesJarlais’s Resolution Takes on Biden’s Gun Control Moves

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Rep. Scott DesJarlais’s Resolution Takes on Biden’s Gun Control Moves

WASHINGTON, D.C.-( Representative Scott DesJarlais (R-TN) has introduced a resolution (embedded below) in the House of Representatives that is a shot across the bow of Biden’s anti-gun moves.

The resolution to oppose Biden’s gun policies calls the President’s gun policies unconstitutional and makes the case that they should never be approved.

It mentions that the right to bear arms is enshrined in the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. It highlights the Founding Father’s views on firearms as being fundamental to a free State.

Rep DesJarlais takes issue with President Biden using Executive orders to attack gun rights by calling for stricter gun control policies. It highlights his attack on pistol-braced firearms and calls the actions an “unconstitutional attack on Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

The resolution also takes the President to task over his Executive action on unfinished frames and receivers. Rep DesJarlais goes even further and speaks about the Constitutionally of 3D printed firearms files. The Representative says those files are protected from government intrusion by the Constitution and views those files as part of the Second Amendment.

The resolution goes beyond Biden’s Executive action and attacks the President’s calls for Congress to pass what Rep DesJarlais sees as “unconstitutional laws.” Some of the proposed laws Rep DesJarlais mentions as unconstitutional are universal background checks, so-called “assault weapon” bans, and the banning of standard-capacity magazines.

He also goes after the President’s plan to allow crime victims to sue the manufacture of firearms if a criminal uses their firearm in a crime. Gun rights advocates have long seen this action as akin to letting someone sue a carmaker for an accident caused by a drunk driver. Anti-gun groups see the action as a way to bankrupt gun companies.

Rep DesJarlais believes that the President is trying to ban commonly owned firearms from American’s hands. The AR-15 has been a target of the Biden administration and is the most popular rifle type in the country. The Heller Supreme Court decision affirms that the Second Amendment protects commonly owned firearms.

The resolution states that “it should be the policy of the United States to strengthen the Second Amendment rights of Americans and prevent the potential erosion of these rights.” It also states that “Congress should never stop fighting to protect the Second Amendment.”

Rep. Scott DesJarlais said in a statement:

“The Biden administration has been on a power trip since assuming office in January. They believe the Constitution can be tossed to the side and that the rules do not apply to them. This has been made clear through numerous executive orders and the championing of legislative pandering to progressives.

This resolution makes it clear policies that limit the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment for law abiding citizens will not stand. The attempt to limit your right to defend yourself is an egregious government overreach.”

The resolution is supported by both Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association.

“Never has the Second Amendment been under greater attack than when Joe Biden became President. President Biden decided to sidestep Congress and attack homemade firearms and pistol-braced firearms with his ‘phone and pen,’” Said GOA Director of Federal Affairs, Aidan Johnston. “Furthermore, the legislation he has called on Congress to pass would eradicate the Second Amendment as we know it. Gun owners should be grateful to Rep. Scott DesJarlais for leading the charge with his resolution to protect the right to keep and bear arms.”

If the resolution passes, it will send a message to the Biden White House but will essentially be symbolic.

Rep DesJarlais – Anti Biden Gun Policies Resolution

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Happy Everafter

Thanks to the brainwashing efforts of big tech and the socialist media – and the gullible sheep who feel “we must do something…” the ‘anti-gun’ group effort has been very successful in making ‘gun control’ and all the ‘murderous intent’ terminology associated so common that only rare, focused articles or news feeds get to sound off about our rights. It has gotten to the point where we are embarrassed to even mention owning guns or target shooting in public; when I do some folks change the subject, others jump down my throat about either being a murderer or encouraging murder.… Read more »


I know haw you feel, was almost attacked in mass by a lefty loonie, have a cc for mass but their rules are if you pull you have to shoot to kill, no mace,no taser and no slingshots, not sure about clubs and batons never asked. Was lucky police chief was in stop and shop. He tackled and arrested guy for assault.; same chief that signed off on cc permit, almost bet that is why he reacted.


And it is only paper. It will go nowhere. Not until conservatives are in the majority. It is now up to the states to reign in a rogue federal government.


No longer need the Leftist Looney Leader to sign a paper, Congress is no longer in charge. ATF, or AFT according to Biden, simply makes rules. ATF publishes rules in the Federal Regester and in 90 days they are laws. That is being done right now. Biden’s anti-gun choice for AG is out saying the biggest threat to the US is white supremacy so any senator that votes agasinst that loon is a racist. His choice for ATF director comes from Gifford’s group of idiots.


And it has the power to accomplish diddly squat even if it does pass. This is just political posturing for ‘points’ for his next election campaign.


True – But sometime posturing gets a point across. For example in the international arena we’ve are looking weak and unlikely to act right now. This dramatically increases risk of China invading Taiwan AND risk we will end up in a hot war with a China. Posturing which demonstrates strength and resolve, without being belligerent, could go a long way toward maintaining both peace and stability.

Even the utopian one-world-order crowd does not support worldwide Chinese hegemony.


We don’t have to worry about the democrats exhibiting strength and resolve, they haven’t got a clue what that is.

Ryben Flynn

He may get Democrats in Red States to sign on, but it will never pass the House.
All House Dems are up for re-election again in 2022 so they may support it just to cover their backside.


Clown show Joe Biden can ban the AR 14 and all the 100 round mags the idiot can find because little does Cliwn show know they don ‘exist . He truly is a complete idiot !


ar14?????????? please dont smear the great m14 with the mattel 16 clone plastic pos yes it is the ford pinto of guns (ar 15) cheep and reliable for the most part just not in a firefight , as for government overreach billery destroyed most m14s should have been sold to tax payers defer cost scrap has almost 0 value cost per 1,200 like the m1garand expensive to make


“Clown show Joe Biden can ban the AR 14 and all the 100 round mags the idiot can find because little does Cliwn show know they don ‘exist .”

Just for clarification, are you trying to say 100 round mags don’t exist???


I thought he called them magazines with 100 round clips. A great display of his and those who follow him intelligence,


Yes, you’re right. I remember hearing that idiot say that, or something very close to it.