Second Amendment Wins of the Week : 5/16/2021 -5/21/2021

Second Amendment Rights
Second Amendment Wins of the Week

USA – -( With so much happening for patriots these days. AmmoLand News wants to leave you with some highlights or wins on the battleground for 2A rights, and a few other patriot efforts,,, with our Friday round-up of Second Amendment Wins-of-the-Week.

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Utah Legislature Passes Resolutions On Critical Race Theory, 2nd Amendment Sanctuary:

“House and Senate Republicans passed resolutions against the teaching of critical race theory in Utah schools and supporting the idea of declaring the state a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.”

The Gun Buying Boom Means Huge Windfalls for Wildlife, State Agencies:

“State wildlife agencies are facing something many haven’t seen for years, even decades. A 64 percent increase, all due to more guns and ammunition being manufactured and the law-abiding citizens that purchase them. “

Bloomberg & Everytown’s Chinese Communist Party Connection Exposed:

“Breitbart News published an exclusive article detailing Mike Bloomberg and his buddies working hand in hand with the Chinese Communist Government. It‘s no secret the Chinese government is not a fan of the 2nd Amendment.”

Missouri Lawmakers Tout Missouri Passage Of Second Amendment Preservation Act:

“With less than 24 hours left in the Missouri legislative session, Senate lawmakers gave final passage to a controversial bill that would nullify federal gun laws in the state.”

How a Gun Patent Attorney Undercut Anti-Gunner David Hogg’s Big Venture:

“A Donald Trump-supporting attorney announced he filed a trademark for Good Pillow before gun control activist David Hogg—and suggested it is “a good brand to put on pillows with a pro-gun civil rights message.”

South Carolina Governor Mcmaster Signs Open Carry Law:

“Under the law, CWP holders can openly carry a concealable weapon on them or in their motor vehicle unless there is signage explicitly stating otherwise.”

Supreme Court Closes Fourth Amendment Loophole That Let Cops Seize Guns Without Warrants:

“In a unanimous decision, the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday refused to give police “an open-ended license” to enter homes and seize firearms without a warrant.”

Armed Washington State Man Shoots, Kills Attacker Targeting Neighbors:

“A Washington state man used his own gun to save his neighbors, by shooting and killing a man who police say was going on a violent rampage armed with a metal baton.”

These are just a few of the best wins of the week. Did we miss some? Include your Second Amendment Wins of the Week in the comments below.

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Gun patent attorney Ben Langlotz, might wish to inform the L.A.
lawyer, that David Hogg is not a victim of a school shooting.
In his (Hogg’s) first statement, he was at home when he heard
of the event, and he raced to school to do interviews.
After receiving attention, Hogg’s story mutated to include himself
IN the melee. A budding media whore. So the L.A. Lawyer seems
to have a penchant for fabricating argument with no foundation to
support it.


House Bill 85 in Missouri is a good start. I’m glad to see someone, anyone, in government taking the actual law as it was written into consideration.

Of course all the rest of the politicians and their enforcement agencies are acting as open traitors, and that should be addressed immediately by the People.

Autsin Miller III

Hopefully the Governor will sign it! We have been emailing him and calling. Not sure where he stands on this.